Vacation, Day 11

Today was a day of firsts for me, and very well could’ve been the best day of vacation. For our first day in Bozeman, our friend Zach (not to be confused with my husband Zack) took us on a float trip on his boat, which is kind of like a large row boat. Luckily, friend Zach rowed the whole time so that Zack and I could fish the whole way. We put in a town called Carbala and went down down the Yellowstone River for about 13 miles. We went fly fishing with flies that friend Zach makes himself. It was so cool. Even just being on the water itself was wonderful.

The fishing was great too, and I personally caught the biggest fish, a Rainbow Trout. Unfortunately, it was dropped by my husband, now known as “Fish Dropper Zack”. We caught about 10 fish total, but we released them all (you’re welcome, nature). We had way more than that, that we almost caught but those things are slick and make it a little difficult to catch. Exhibit A:


Fish Dropper Kelly

Zack is a little better…


Fish Dropper Zack (but only my fish)


Regular Zach


A beautiful day on the water

It was so much fun though and definitely a pretty popular activity around Bozeman based on the amount of fly shops!

That evening we went out to Ale Works for dinner with Zach and his wife Heather which was quite welcome after a day on the water. After that we were just about done for the day though. Something about being on the water, as relaxing as it is, knocks the “awake” right out of you. I think my head hit the pillow after I fell asleep! I think that’s a sign of a great day!

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