A New Year, A New Idol Season

Hi everyone! I know, it’s been FAR too long since I posted.


Ok seriously though. I really have been busy. I haven’t really cooked any new recipes. I haven’t gardened. My friends have been having babies left and right so I guess that’s an excuse, but really, it’s me putting off the inevitable.

For those of you that don’t know me, which is none of you, because only 10 people read this, I’m pretty sure. But anyway, the big news is:



It’s crazy. I would post a bunch of gifs about moving but it turns out buzzfeed did it for me already, because of course they did. They always do everything I think I should do. It’s quite convenient. And it’s quite accurate let me tell you.

The only thing worse than moving? When your spouse moves in October, and you’re still in your home state trying to sell your house and find a new job and living with your parents.

This sums up my feelings

This sums up my feelings

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know a few things about my idol blogging this year, as it relates to my life at this minute.

– I’m still going to do my best to watch and blog about it.

– I’m not doing the game this season. I’d love to, but I don’t want to commit to it and be perpetually behind. If someone else wants to take up the cause, I’ll happily post about it, but I just don’t need anything else to worry about/commit myself to at this moment. Mostly because when I go to Boston, it’s on Thursdays, which are, as we all know – the results shows. So if I’m going to miss any episodes, it’s going to be those, unfortunately.

I hope this doesn’t mean you won’t read my thoughts because really, I’m looking forward to having something to do with my evenings besides cry into my pillow about my life. That’s a joke. Mostly. The thing is, I don’t really handle change very well. I mean, anyone who reads my idol blog should know that, right?

New judges? New formats? New “mentors”? No me gusta. The thing about American Idol this season is that, as always, I’m very apprehensive about the season this year. What are the pros/cons you may be wondering? Well, they are as follows:

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.38.21 PM


I’m sure the chemistry will be better on the judges’ panel this season, and I can’t say I loved the drama of last season, but I really loved Nicki for how real she was. I mean yes, her taste wasn’t the BEST, but her quotes were undeniably the best since Mis Paula left the show. And I never liked J.Lo as a host. I loved her outfits, and I think she’s gorg, but she’s just entirely too nice, and I hated how she never had anything nice to say about my girl Haley! She was a star whether anyone wanted to see it or not.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.39.01 PM

I do like his self-depricating humor but sometimes he just tries to hard to come off as a comedian so I’m a little worried. But I do love him. Mostly his voice, really. Hopefully I’ll like what comes out of it.


Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.38.39 PM

I’m going to miss Jimmy more than I miss ANYONE on the show. The fact is, Randy just doesn’t come across as a mentor to me. In my opinion, the kids will come on, they’ll announce the theme, and then Randy will talk about how he knows/has worked with every artist he knows. I just have knots in my stomach about how terrible he’s going to be. They’re also changing the producers this year and to be honest, I just have no idea/opinions about how that’s going to go, but I’m open to it. We’ll see. The producers control so much of the show, if anything I just hope that they keep their paws to themselves and let the show flow naturally. Time will tell.

There are also some other changes I’ve heard about but haven’t formed opinions about. Some kind of difference for Hollywood week. I’ve also heard something about a “RUSH” week which I imagine is just a fancy word for that period when 40 people goes down to 12.

One super awesome thing that Michael Slezak told me was that they’re expanding the song list, and making the themes a little more broad, THAT sounds awesome. Super awesome. So, hopefully that’s true. I mean, if Michael says it, it must be, right?

So, here’s hoping that this season is as fun filled as always and we have lots to talk about. That’s all I really want 🙂



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One thought on “A New Year, A New Idol Season

  1. Paula Cavender

    Kelly, I will watch Idol if only to read your wonderful blog! You have a LOT going on – you are smart not to over-commit. One question – I know JLo and Keith Urban are judges but who is the other judge?

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