Vacation Day 1

Here’s my theme song while I write this post this morning.

It’s soothing me. And it’s been stuck in my head for a week thanks to my LOST Re-Watch. Oh, and this is my view this morning as I type this…


We have to drive through this for the next few hours…

So lets get this trip started! Yesterday we had the goal of being on the road by 6AM. We were on the road by 9AM but I was actually really happy with that. We had a lot of loose ends to tie up, but they all got squared away and we were on our way!


0 hours into the trip and we’re all smiles!


Our noble steed


My loyal driver and loving husband (somewhere around Ohio)


My view for the trip.

We drove over 14 hours (a solid 13 of that being driving time as we only stopped for gas, a brief lunch, and dinner) and made it alllll the way from Sykesville, MD to Madison, WI! I never would’ve thought we’d make it that far but when we were pulling into our hotel Zack said he could’ve easily gone another 5 hours. Unfortunately for him, his trustee navigator only had about 30 minutes before she was DEFINITELY done. What’s crazier though, is that we thought we’d just find a place to stay right outside of Chicago around Rockford. What we didn’t know was that there was some kind of amazing going on in Illinois last night because we called over 8 hotels from Rockford, to where we ended up and EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. was booked. How is that possible in random Illinois? I don’t even know. And what’s crazier was that the first hotel we stopped at told us (and 3 other hotels up the road after that), that not only were they booked, but all the hotels in the entire AREA were booked! How is that even possible?

Around hour 14 we also hit a sick thunder/lightening storm. Not a ton of rain but a TON of lightening! We didn’t get any pictures because, I don’t know if you know this, but lightening is really hard to get pictures of. If you didn’t know that well, you’re welcome for that little tid bit of information. And since we were in a car, I couldn’t exactly do a time lapse with my camera. One thing we are doing though, is that we have our GoPro set up during the daylight hours of hour trip (it made it just passed Chicago last night) shooting images every 30 seconds of our trip! Yesterday it took over 1400 pictures! And some were really cool. And then there were a lot of us behind a fed-ex truck. I swear, at least 400 of those pictures are probably of the back of a fed-ex truck. But that fed-ex truck was not only moving really well, but by being behind him, I’m sure we were improving our gas mileage. I mean, that’s what science told me. That was one thing Zack and I were both really worried about (having the truck so loaded down, what kind of gas mileage were we getting in this thing. We’re happy to report we’re still getting a solid 18 mpg, so we’re happy).

I’ll upload more pictures from Day 1 at some point (or just load our go pro video) but for now, here are sa couple of Chicago pictures (drive-by style). I can’t wait to go back there someday soon for a nice long weekend or something. It looks like such a fun City! And the architecture was really amazing.


Willis Tower drive-by


The sun setting outside of Chicago

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