Vacation, Day 15

We had high hopes for Day 15. We were driving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We’d heard really cool things and Pictured Rocks sounded like a place right up your alley. So we headed that way, a 10 or so hour drive (again) and let me tell you, you’d think that since the road kind of goes along Lake Superior, that you’d be looking out at Lake Superior for much of your drive. Well don’t get your hopes up. You’ll see about 5 miles worth? Maybe? I feel like I’m being generous. Plus you have to drive slow, plus there are motorcyclists everywhere and you’re thinking, “why are you here? It’s so windy!”

We thought we found a campsite and technically we did. Except that we looked up one campsite and called another accidentally, and then the one we called wouldn’t answer the phone. Luckily we were able to figure out the problem relatively quickly, but adding an extra 30 minutes in the car was the LAST thing we wanted. When we got to the campsite, it was nice except for the swarms of mosquitoes.


Michigan, Brought to you by OFF!

Yes, swarms. They were everywhere. Evil bloodsucking bastards. To add insult to injury it was also really humid, so being in long sleeves and pants and socks was just super great. And the covering yourself in sticky, gross smelling bug spray, totally even more awesome. Said no one, ever. EVER.

Oh, one bonus about Michigan though, and unfortunately I didn’t take advantage of it, but they still have Bob’s Big Boy! I know. It’s shocking really. I regret not getting the double decker.

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