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American Idol – Omaha Good Not Great

Omaha, you were good but I don’t know if you were great. There were one or two real big stand-outs but it was almost difficult picking a top 5 for me. In fact, there were really only a Top 3 for me, and definitely a clear favorite of the night. I think I wrote with most of my reviews tonight that they were good, but they won’t make it through Hollywood (as  you’ll see, below).

Where SLC night, I didn’t agree with a lot of Harrys no’s, I agreed with most of them tonight. I thought he was very on point, as is mostly the case for him to date. I can only hope that his no’s have more emphasis when they get to this infamous “Hanger”. Didn’t some other competition have a Hanger? I feel like maybe Project Runway was in a Hanger once. Or maybe it was America’s Next Top Model? God I watch too much Reality TV. Haha.

Anyway, lets get to the talent. I want to talk about my favorites, and mention a few others. Like I said before ,I only had a Top 3 this time. It should be 2 and a half though, the reason can be summed up in one word. Eyebrows. Anyway, let’s go.


Madison Walker – Before He Cheats

Here’s the thing with Madison, I really liked her. I thought she had a great look, and a great voice. The thing though, was her version of Before He Cheats. It was like really good karaoke. There was nothing original to it, there was nothing unique that made it her own. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad thing, I just think that, if she does make it to the big show, I’m going to be really bored with her. So, I guess we’ll have to see if she even makes it to big show, and then we’ll worry about her!

CJ Jones – Stand By Me

This guy was so good. He’s one of those guys I have to close my eyes to like (because his eyebrow was driving me CRAZY)!! And I loved how Harry said, “I’m just gonna stand by you” and then CJ starts in with “Stand By Me”. Was that perfect or what? I think Harry’s schtick only added to the performance. It was really good. I do NOT like his eyebrows though and in the long run, if he doesn’t fix that I’m going to perpetually hate him. I hope he fixes his eyebrow though because I do want to like him.


Paula Hunt – All I Could Do Was Cry

There are a lot of reasons to like Paula beyond her musical inclinations. She sings for the US Air Force, and she sings for her Mom who has MS and can’t sing anymore. Is she a good person or what? She’s clearly got karma points out the WAZOO! I was really happy that she was in fact, a really good singer. I figured she would be because I’ve heard a few military ensembles and they’ve always been very good, but I was still happy that she was. I hope we get to see more of her, but I do worry about her look and if that will affect anything for her going forward. That’s always something she can work on though!

And then there was my favorite, who really, should be everyones favorite (especially of the night) because she’s amazeballs…



Tessa Kate – Folsom Prison Blues

The long and the short of it, is that I loved Tessa. I looooooove you. She has everything for me. Great look, great sound, great song choice, great attitude. She’s officially a triple threat. I REALLY liked her. My fangirl crush is in full effect after her performance. I am worried, after hearing JLo say she sounded like a chipmunk (DISAGREEEEEEE. ANGRY FACE!!!).


And now some random thoughts.

Quaid Edwards – A Change is Gonna Come – So Mr. Quaids mom knows Keith. I could tell the way he was listening to Harry that they would say yes out of principle for listening to the criticism. I don’t know how much I actually liked him. I mean, it could go either way really. I agreed with all their criticism so in that regard, I just felt like they’d give him a “come back” especially with all the comments about how green he was. But as Harry said, he liked that shade of green (color me surprised).

Tyler freakin’ Gurwitz – Set Fire to the Rain – I would never have voted for Tyler in a million years. And I was a little furious that Harry ended up saying yes. I mean Tyler… Tyler. Your life is on the line. You’ve been singing for 10 freaking years, and you know NO other songs than a single Adele song that came out two years ago? I hate him on that principle alone. And for his nose ring. Have fun on that plane ride buddy. If I ever see you again, it’ll be  too soon.

Me watching Tyler

Me, after Harry gave Tyler his gold ticket…

Tyler “Blue Pants guy” Marshall – Proud Mary – I really liked this guy, actually. Both his super tiny pants, (everybodys talkin’ bout my tight pants) and his voice. Do I think he’ll go far? Probably not. Would I be ok if he did make it to the live shows? TOTALLY!

 Andrina Brogden – Halo – I really like her look. And I want her dress.

And now we move on to Hollywood week! I can’t believe the Auditions are done. I feel like they used to go on for a solid 3 weeks. This has just been 2, right? I’m not losing my mind? Yes, I am. It’s been 3 weeks. Jesus time, move a little slower for once! As for how many people are going to Hollywood, or at least, an airport hanger somewhere in the vicinity of Hollywood, here are the stats:

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 9.42.24 PM

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American Idol – SLC Loves Adele

Salt Lake City LOVES Adele and Weird Names.

