Vacation, Day 10 with Pictures!

Today was our last day in Yellowstone and it was bittersweet. We didn’t see any bears but we did get to see a baby elk, and a lot of the other sites around Yellowstone like the geysers (besides Old Faithful), so it turned out to be a really good day. And the weather was perfect which made it a little hard to want to leave. If nothing else, I know it makes me want to come back! I guess it’s always good to leave more to see.

Since it is our last day, and I haven’t posted any pictures since we started entering state parks, I thought I’d post a few for you to check out as we make our way out of our last National Park. Well, of Yellowstone. Not the rest of the parks. You can get those later 🙂

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As for what we actually did on Day 10, it was mostly just driving around to some of the spots we’d wanted to spend more time at. Most notably the geysers and springs! They’re so cool and the colors in some are just majestic, to say the least. Check out this video of Firehole Spring!

This is an area called Artists Paint Pots and it’s called that because the springs range in colors all over yellowstone. You may’ve seen that one that was mostly brown and orange, and obviously this one is a brilliant blue, but I read that sometimes you can see greens, purples and some bright reds and oranges! It’s so cool. It’s all based on the pH level of the water. There’s a chart to show you the colors the water will turned based on how strong the acidity in the water is. Ranging from tomato acidity to like, battery acid. It’s pretty crazy and a great little way to sneak in some learning on our vacation! National Parks are always good for that 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Vacation, Day 10 with Pictures!

  1. carmen

    Bears run like hell at the sound of 90s hip hop.

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