Vacation, Day 13

This day probably isn’t really worthy of a whole post because it was again, a lot of driving. 14 hours or so. It wasn’t as easy going as our first 14 hour day of driving but it wasn’t the worst. We drove from Bozeman, MT to Vergas, MN. That’s about a 12 hour trip but we took a little 2 hour detour to check out the Enchanted Highway. It’s definitely worth the detour though. Of all the weird places I’ve made Zack stop on this trip I think this was his and my favorite. The Enchanted Highway is basically a very large art project along the way. Giant scrap metal statues line the “highway” which is basically a two lane road. It’s so cool though and a good little distraction.


Zack and I at “Fisherman’s Dream”


My favorite – “Pheasants on the Prairie”


“Deer Crossing”


“Teddy Rides Again”


“The Tin Family”


“Geese in Flight”

Other than that, there’s really nothing going on driving through eastern Montana and the entirety of North Dakota. But if you have to drive through North Dakota, it’s not the worst. It does this weird things in the road which I believe is to prevent too many people from falling asleep at the wheel, where they add these wee bumps to the road which, if you’re prone to sea sicknes or car sickness, is not the greatest thing. I thought I was going to get a little sick and I’m not sea or car sick, normally. Still though, North Dakota, not as bad as southern Minnesota and Wisconsin!

And the really exciting thing is that now we’re in Vergas hanging out with my Uncle Mak. Missing my Aunt Judy (but we’re having fun at your house, so thanks! It’s beautiful here, and one of your dogs is starting to like me).

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