Was it just me or were there an ABUNDANCE of Adele songs tonight? I mean, no problems here since most of them were sung very well (it’s only bad Adele that makes my ears hurt). As for the weird names, I blame the Utah. I did feel kind of bad for the girl whose last name was something similar to “Awful”(spelled, Offill)… poor girl. And Tequila?

“How’d you get a name like that?”
“I got nothing to do with it. My mom named me that”

What they lacked in name choices, they made up for in song choices! I can’t tell you how many of my favorite songs were performed tonight! When You Say Nothing At All (an all time fave. It wasn’t bad when Scotty and Lauren performed it either!), Valerie (an all time Glee cover fave. I LOVE YOU SANTANA), You Can’t Always Get What You Want (definitely my favorite Rolling Stones song)! I felt like I was listening to an itunes playlist tonight (minus a little Damian Rice and Deathcab for Cutie)!

I also thought there were an abundance of very young kids this time, which was borderline infuriating. I mean, yes, young people try out for Idol all the time and do relatively well. It’s more that this season, I thought they were getting better about telling kids that they just needed more time and experience performing, and gave them good advice, along with an “It’s a no this time, but come back in future seasons when you’re a little older”. It’s good advice for the most part, and for the most part I thought Harry held fast on that position. HOWEVER, I really thought they were wrong on MANY people who they both chose, and dismissed. For example, a one, Johnny Newcomb(-er).  How were they going to let this kid through and not that girl Jessica Bassett?



I thought he was ok. But when JLo said yes and threw it to Keith saying, “Go ahead, crush this kids dreams” and Keith responded that if you have a real dream, it’s uncrushable… I thought that would lead to a no. It should’ve led to a no, but instead, this kid gets a trip to Hollywood (And probably a quick trip home after that). Oh well. If this is all I have to complain about, I really can’t complain.

I’ll say that for the abundance of performances we got to see tonight, it wasn’t hard for me AT ALL to pick a Top 5 and favorite (ok fine, I have one honorable mention! Deal with it)


Kenzie Hall – I’m Going to Find Another You

I hate John Mayer and his songs… but if she could sing all John Mayer songs… I’d be totally ok with that! She has a fun attitude while she sings, I dug her huge guitar that kind of looked like it was about to swallow her up. Even her look was like, almost a female John Mayer (but with better hair).

Paisley Van Patten – When the Lights Go Down

Do people just know all my favorite songs? I didn’t love that she’s already had a record deal, and seemed to let it fall apart, but addiction will do that, so I can’t hate her for that. At least she’s learned and grown, I guess. (Carly Smithson vibe anyone?) I also didn’t love that “her fiancé left her” storyline. But, all that aside, it’s not hard to tell AT ALL how she had a record deal before! Her voice was stunning. Her Cher impression was just the icing on the cake (especially willing to mock herself about possibly being on the blooper real). She was just fantastic… I just don’t know if I’m going to like her as a person. That’s not important at this point though.

CJ Harris – Soul Shine

I could tell by his smile that I just KNEW I was going to like him. I agreed with the criticism I got, but you could just tell, he’s just so damn likeable. My friend Jess that was watching with me thought he reminded her of the lead singer of Blessed Union of Souls and we agreed, he should’ve done an encore and performed “I Believe” I still liked his song choice though. And I just liked him. I really liked him. He gives me a kind of friendly, Darius Rucker vibe.

Tequila Wilson – Someone Like You”


Harry Does Too!

Tequila brings back that “Take me to church” line that so many judges have said in seasons past. She’s very powerful and hopefully she doesn’t go on those forever long runs like that guy from two seasons ago whose name I completely blocked from my memory because I hated him so much. All I remember is that maybe his name started with a J? I’ll give Tiquila the benefit of the doubt though.

Kassandra Castaneda – Chasing Pavement

I thought Kassandra had a beautiful voice. I didn’t really notice all the runs that Harry was talking about but I think that for me, I don’t notice them as much when I really like the singer, and I really liked this girl. I called her my favorite of the night, but technically, I started the episode when CJ Harris was on and re-watched the beginning afterwards so she was only my favorite until I started re-watching. She’s still great though and I’m happy she’s through! I was mad Harry said no, but I was happy Harry said he’d call Jay.  I mean, he’s right. He could be hot. Hahaha.

