Vacation, Day 4

Day 4. And what a sweet day it was. I think Brooks Robinson had something to do with it… ok, no I don’t.

Today we ventured into Custer State Park which has 3 major draws. First, Needles Highway which is an amazing geological feature in and of itself. I’m sure the pictures wont even do this place justice. The coolest part are all the awesome rocks, and overlooks. The worst part is driving on it. I’m not great with heights and I’m definitely not great with steep ledges and drop offs that are thousands of feet down.

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Here is a video from one of the highest points we drove to (and certainly one of the scariest roads we drove on to get there):

The second great part about Custer State Park, was what was known as “Wildlife Loop”. At first Wildlife Loop seemed like a complete bust. Field after field with no buffalo. We saw deer EVERYWHERE but just NO buffalo. Anywhere. But then, we turned a corner and low and behold, there were buffalo. And they were everywhere! We could not escape them. It was pretty amazing.

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The third great thing was something that no one told me about. There are these rock tunnels (those I knew about) that perfectly frame out Mt. Rushmore as you’re driving through them. It’s an engineering feat that I was super impressed with. Those tunnels were by far one of my favorite parts of driving around today.



Obviously, being so close we also went to see Mt. Rushmore (which, I have to be cheap and mention that we went out of our way to buy that “all inclusive” pass for National Parks, but then you have to pay $11 to park there? Gip!).


Mt. Rushmore was super awesome. All the presidents were super hot and looking just as handsome as ever (although I felt bad for Teddy, being so smushed in there). I’m also all for adding a second Mt. Rushmore with all the other newer but equally as gorgeous, modern Presidents. Maybe we could just add them to Mt. Rushmore? If we’re going for hotness in the looks category (post-Teddy Roosevelt), I’d have to go with Clinton, Obama, W. and Reagan. If we’re going on hotness based on good deeds and what they did for America (which I think is pretty hot), I think it would look like this…


All in all it was an amazing day. The weather was perfect when it needed to be, and not terrible when I thought it was going to be, so all in all, perfect day! We also went to a little zoo-ish type place but I’ll talk about that on another day!

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