Vacation, Day 5

I know this is Day 6 stuff but I just wanted to say congratulations to ALL of my friends, and all the gay celebrities I wish I was friends with, Congratulations! And thank you Supreme Court, for recognizing that certain laws were made to discriminate and should be done away with! Love for all 🙂 It’s a beautiful morning to wake up in a country that is closer to recognizing equality for everyone! Ok, stepping off my high horse! Back to vacationing!

Day 5 kind of snuck up on us. First of all, we realized when we got to the campground on whatever day that was (it seems so long ago) that we were actually a day ahead of schedule. Luckily, all the places we reserved were happy to fix up our reservations so that minor scare ended up being totally fine and now we will get an extra day in Yellowstone! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Although, writing this in our amazing cabin, it’s going to be hard to leave this amazing place and go back to camping… but I’m sure Yellowstone will be worth sleeping on the ground again. Not to mention my wallet, which I’m sure will thank us for not staying at this cabin for more than our 2 allotted days!


Our cabin (complete with firepit and free smores!)

So, why did Day 5 sneak up on us? Well, mostly because I completely forgot we had a 9 hour drive to Jackson Hole! We kind of piddled around in the morning,


We got donuts at a local bakery, for one. 


We also checked out the wildlife loop one more time, where I captured this gem!

Then, we were going to go to this horse sanctuary, but when we realized how long the drive was to Jackson, we thought it might be good to just get on the road again! Not to mention there were a few “scenic by-ways” we wanted to take so we knew it was going to be longer than 9 hours in the car (luckily it only ended up being about 11 hours, so we didn’t detour too much).

On the ride we got to go through Bighorn National Forest. It’s breathtaking. You finally, for better or worse, start seeing mountains with SNOW still on them. Not a ton but enough to worry me that it wasn’t going to be that sunny warm vacation. The mountains and valleys and the creeks in the valleys were just awesome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think it’s safe to say that of all the states we’ve driven through, Wyoming has been decidedly less boring than the previous states. Every 150-200 miles was like you were in a different part of the country! It’s the only day of all the days, that we actually took a lot of pictures while driving, in addition to the GoPro picture taking.

Today we’re going to explore the Grand Tetons, which looked pretty sick on the way in so I’m sure it’ll be a great day (albeit possibly a chilly/un-warm day – I refuse to be cold on vacation!)

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