And now for my favorite…



Samantha Calmes – From Birth (Original Song)

In all honesty, I know I should’ve picked Paisley as my favorite because she’s genuinely the best singer I saw… but I can’t. I just loved Samantha. Both her original song, and when she sang the Jeffersons theme song (I’ve mentioned before my love of original song choices, unlike any love I may have for the fanny pack… although she carries her well). My problem with her actual original song was that it was a little “talky” so I was glad she also sang the Jeffersons song. And she gives me that smoky Crystal Bowersox vibe which I LOVE. She’s still one of my all time favorite performers from Idol.  I hope she makes it through, fanny pack and all! Is there like, a Celebs with Fanny Packs tumblr? Because I think there needs to be. Wow… google and you shall receive!

Honorable Mention goes to a one Dexter Roberts (I Like to Drive) I liked that he picked a song by an Idol alum (Casey James). You know I’d like a guy that trains dogs, right? I like him. I need to see more of him before I fully decide, but I like him.

I should also mention, not honorably because I don’t think she really deserved the ticket, Carmen Delgina (Tainted Love) I don’t think she was bad, but I think she got through because JLo wanted to meet her dad… which I think is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how cool your dad is. Visually, she reminded me of another idol with a famous father, a one, Jordan Sparks! Although, when I google imaged Jordan, I think that much less than I did when I just thought that looking at Carmen. So, I digress.

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American Idol – Home of the Seacrest

Was it just me or was the best part of American Idol tonight, a one Momma Seacrest?


I can’t help how much I love that Ryan is a mommas boy. I also liked how the opening was all the contestants being woken up by their mothers.

Idol finally gave me the gift I’ve been asking for since what feels like 2 seasons ago. A 1 hour episode! It was so refreshing to watch a great hour of television and still go to bed at a normal hour! Not to mention, they packed A LOT in that hour!


Was it just me or was that one of the most jam packed hours of awesome singing? There were so many contestants that I LOVED. Ok, well there were at least 3 that I loved, but that’s a lot in one hour! So lets talk about them. Oh and here’s a warning, I’m going to need to talk about my top 5 and favorite, and then also some others. It’s just necessary tonight. And I have a whole extra hour anyway so why not, right? Ok…. so my favorites.


Majesty Rose – Violet Hill

As far as “contestants with flowers in their hair” go, this chick was my favorite. She had some kind of peacefulness about her that I just loved. I don’t tend to love Coldplay but I really liked her singing Coldplay. She’s a girl that makes you just want to close your eyes and listen. I think Harry put it well when he said she had a quiet elegance. Or how Keith talked about how the quieter she got the more he leaned in, I loved that. And I totally agree.

Chris Medina – Chasing Pavement

Well, obviously this guy is going to be great.

Well, obviously this guy is going to be great.

Can more contestants bring dogs to auditions? I think it’s easy to tell a singer based on what dogs they love 🙂 Can Bubby come to Hollywood too? Please? I loved this entire audition. I liked Harry asking if he knew the song “I have a small plastic bag and a towelette” and when he said he had a wet spot in his pants but not from the dog. Oh Harry, you may have dad humor, but I appreciate dad humor. Oh also, there was a Chris Medina that was on Idol already, right? I’m not making that up? Ok good, I’m not.

Jessica Meuse – Blue Eyed Lie (original)

This chick was a tough decision for me because I really like her, but I just don’t think she’s Idol material. She’s an original. She’s too cool for school.

images (1)

Do I think she deserved to be famous? Yes. Do I think she should’ve tried out for Idol? Not particularly. She almost seemed too cool for Idol. **sidenote: Did anyone else think, when she described how the town got it’s name, that they were going to say they won some kind of WWE town naming competition or something. I mean, it’s Alabama after all.

Jordan Brisbane – When I Were Your Man

You’re 15? Really kid? I mean Jordan. JORDAN. He’s so adorable, his voice is amazing, he cooks. What’s not to like about him? You DO have what it takes to shut American Idol down.I love him so much. You may not win but you are freaking AMAZING. I agree with Harry that he’ll only get better, but I still think he’s great now. Unfortunately for him I do not think he’ll make it passed Hollywood, but if he’s smart enough to come back in a few years, he’ll do big things. 

Bria Anai – One and Only

I like her. She’s young and she feels young, but her voice is great. I like her look, glitterly lips and all. I do worry when un-famous people already have momagers (or dagents, thanks Harry). It makes me worry for them in a Lindsay/Justin kind of way. Hopefully she has a good head on her shoulders. And same as with Jordan, you’re 15. Come on, see what you’ve got, and then maybe come back in a few years when you’re really ready.

