Vacation, Day 16

I wrote a letter to Michigan (and that lying Tim Allen) for Day 16. Technically it was written the morning of Day 16, on our sojourn to find breakfast. The morning of Day 16 was a rough one. The bugs were out again, so we broke down our campsite in RECORD time. We’re talking, I think from getting out of the tent, to leaving, it was about 15 minutes. That’s moving. I still got 2 more bug bites though. Bastards.

We were supposed to see Pictured Rocks this morning but a lot of things conspired against us. This includes but is not limited to: Finding breakfast, Lake Superior, itchiness, frustration at having to take a 2.5 hour boat tour we didn’t want to take, things being in Canada. That’s just to name a few.  After the 3rd breakfast place we tried was closed, we got the hell out of there. To hell with Pictured Rocks.


Luckily, that wasn’t all Michigan had to offer. We also wanted to (and a Michigander in Montana told us this was an absolute must for the fudge alone. There’s fudge there, too?) go to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw, which they’ll remind you of, many times). Mackinac made up for a lot of what the U.P. lacked. We took a boat to the Island, and then took a tour of the Island by a horse drawn carriage. There are no cars allowed on the island so there is a HUGE biking community and others ride horses. The thing about this city though is, it’s like Charleston, SC or Savannah, but in Michigan. The houses are amazing! The fudge wasn’t bad either.


My favorite of the houses on the Island


One of our noble steeds


A view of the historic fudge shop, and the plethora of bikes!

After Mackinac we got back on the road and made it to Youngstown, OH (right by Lima. Don’t think that was lost on me. I looked for hotels in Lima Heights Adjacent but couldn’t find anything). It was another game of calling around. I swear, I realize it’s summer/holiday weekend, but in the middle of freaking Ohio? How are hotels full? It doesn’t make any sense. Either way, Best Western saved us again. Not our best hotel but after a few showerless days again, and hours on an island, we weren’t at our best either.

The good thing is that we’re only 5 hours from home! Yey for us!! It’s starting to seem exciting to be back, I can’t deny it.

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