Vacation, Day 6

Today was pretty stellar. We spent the entire day in and around the Grand Tetons National Park.


The Snowcapped Tetons!

There are literally books on all the trails around the Tetons that you can hike. We decided to stick to one that’s close to our cabin, so we went with the “Hidden Falls” trail on Jenny Lake.

Jenny Lake is one of the smaller lakes in the Tetons but it’s no less beautiful lined by the mountains and fed by a huge waterfall known as Hidden Falls. I love a waterfall and while this one was a little to intense (and probably freezing) to get in and frolick around, it was still amazing to look at. And after a decent inclining all the way hike, a cool waterfall breeze is just what the doctor ordered. Zack and I decided to take the long way getting there and the short way back, and after passing the falls and taking the short way back, we were SO glad we did! The way we took out had about a 420’ incline over a 2.5 mile hike, while the “short way” was the same elevation in about a half mile. I was never so happy to have taken the long way and gradually walked up a mountain, than having to take giant 1.5’ steps up a half mile. Ugh. I don’t know how some of those people were doing it. Luckily, we weren’t one of those people. And, we were rewarded with a boat ride, while those suckers had to do it the other way around. Suckers indeed.

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A small bummer of a thing was that as we were walking up the trail, the couple in front of us seemed startled all of the sudden and then the guy ran up the side of this hill. Apparently they’d seen a black bear! We’d missed it by less than a minute. Uggh!! Hopefully my luck will change in Yellowstone! If it’s going to change anywhere, it has to be there, right? We’ll find out tomorrow!

The rest of the time in the Tetons we just took a few scenic drives around Jackson (including a stop in what I thought was a “town” called Kelly, WY. Apparently it’s just a campground).



We also got to find out what this giant face we’d been seeing on this mountain was. Seriously, it looked like a persons face. Turns out it’s a landslide! Who knew.

The Gros Ventre Landslide

The Gros Ventre Landslide


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