Now, super favorite of the night goes tooooooooo…


Lauren Ogburn – Fancy

Ok so really, I have to say that when I saw her look I was like…


I was waiting for her to say she was a Duck Dynasty fan with that American Flag bandana. She didn’t, which made me a little happier, but Harry is totally right. DITCH THE ACCESSORIES. But seriously, how I really felt about her?


I love Reba and that was a perfect song choice for Lauren. She’s exactly what I want a winner from Atlanta to be, both vocally and attitude wise. I love the harsher sounding female country singers and thusly, I really hope she goes far in this competition because I REALLY just want to like her. I like her a lot. She was like a mix of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood in the best possible way to me.

Now, some honorable mentions/people I just need to say something about:

Jesse Cline – Honorable Mention. You’re quirky in a Blues Traveler/Casey Abrams way and I have secret hopes that you know how to play the harmonica. Also, remember when I said the guitar was getting old, he made me forget that I was getting over the guitar.

Sam Burchfield – Honorable Mention. Ok so you all know I LOVE an original song choice. And quirky tall guys. And guitar players. So obviously this guy fills a lot of requirements. I see what Harry is saying about the character thing of his performance. I still like him though. Maybe he won’t make it past Hollywood week, but I’m glad I got to see him! He’s definitely worthy of the second chance, if for nothing else to prove he doesn’t have to play a character to be a good singer.

Ben Briley – Brother Gumbo is one of the greatest nicknames ever and I know you don’t like it but if you stay on the show, I need that to stick.

Nica Nishae – I thought she was actually really bad, personally. and reminded me of a cross between Porsha from the Real Housewives of Atlanta (the girl who didn’t know what the underground railroad was even though her grandfather was a Civil Rights pioneer) and this chick I used to see on the Soup all the time from Flava of Love… this girl…


She’s terrifying, basically.

So with that, we move on to the 5th round of Auditions and so far the only thing I can say is…


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American Idol – Doin’ it For Detroit

Here Ye! Here Ye! Let it be known that Detroit was the first time this season where I thought, “This may just be the next American Idol”. Sorry Boston, Austin and San Francisco. While you all had some good talent, Detroit really brought it this season. I did a very rudimentary search of Idol Contestants from Detroit and couldn’t find anything noteworthy so I’m going to ask the question – could this be the first time someone from Detroit cracks the Top 10? I sure hope so!  

I will say, that I this is as much of Motown as I’d like to see this season. Good grief that is one of the WORST theme nights for me! It’s one thing to have people sing some Motown on a night dedicated to some other theme/singer… That’s fine. But to have a whole night is just beyond anything I’d want this season (and yet it seems to be the MOST common theme throughout seasons. Go figure).

I also have to add that I thought this was the funniest of the nights so far. Harry and Keith must have had a lot of down time these two days. All the out takes were hilarious. Most notably, Harry ripping on Jennifer for not knowing who Deltalina is (I don’t know who she is either but that’s just because I’m loyal to my Southwest rewards card).

“It’s for people who fly commercial: You wouldn’t know, Jennifer. When
I’m not on the Greyhound, I occasionally fly coach on Delta!”

 Nice job pretending you’re poor though Harry. You’re probably still making millions off the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack!

The other best part of the Harry/Keith night of comedy was Harry “auditioning”. And Keith signing his leg. It bothers me the blurred it out. I mean, is his signature that private or did he just write something hilariously offensive on Harry’s leg? I like to believe the latter!

My only issue with the night, and really this is somewhat minor in the grand scheme of things, was how many times this episode, where it looked like Harry wasn’t really feeling the contestant, and yet, through they went to Hollywood with his OK. I don’t understand that. What happened to Harsh Harry? To my count, it happened no less than 5 times. The beauty queen (Khristian D’avis) with the mystery accent and possible mental stability issues (was  I the only one that saw that as a possibility?) Oh, also, she reminds me how I’m totally with Keith on the not listening piece, when you’re being given criticism. There was also that three pack of contestants including one named Symphony (really?) that all made it through even with Harry calling out the weird thing Symphony did with her voice. I thought it was totally going to be a montage of no’s! Oh and finally, Eric Gordon whose performance I already forget but his creepiness is still very fresh in my mind. He just gave me this weird “I may kill you, I may not” vibe.


There were definitely people that I thought wouldn’t make it through but am ok with it because I do think I’d like to hear more of them than what I heard tonight (Jade, who sang the Amy Winehouse song, and Ronny Osmond aka Ethan Harris who sounded 12 but claims to be 20). Either way, of all these “should’ve been no’s but weren’t” I think they’ll all be lucky to make it through Hollywood week, but good luck to you either way. I’m ok with it if I see you again.

