Vacation, Day 7

It’s a day less than halfway through our trip, and it was our first day in Yellowstone! We arrived to our campsite around 2:30, but just on the way there we had already seen some elk and buffalo. If I thought the buffalo were everywhere in Custer, it was nothing compared to Yellowstone. Not a bad thing. Now, the distance of our campsite to Yellowstone? Well, I don’t want to be negative, but lets just say it’s not the closest one to the park. The website said 20 minutes from the East Yellowstone entrance, but it’s a solid 70 to any of the things you go to Yellowstone to look at.

What it felt like…

Despite how far we were from the Park we decided to venture back in and knock Old Faithful out of the way right off the bat. We knew it went off regularly but figured since we didn’t actually know when it was supposed to go off, we’d just get there and see what happened. Well, within 5 minutes of getting there, it went off! It was great because it was later in the day (I think we caught the 7:30ish eruption) so it wasn’t as crowded as it can be in the summer. We then went to find some food and when we finished we decided to just run back over to the geyser and see if maybe we could catch it going off one more time. Sure enough, within about 10 minutes, there it went again! Talk about luck!

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And to top off the whole night, on the drive back to our campsite, which was a long one, we spotted 2 foxes looking for food in this meadow! It was adorable. I could’ve watched it for hours!

Seriously, hours. it was almost 10pm though and we had 2 hours to get back to our campsite (yes, you read that correctly). As could’ve been predicted by anyone that knows me, I fell asleep on the way back while my noble driver headed onward, back to the campsite.

The great thing about the campsite is that it’s right next to a rushing river so it almost sounds like the ocean when we’re in our tent. Just makes me think of all the other vacations I want to take this summer.


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