A Breath of Fresh Idol

There’s only one word that can describe last nights idol.


There was no “Oh, for the love of God Randy shut up!”, “Come oooooonnnn” or “Please, we don’t need your sob story” uttered last night. And it was refreshing. I was worried the abundance of congeniality; that the lack of utter chaos and terrible auditions would be boring. It was neither of those things. I was entertained. I heard what has to be a RECORD number, 25 golden ticket auditions, and no one fought or threw anything! It was simply, refreshing.

I didn’t realize the FIRST auditions would be in Boston (and it’s rhyming city, Austin – can you even do that with any other major cities? I don’t think anything rhymes with San Francisco). How fitting! I only wish that I too, was in Boston right now. Maybe this will give me a little taste of my future hometown and its musical talents.

As for what I loved about this episode, Harry Connick, Jr. would have to be at the tip top. I was worried that his humor would get boring but it didn’t. I just have to remember that he, as JLo put it so accurately “is such a dad!” That’s it. He has dad humor.


Cases in point –

“Are you winking at me for the community college”

“If you blow us away on the first one, I’d like to pick you up and hold you like a baby for the second one”

“For a stage mom you didn’t see the stage”
(An honorable mention to the dad humor of Keith Urban – “We’re just glad you cried first”)

I’ll take sweet dad humor over creepy Steven Tyler pervy humor just about any day of the week… at least when it comes to girls old enough to be his granddaughter (or next girlfriend).


Was it just me or could just just TELL that Harry is friends with Ellen?

I also, as mentioned above, really liked the lack of sob stories. I’m sure there will be more over the course of the auditions, but to only really see 2-3 tonight (I’m debating whether I really think ADHD is a sob story). The grandfather dying story was so sad though. I get why she had to tell it, with regards to the song she’d written but eek.

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 9.52.26 PM

Finally, I loved that most of the no’s we saw, I’d consider debatable no’s (ie – the girl in community college). I really like that. I do kind of wish the judges had debated the contestants a touch more, and maybe fought a little harder for the folks they like, but I guess respecting others opinions is cool too. Maybe they’ll fight harder come crunch time. Usually my banter with friends during the episode revolves around all the terrible people and “why did they even let them on TV?” and it was (yes I’ll say it again) refreshing, to just talk about whether I would’ve allowed them through or not. I’d rather hear 10 debatable no’s than 10 “William Hung” no’s if you know what I mean. I do worry because of all the ones that ended up being no’s, JLo was a yes on all of them. That’s one of my things about her – I just think she’s too nice, but maybe she’s only saying yes because she knows Keith will take the bullet to be the final no? He did tonight.

Now, as for what I didn’t really love about the first episode, it wasn’t that much. I don’t know if I’m going to like this whole “chamber” thing. It just reminds me of the winners at the golden globes walking up to the stage, you’re taking too long to get to the point. But that’s a minor snag I suppose.

Secondly, I couldn’t get over JLo’s hair. Fire that stylist girl.

Finally, I’m pretty involved in twitter while the show goes on, and @AmericanIdol had a somewhat major snafu when we went to commercial wondering if Stephanie Harvey would get that golden ticket.

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 8.33.42 PM

As for the contestants, this thing would be a mile long if I went through ALL of them, I only took notes on the ones that I thought were worthy of talking about, which was somewhere around 12. Now, of all the contestants I saw, I don’t know how many are “Big Show” qualifiers but there were a few that I think have some serious potential.

In no particular order, except for my favorite which I’ll save for last, these were my top folks:


Sam Woolf – Lego House

Ok so, reasons I really like this kid (that may or may not relate to his singing abilities)… He lives with his adorable granny and grampy. He sang an Ed Sheeran song (side note – I love when a contestant introduces me to new music). He’s got an adorable baby face that I fall for every time (and maybe doesn’t really tend to make it through to the real deal, but he’s still adorable). I’m a sucker for a granny and grampy though. And a crying grampy? COME.ON. What are you trying to do to me Idol!?!

Kaitlyn Jackson – Another Angel (written herself)

Not gonna lie, I didn’t love that she cried as she was telling her story. I thought she was going to be terrible… and this is the most typical country song ever written, but country songs are about life experiences and tend to tell stories, so I can’t fault her in that regard. Her voice is good, so I can tolerate the song writing.

Savannah Young (Toxic)

I know we didn’t see much of Savannah, and she looked a LOT like what I remember Janelle looking like in the try-outs. I don’t know how far she’ll make it but I enjoyed her guitar playing and her rendition of Toxic (I thought she was the best of the 2 others she montage with).

Muhfarid Zandi – Crazy For You

When Harry said “If you blow us away on the first one, I’d like to pick you up and hold you like a baby for the second one” I knew he’d make it, because I’d already seen commercials of Harry cradling some kid. I’m hoping I didn’t just fall for him like I fell for the Turbinator but he did have a legit good voice. Also, when he was quasi-singing to Harry, “I Just want you clooooose”… It was perfection.

Shanon Wilson – Out King

I like this guy a LOT. And not just because his audition montage involved Ryan Seacrest falling in a sea of chairs. (side note – seriously, internet, where is my gif of this? I feel betrayed). But about Shanon, his belting notes, and those high notes. Yeeaaassss. I’m in.

An honorable mention goes to Savion Wright, who also wrote his own song. I’m glad he got a ticket but have fun with the ticket. I don’t see you making Top 30. Interesting factoid – he was the only contestant to trend on Twitter, but so was Big Crazy Barb, her season.

Speaking of Big Crazy Barb, I would like to talk about a one James Earl. Yes his singing was a bit schizophrenic but I thought he was actually a good singer. “I guess they did not like the Razzle Dazzle” Rick James anyone?

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 8.53.38 PM

Now, onto my favorite of the night, for many reasons


Malcolm Allen – Superstitious

I REALLY like this kid. His humor and his singing, cute kid. Airy the Air Guitar is my kind of humor. And dude could sing. Yes, I do kind of hate Superstitious as an audition song. I can’t deny that. The music tattoos didn’t woo me like they did Harry, but I did love his haircut. Not that it had any part in me picking him as my favorite, that was the air guitar.

And with that, Day 1 of the Idol Auditions is complete and I’m really excited to see what happens tonight!

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