Vacation, Day 12

So not to confuse anyone, I just posted “day 12” but it was actually Day 13. I saved my file incorrectly! Whoops! So anyway, this is Day 12, and Day 13 is re-labelled and cool.

I would hardly call Day 12 a drab of a day! Day 12 was full of immersing ourselves in Bozeman (and the surrounding area)! In the morning we went to the National Museum of the Rockies.


I’m not sure what pictures I can post because there were weird signs about being able to take pictures, so I’m not entirely sure what I can post or not. Either way, it’s a cool little spot. My favorite/least favorite part was this planetarium show we watched. It was pretty cool, which was my favorite, but at some points the jumps they’d do from star to star moved so fast it was making me sick. By the end of the show it was just hard to watch. They also had a dinosaur exhibit and a Yellowstone exhibit. What was cool about the dinosaur exhibit was that as many fossils as there were, they all came from Montana. Pretty cool. The museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian and a lot of the work is done here for exhibits there. As a DC girl very familiar with the Smithsonian and all the awesome museums, this was a nice little slice of home.

I know I said my favorite part was the planetarium, but there was actually something else that was really my favorite. See, I had to go to the bathroom while we were there and when I walked in, I saw one large stall. Then I went in and bam, TWO TOILETS!


I guess some people think women really do go to the bathroom together!

For the afternoon we went back to the house to do a little managing of our truck/living space/things (because things tend to look less than tidy after spending 9 days in a car). It needed to be done so it was. But, the lameness was acceptable because the evening would be fun FILLED. We hit up dinner in Livingston at this pizza shop called Gills which was really good. We were in Livingston for the beginning of the Livingston Rodeo.



Here’s a little video of the bull riding that was the finale event:

It was pretty amazing. I’d wanted to do it while we were out here but I was somewhat terrified I’d see someone break their back or see a bone sticking through skin… god forbid someone getting gored. Ugh! Luckily, none of those things happened and no animals were harmed. It was so fun. It was also their “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” night so there were breast cancer supporters everywhere! Nothing like having fun and supporting a cause all at the same time!



And speaking of people being tough enough to wear pink, my favorite part were actually these girls that did like, gymnastics tricks on horses. It was kind of amazing. I took a little montage of videos because they were so close that getting a picture at the speeds they were travelling, was near impossible.

There was also an epic amount of people watching.  We were sitting by this bad step and rather tell anyone (even the guy holding the baby) to watch the step, we just watched. It sounds bad but really it wasn’t. The baby wasn’t injured, and no sno-cones were spilled.

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