American Idol – Austin and SanFran

Ok I can’t deny. I watched way less of this episode than normal. I had this long ass day that only looking at hilarious pictures from around 10 years ago, could help make better. I know I got the important stuff, but I think my head was just in a different place tonight. That being said, I still took some notes, and noticed my favorites!

Tonight we were back in Austin and ventured on to San Francisco, which always reminds me of this little ditty. While I felt like we could’ve seen crazier (and have), I was happy that wasn’t the focus of the show tonight (as it totally would’ve been, in seasons past).

Last night was much more like your typical Idol though, if I do say so myself. It still wasn’t as bad (after all, not a single dawg has been uttered). There was only one minor freak out by the tank topped contestant trying to save the world. Word to the wise, Sir, if you’re going to break down getting a little criticism by 3 folks about something you’re terrible at, that whole saving the world thing might be a bit of a challenge for ya. And to that guy trying to spite his ex by getting on the show… time for plan B buddy. Then there was the guy trying to “kickstart his acting career by Rick-Rolling American Idol”. Rick Rolling? Really buddy? I don’t think yourself any favors, but it did produce my favorite Harry line from the night:

What is this, Americas Got Talent?

Tonight also brought back the double audition, which is a typical Idol try-out ploy. It happened twice tonight. First with a non-biological brother/sister pair, and then by a set of twins. I liked that they had them audition somewhat separately, although I really wish those twins weren’t in the room at once. I did like how honest Harry was with them though. #HonestHarry strikes again. I agreed with keeping Quiandra and not Jamiah (although I REALLY liked Jamiah, and his song. But, he didn’t really “sing” when he was auditioned so it made sense). I hope he tries out again because he’s young and with some growing I could see him being successful in another year or two. As for the twins, Selena and Sierra, personally I would have taken both, but I really thought Sierra was the better singer.

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.18.36 PM

I’m with you, person on twitter!

There were also more people this time that auditioned last year. Brianna Oakley and Megan Miller (you may not have recognized her without the crutches). I thought they were both really good and could easily slip into my Top 5 of the night. Both girls would’ve but I’d rather talk about the new faces so that is what I’m going to do!


TK Hash – Light Em Up My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

Ug, Fallout Boy and their song titles! Anyway, I thought this guy was great. I liked his demeanor, his Obama impersonation (although I don’t think he really looks like him as the judges did), and most importantly, his voice. I thought his cover was really good. I did read that he auditioned in a few previous seasons but I don’t remember him so I’m calling him a fresh start.

Rachel Rolleri – Stay

My notes called her “the nervous girl”. Was she just the most adorable, or what? I know they talked about her giving away her minor issues and her visual giveaways that she thought she screwed up, but I thought it was cute. Probably doesn’t bode well for her but I’m going to give her credit where credit’s due and say she was one of my favorites of the night.

Tristan Langley – Santaria


Way to make me feel old Tristan and your time on season 1 with your MOTHER Nikki McKibbin! Ugh. You were good but I might agree with Harry on liking the story more than your voice. Worth a second look though, for sure.

Aranesa Turner – Pure Imagination

I really liked her song choice and I thought she was definitely good enough to not be montage with others. Even if it was just one other. I just really liked her, a TON. Check out her Adele cover on youtube if you’re interested in hearing more of her. She needs to work on how to record a video because she sang a little too loud for her settings or something but either way, you can tell the girls got mad talent.

David Luning- Original Song

I can’t deny the fact that I wanted David to be hotter. His voice was that of someone far hotter than he was. That’s not to say I don’t think he has potential though. He’s like Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That. We can mold his image. And really with a voice like that, does he need to be hotter? Probably not. It’s not even that he had the best voice. I mean, it was better than half the contestants, but his voice is unique in a way that probably won’t benefit him further on in this competition, but the bottom line is that I’m glad I got to see him. If nothing else, hopefully he can just put a good spin on some songs and get himself through a couple of rounds?

Now, for my winner, and favorite of the night:


Jesse Roach – Do Ya

I will say that many times, if you’re the first or the last contestant on any episode during audition night, odds are, you’re pretty good. I loved the grittiness of her voice, the tone, the guitar, the look. She’s a complete package of sorts to me (in a Carly Smithson sort of way). The only thing I didn’t like about her was the mascara and I think that’s fixable enough to give you my top vote!

Honorable Mentions, because tonight was really hard for me to narrow down anything, go to

1. Marlon Lindsey (A Change is Gonna Come) was the guy that was in the Army and couldn’t try out in previous seasons.
2. Remi Wolf (Let’s Get it On) was the Junior Olympian who found singing. She reminded me a bit of Maeby from Arrested Development in the looks department.

3. John Fox (To Make you Feel My Lovce) or as I called him, the guy with the thing on his face.

Minor honorable mention to Rico Perkins, for his stellar fashion choices.


Also, as a complete side note, while I was on twitter, I noticed that Tonya Harding was trending. Odd, I thought. So I clicked to see what they were talking about. I was kind of thinking maybe it was an OD or something, but hardly. Apparently she was on ESPN.

The good news, she was as delusional as ever, as evident by these amazing tweets (since I didn’t actually watch the movie – I did DVR it though so I have that to look forward to!)

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.43.55 PM



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