Now as for my tops this week, again, it was hard to narrow it down to a 5 (plus a super favorite) but I have done it (with honorable mentions to Maurice with the cute bebes, and Ayla Stackhouse). And actually, I truly couldn’t decide my super favorite this week because there were two talents that were SO different but so amazing for different reasons. Thusly, I have 4 likes, and 2 faves.


Paris Primeau – The House of the Rising Sun

I really liked Paris and was a little miffed she got bunched with another girl (who was also good). Maybe she doesn’t have the story to really fill out a segment like some of the other contestants did, and maybe she wasn’t really fantastic but just sang a song I really like, really well? Either way, she made it in to my top 4.

Hailey Reinhart Melanie Porras – Fever

Hey Hailey Reinhart. I mean Melanie. I mean wow was there a resemblance or WHAT? Not just in looks but voice too. As soon as she started singing I just thought – JLo you better let her through just for how shitty she was to Hailey! And then I got scared when she made her sing another song and seemed like maybe she’d be shitty to Melanie too. But then all of the sudden, curveball! JLo likes her? And thinks she could be recording records? Well color me surprised!  (One person also said she had those “early Mariah curls” which I could also kind of see)

Hailenie Perrhart

Hailenie Perrhart

Jared White – Waiting on the World to Change

I don’t know if I missed part of this guys performance while typing or something but I didn’t recognize him until he was already holding a golden ticket and Keith was playing the guitar while he sang, but I really liked him a lot. I didn’t have a clue what his name was, I just wrote down “Guy singing while Keith plays guitar is awesome”. I stick with that opinion.

Black Miley (Marrielle) – Grenade

They showed this girl in the first episode right? I’m pretty certain it was (yes, twitter has confirmed). I really liked Marrielle. She’s got a good look, a great voice and seems fun. I mean, calling her Black Miley is in no way a diss on my part. I think Miley actually has a great voice (I’ll wait for the haters to quiet down now). I only kind of wish she’d sang a Miley song to be honest.

And now, for my most favorite of the night, and who I desperately hope I get to see a LOT more of!


Sydney Alterbridge – Loving You



She not only HIT every note, she killed it. I mean truly. You killed it girl. There’s nothing else to say except Harry, you’re probably in the doghouse after announcing how bad your wife is at singing this song. Haha. Sydney definitely has the best voice of anyone I’ve heard this season. She’s a stunner and most definitely one to look out for!


Malaya Watson – Ain’t No Way

I knew I was going to like this girl immediately. Goofy band nerds always grab at my heartstrings.


That being said, beyond her story, she personally held my attention quite well with her voice. It should also be noted that I kept seeing on twitter that this chick is all over vine.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 8.15.59 PM

I am NOT all over vine (unless Buzzfeed is trying to show me something awesome) so I had to go check her out… she’s worth it. So check her out folks! Guess it’s good that she already has a bit of a following. That’ll probably help her if she does happen to make it into the Top 13 or whatever they narrow it down to this season.

And that’s it! Hopefully tonight will be equally exciting!

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American Idol – Austin and SanFran

Ok I can’t deny. I watched way less of this episode than normal. I had this long ass day that only looking at hilarious pictures from around 10 years ago, could help make better. I know I got the important stuff, but I think my head was just in a different place tonight. That being said, I still took some notes, and noticed my favorites!

Tonight we were back in Austin and ventured on to San Francisco, which always reminds me of this little ditty. While I felt like we could’ve seen crazier (and have), I was happy that wasn’t the focus of the show tonight (as it totally would’ve been, in seasons past).

Last night was much more like your typical Idol though, if I do say so myself. It still wasn’t as bad (after all, not a single dawg has been uttered). There was only one minor freak out by the tank topped contestant trying to save the world. Word to the wise, Sir, if you’re going to break down getting a little criticism by 3 folks about something you’re terrible at, that whole saving the world thing might be a bit of a challenge for ya. And to that guy trying to spite his ex by getting on the show… time for plan B buddy. Then there was the guy trying to “kickstart his acting career by Rick-Rolling American Idol”. Rick Rolling? Really buddy? I don’t think yourself any favors, but it did produce my favorite Harry line from the night:

What is this, Americas Got Talent?

