Vacation, Day 14

It’s really awesome how it’s worked out that super long days of driving, have usually rewarded us with something fun the following day (except for you, day 2). In any case, Day 14 was spent in Vergas, as I mentioned, with Zack and my Aunts husband, Mak. It was also 4th of July so I felt like you knew it had to be a good day. Zack and I had plans to rise early, get out our kayaks maybe, anything was possible. Then we accidentally slept until 11:30 (strike one) and Mak made us a super amazing potato/egg/amazingness (strike 2 and 3) that assured us that sitting around and being lazy out in the sunshine on a perfect afternoon, was exactly what needed to be done on day 14. We took a golf cart tour of town and got to view all of Mak and Judy’s property. They have this great barn, and a stage for their annual “Hillbilly Hoedown”. Mak collects Vergas antiques and has all sorts of cool things around his house. It’s really cool.


Inside the Barn



My Aunt and Uncles property (part of it)


We did get up enough energy to make it out to the fireworks in neighboring Detroit Lakes and once again were treated to a great fireworks show. There were different people having shows all over the lake, so you could see them all over, just about everywhere you looked. That’s always a nice feature when you’re out to watch fireworks. It was definitely a popular spot and we probably should’ve got there way earlier, but we’re experienced with traffic around places and really, this  was nothing comparatively. We stayed for about an hour and then headed back, since we had to be back on the road in the morning.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the best part about Judy and Maks house, by the by. While we were sitting out drinking some coffee I spotted some orange bird. Yeah, orioles baby. All over the place. It was amazing! I’ve only seen one in real life (and regularly in the summers on the ballfield, obviously). And because it was so close our camera was quasi able to catch them! They’re small but they’re there. I promise.


Oh also, I wanted to mention that I did end up getting both dogs to sit in my lap by the end of the night, Judy! They secretly love me it just takes a day or two to show it.


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