Tonight also brought back the double audition, which is a typical Idol try-out ploy. It happened twice tonight. First with a non-biological brother/sister pair, and then by a set of twins. I liked that they had them audition somewhat separately, although I really wish those twins weren’t in the room at once. I did like how honest Harry was with them though. #HonestHarry strikes again. I agreed with keeping Quiandra and not Jamiah (although I REALLY liked Jamiah, and his song. But, he didn’t really “sing” when he was auditioned so it made sense). I hope he tries out again because he’s young and with some growing I could see him being successful in another year or two. As for the twins, Selena and Sierra, personally I would have taken both, but I really thought Sierra was the better singer.

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.18.36 PM

I’m with you, person on twitter!

There were also more people this time that auditioned last year. Brianna Oakley and Megan Miller (you may not have recognized her without the crutches). I thought they were both really good and could easily slip into my Top 5 of the night. Both girls would’ve but I’d rather talk about the new faces so that is what I’m going to do!


TK Hash – Light Em Up My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

Ug, Fallout Boy and their song titles! Anyway, I thought this guy was great. I liked his demeanor, his Obama impersonation (although I don’t think he really looks like him as the judges did), and most importantly, his voice. I thought his cover was really good. I did read that he auditioned in a few previous seasons but I don’t remember him so I’m calling him a fresh start.

Rachel Rolleri – Stay

My notes called her “the nervous girl”. Was she just the most adorable, or what? I know they talked about her giving away her minor issues and her visual giveaways that she thought she screwed up, but I thought it was cute. Probably doesn’t bode well for her but I’m going to give her credit where credit’s due and say she was one of my favorites of the night.

Tristan Langley – Santaria


Way to make me feel old Tristan and your time on season 1 with your MOTHER Nikki McKibbin! Ugh. You were good but I might agree with Harry on liking the story more than your voice. Worth a second look though, for sure.

Aranesa Turner – Pure Imagination

I really liked her song choice and I thought she was definitely good enough to not be montage with others. Even if it was just one other. I just really liked her, a TON. Check out her Adele cover on youtube if you’re interested in hearing more of her. She needs to work on how to record a video because she sang a little too loud for her settings or something but either way, you can tell the girls got mad talent.

David Luning- Original Song

I can’t deny the fact that I wanted David to be hotter. His voice was that of someone far hotter than he was. That’s not to say I don’t think he has potential though. He’s like Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That. We can mold his image. And really with a voice like that, does he need to be hotter? Probably not. It’s not even that he had the best voice. I mean, it was better than half the contestants, but his voice is unique in a way that probably won’t benefit him further on in this competition, but the bottom line is that I’m glad I got to see him. If nothing else, hopefully he can just put a good spin on some songs and get himself through a couple of rounds?

Now, for my winner, and favorite of the night:


Jesse Roach – Do Ya

I will say that many times, if you’re the first or the last contestant on any episode during audition night, odds are, you’re pretty good. I loved the grittiness of her voice, the tone, the guitar, the look. She’s a complete package of sorts to me (in a Carly Smithson sort of way). The only thing I didn’t like about her was the mascara and I think that’s fixable enough to give you my top vote!

Honorable Mentions, because tonight was really hard for me to narrow down anything, go to

1. Marlon Lindsey (A Change is Gonna Come) was the guy that was in the Army and couldn’t try out in previous seasons.
2. Remi Wolf (Let’s Get it On) was the Junior Olympian who found singing. She reminded me a bit of Maeby from Arrested Development in the looks department.

3. John Fox (To Make you Feel My Lovce) or as I called him, the guy with the thing on his face.

Minor honorable mention to Rico Perkins, for his stellar fashion choices.


Also, as a complete side note, while I was on twitter, I noticed that Tonya Harding was trending. Odd, I thought. So I clicked to see what they were talking about. I was kind of thinking maybe it was an OD or something, but hardly. Apparently she was on ESPN.

The good news, she was as delusional as ever, as evident by these amazing tweets (since I didn’t actually watch the movie – I did DVR it though so I have that to look forward to!)

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.43.55 PM



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A Breath of Fresh Idol

There’s only one word that can describe last nights idol.


There was no “Oh, for the love of God Randy shut up!”, “Come oooooonnnn” or “Please, we don’t need your sob story” uttered last night. And it was refreshing. I was worried the abundance of congeniality; that the lack of utter chaos and terrible auditions would be boring. It was neither of those things. I was entertained. I heard what has to be a RECORD number, 25 golden ticket auditions, and no one fought or threw anything! It was simply, refreshing.

I didn’t realize the FIRST auditions would be in Boston (and it’s rhyming city, Austin – can you even do that with any other major cities? I don’t think anything rhymes with San Francisco). How fitting! I only wish that I too, was in Boston right now. Maybe this will give me a little taste of my future hometown and its musical talents.

As for what I loved about this episode, Harry Connick, Jr. would have to be at the tip top. I was worried that his humor would get boring but it didn’t. I just have to remember that he, as JLo put it so accurately “is such a dad!” That’s it. He has dad humor.


Cases in point –

“Are you winking at me for the community college”

“If you blow us away on the first one, I’d like to pick you up and hold you like a baby for the second one”

“For a stage mom you didn’t see the stage”
(An honorable mention to the dad humor of Keith Urban – “We’re just glad you cried first”)

I’ll take sweet dad humor over creepy Steven Tyler pervy humor just about any day of the week… at least when it comes to girls old enough to be his granddaughter (or next girlfriend).


Was it just me or could just just TELL that Harry is friends with Ellen?

I also, as mentioned above, really liked the lack of sob stories. I’m sure there will be more over the course of the auditions, but to only really see 2-3 tonight (I’m debating whether I really think ADHD is a sob story). The grandfather dying story was so sad though. I get why she had to tell it, with regards to the song she’d written but eek.

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 9.52.26 PM

Finally, I loved that most of the no’s we saw, I’d consider debatable no’s (ie – the girl in community college). I really like that. I do kind of wish the judges had debated the contestants a touch more, and maybe fought a little harder for the folks they like, but I guess respecting others opinions is cool too. Maybe they’ll fight harder come crunch time. Usually my banter with friends during the episode revolves around all the terrible people and “why did they even let them on TV?” and it was (yes I’ll say it again) refreshing, to just talk about whether I would’ve allowed them through or not. I’d rather hear 10 debatable no’s than 10 “William Hung” no’s if you know what I mean. I do worry because of all the ones that ended up being no’s, JLo was a yes on all of them. That’s one of my things about her – I just think she’s too nice, but maybe she’s only saying yes because she knows Keith will take the bullet to be the final no? He did tonight.

Now, as for what I didn’t really love about the first episode, it wasn’t that much. I don’t know if I’m going to like this whole “chamber” thing. It just reminds me of the winners at the golden globes walking up to the stage, you’re taking too long to get to the point. But that’s a minor snag I suppose.

Secondly, I couldn’t get over JLo’s hair. Fire that stylist girl.

Finally, I’m pretty involved in twitter while the show goes on, and @AmericanIdol had a somewhat major snafu when we went to commercial wondering if Stephanie Harvey would get that golden ticket.

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 8.33.42 PM

As for the contestants, this thing would be a mile long if I went through ALL of them, I only took notes on the ones that I thought were worthy of talking about, which was somewhere around 12. Now, of all the contestants I saw, I don’t know how many are “Big Show” qualifiers but there were a few that I think have some serious potential.

In no particular order, except for my favorite which I’ll save for last, these were my top folks:


Sam Woolf – Lego House

Ok so, reasons I really like this kid (that may or may not relate to his singing abilities)… He lives with his adorable granny and grampy. He sang an Ed Sheeran song (side note – I love when a contestant introduces me to new music). He’s got an adorable baby face that I fall for every time (and maybe doesn’t really tend to make it through to the real deal, but he’s still adorable). I’m a sucker for a granny and grampy though. And a crying grampy? COME.ON. What are you trying to do to me Idol!?!

Kaitlyn Jackson – Another Angel (written herself)

Not gonna lie, I didn’t love that she cried as she was telling her story. I thought she was going to be terrible… and this is the most typical country song ever written, but country songs are about life experiences and tend to tell stories, so I can’t fault her in that regard. Her voice is good, so I can tolerate the song writing.

Savannah Young (Toxic)

I know we didn’t see much of Savannah, and she looked a LOT like what I remember Janelle looking like in the try-outs. I don’t know how far she’ll make it but I enjoyed her guitar playing and her rendition of Toxic (I thought she was the best of the 2 others she montage with).

Muhfarid Zandi – Crazy For You

When Harry said “If you blow us away on the first one, I’d like to pick you up and hold you like a baby for the second one” I knew he’d make it, because I’d already seen commercials of Harry cradling some kid. I’m hoping I didn’t just fall for him like I fell for the Turbinator but he did have a legit good voice. Also, when he was quasi-singing to Harry, “I Just want you clooooose”… It was perfection.

Shanon Wilson – Out King

I like this guy a LOT. And not just because his audition montage involved Ryan Seacrest falling in a sea of chairs. (side note – seriously, internet, where is my gif of this? I feel betrayed). But about Shanon, his belting notes, and those high notes. Yeeaaassss. I’m in.

An honorable mention goes to Savion Wright, who also wrote his own song. I’m glad he got a ticket but have fun with the ticket. I don’t see you making Top 30. Interesting factoid – he was the only contestant to trend on Twitter, but so was Big Crazy Barb, her season.

Speaking of Big Crazy Barb, I would like to talk about a one James Earl. Yes his singing was a bit schizophrenic but I thought he was actually a good singer. “I guess they did not like the Razzle Dazzle” Rick James anyone?

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 8.53.38 PM

Now, onto my favorite of the night, for many reasons


Malcolm Allen – Superstitious

I REALLY like this kid. His humor and his singing, cute kid. Airy the Air Guitar is my kind of humor. And dude could sing. Yes, I do kind of hate Superstitious as an audition song. I can’t deny that. The music tattoos didn’t woo me like they did Harry, but I did love his haircut. Not that it had any part in me picking him as my favorite, that was the air guitar.

And with that, Day 1 of the Idol Auditions is complete and I’m really excited to see what happens tonight!

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A New Year, A New Idol Season

Hi everyone! I know, it’s been FAR too long since I posted.


Ok seriously though. I really have been busy. I haven’t really cooked any new recipes. I haven’t gardened. My friends have been having babies left and right so I guess that’s an excuse, but really, it’s me putting off the inevitable.

For those of you that don’t know me, which is none of you, because only 10 people read this, I’m pretty sure. But anyway, the big news is:



It’s crazy. I would post a bunch of gifs about moving but it turns out buzzfeed did it for me already, because of course they did. They always do everything I think I should do. It’s quite convenient. And it’s quite accurate let me tell you.

The only thing worse than moving? When your spouse moves in October, and you’re still in your home state trying to sell your house and find a new job and living with your parents.

This sums up my feelings

This sums up my feelings

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know a few things about my idol blogging this year, as it relates to my life at this minute.

– I’m still going to do my best to watch and blog about it.

– I’m not doing the game this season. I’d love to, but I don’t want to commit to it and be perpetually behind. If someone else wants to take up the cause, I’ll happily post about it, but I just don’t need anything else to worry about/commit myself to at this moment. Mostly because when I go to Boston, it’s on Thursdays, which are, as we all know – the results shows. So if I’m going to miss any episodes, it’s going to be those, unfortunately.

I hope this doesn’t mean you won’t read my thoughts because really, I’m looking forward to having something to do with my evenings besides cry into my pillow about my life. That’s a joke. Mostly. The thing is, I don’t really handle change very well. I mean, anyone who reads my idol blog should know that, right?

New judges? New formats? New “mentors”? No me gusta. The thing about American Idol this season is that, as always, I’m very apprehensive about the season this year. What are the pros/cons you may be wondering? Well, they are as follows:

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.38.21 PM


I’m sure the chemistry will be better on the judges’ panel this season, and I can’t say I loved the drama of last season, but I really loved Nicki for how real she was. I mean yes, her taste wasn’t the BEST, but her quotes were undeniably the best since Mis Paula left the show. And I never liked J.Lo as a host. I loved her outfits, and I think she’s gorg, but she’s just entirely too nice, and I hated how she never had anything nice to say about my girl Haley! She was a star whether anyone wanted to see it or not.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.39.01 PM

I do like his self-depricating humor but sometimes he just tries to hard to come off as a comedian so I’m a little worried. But I do love him. Mostly his voice, really. Hopefully I’ll like what comes out of it.


Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.38.39 PM

I’m going to miss Jimmy more than I miss ANYONE on the show. The fact is, Randy just doesn’t come across as a mentor to me. In my opinion, the kids will come on, they’ll announce the theme, and then Randy will talk about how he knows/has worked with every artist he knows. I just have knots in my stomach about how terrible he’s going to be. They’re also changing the producers this year and to be honest, I just have no idea/opinions about how that’s going to go, but I’m open to it. We’ll see. The producers control so much of the show, if anything I just hope that they keep their paws to themselves and let the show flow naturally. Time will tell.

There are also some other changes I’ve heard about but haven’t formed opinions about. Some kind of difference for Hollywood week. I’ve also heard something about a “RUSH” week which I imagine is just a fancy word for that period when 40 people goes down to 12.

One super awesome thing that Michael Slezak told me was that they’re expanding the song list, and making the themes a little more broad, THAT sounds awesome. Super awesome. So, hopefully that’s true. I mean, if Michael says it, it must be, right?

So, here’s hoping that this season is as fun filled as always and we have lots to talk about. That’s all I really want 🙂



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