I’m Feeling LOST again…

You know those people that try to maybe, clean their house, and then they end up finding some old photo album or yearbook and spend hours looking through old photos/things instead of cleaning? Yeah, that happens to me a lot. I dare say every time I clean.

Anyway, the other day I was cleaning out my computer to try and get some more space and I found this document called “LOST Favorites”. It was under my “Important Things” folder so obviously it wasn’t trash. That folder includes my most important files, obviously. So I clicked it open and what I found was a questionnaire about one of the most important TV shows in my history of TV viewing. I thought I’d share not only my answers, but a little on why I picked what I picked. The first section was a “Top 3” and the second was a “Superlatives” section. My superlatives are probably a little lame because in perusing, I realized I had only half filled the section and trying to think back to a show that ended over 3 years ago, I was really filling it in with the obvious. My Top 3 was quite different though. It was obviously very thought out. Some typical/some a-typical. So I’ll just share the Top 3 part of the Questionnaire.


1. “The Cost of Living” (Season 3)


AKA – The one where Eko dies.

Eko was definitely in my Top 3 of favorite characters too so it might seem strange that I’d pick the episode where he dies as one of my favorites. But I loved the backstory that they gave him, I loved his torment over whether or not he was a good person both in Africa and on the Island. I also loved the interaction Eko had with the Smoke Monster and if there was ever an “early on” episode where you get a glimpse of what this thing might be, it’s this one. This episode also has some of my favorite lines, but I’ll bring that up later 😉 Oh, and this is just a side bar but I also loved the scene with Jack and Juliet where she’s talking about what a great man Ben is, while on the TV screen she’s asking Jack to kill him on the operating table. Who are these others anyway?

2. “The Constant” (Season 4)


AKA – The one where Desmond reconnects with Penny!

How anyone could say this wasn’t one of their favorite episodes, is beyond me. Or maybe they’re just heartless. And yes, maybe this was just a favorite moment, more than a favorite episode, but it was also proof of what an amazing actor Henry Ian Cusick is. He plays “losing his mind” so incredibly well! The interaction of Daniel and Desmond was also quite nice. I wasn’t really a fan of the “freighter story line” so this episode was a breath of fresh air. I loved Desmond finding “past Daniel” and talking about “future Daniel”. It’s just amazing script writing, and I don’t even like sci-fi. But, I do love good writing and this was good writing at it’s BEST! And of course it was written by Damon and Carlton. As if there were any doubt.

3. Walkabout (Season 1)


AKA – Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do!

Season 1. Episode 4. My favorite episode of this entire thing. Locke was always a character I could never decide if I liked or not. I think that’s still up for debate. Nevertheless, I was consistently fascinated by him. Especially after this particular episode! It’s crazy how much sympathy I had for him and I hadn’t even REALIZED all the crazy terrible things that had happened in his life prior to the plane crash. Really, finding out he was in a wheelchair was almost trivial compared to how he got in the wheelchair! I believe if I recall correctly, this was also the first episode where Jack sees Christian. Not that we knew who he was at that point. Oh also, a side note that this episode was also great for comic relief when Charlie and Hurley decide to go fishing.

Honorable Mention – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham


What’s funny about this category is that whoever made the document even wrote “You probably only have 2, but that’s ok”. And they say that because if you’ve watched LOST like I watched LOST, you know the only 2 bad episodes were Expose (with Nikki and Paulo) and Stranger in a Strange Land (where Jack is in Thailand with a porn star). If I had to add a third I’d probably just say The Finale. And that’s only because it ended.


This category wasn’t that difficult to decide “moments”, either. I mean, I couldn’t begin to count the other kind of tear up moments but the feel good moments were (for better or worse), few and far between for me.

1. As mentioned above, Des and Penny’s phone call is definitely in the top 3. The episode was so stressful and draining that it just made that sweet moment at the end, that much more magical!

2. Hurley and Libby’s kiss in Season 6. Libby was one of the weirdest characters for me. She was always a backstory I wanted but I understand not getting it. But her relationship with Hurley, now that was a weird thing all around! Not that she would be into him, but just her attitude and persona, it didn’t really seem to go with Hurley. But, Hurley loved her, and he was SUUUUUUUPER sad when she died. I wanted to also specifically say it was the time in Season 6 (in the flash-sideways episode “Everybody Loves Hugo”) and not their real first kiss that was my feel good moment. The scene where they’re on the beach and Hurley says he doesn’t think Libby is crazy and maybe he does remember (all the while Desmond is watching from a car – creeepy). But that moment was so sweet and definitely a feel good moment!

3. Charlie and Claire eating peanut butter. Specifically, the fake peanut butter. It was such a tender moment and I started not hating Charlie anymore. I don’t think I ever really liked him until the episode where he dies, but none the less, that was a moment that made me warm up to him.



Honestly, this list could be a mile long. I cried a LOT of real non-happy tears for this show, for SOOO many reasons! So I have a Top 3, but I have some honorable mentions as well. Oh and in case you were wondering, they’re all when someone dies. So, in order of  least to most tears cried, it would go –

1. When Sun and Jin die as their hands are drifting apart underwater. Just like Titanic man, you said you’d never let go! Although I guess at least they got to die together. No matter the child they left behind… maybe I cried for their little girl more than for them, and maybe it was happy tears for them? It’s hard to say.

2. When Juliet dies. I NEVER liked Juliet. I kind of hated her for most of her run on the show, but her backstory and capture on the island was definitely something that softened me, and then by the time she died, well, I definitely felt bad for her, for so many reasons. And for Jack too. Although, Jacks death was probably one of the few I didn’t cry for. Now, had they shown Vincent dying ever, well, don’t even get me started on what a hot mess I would’ve been then! ** Honorable Mention for Happy Tears should’ve also gone to Jack as he’s dying on the Island and Vincent curls up with him so that he doesn’t have to “die alone” 

3. The death I most certainly cried the most for, was probably the same as everyone else. And it can be summed up in 3 little words.


Runners-up include – John Lock banging on the hatch, any time Hurley or Sayid cried, when Locke is about to hang himself, and I WOULD say when Alex died but those tears never formed because I think I was just shocked more than anything else that they killed her. Holy not expecting that Batman! And speaking of moments you’re not expecting…



1. Locke in the Coffin – I mean really, no one saw that coming. How was that even possible????


2. When Keamy shoots Alex (or Widmore, as it were). God Keamy was a dick.
“He changed the rules” – Michael Emerson can deliver a line! 


3. When the light turned on in the hatch. If realizing Locke could walk wasn’t a WTF
moment in and of itself (it was but I’ve already used it, and this episode too I guess but whatever),
this was one of the biggest WTF moments for me!

BEST MYSTERY (that was solved)

I’d like to stick with only mysteries that were solved but I’ll admit there were also some really good mysteries that were never solved.  I also stuck with the bigger mysteries and not the little solved mysteries.

1. The Smoke Monster – The Smoke Monster was sexy Man in Black. A lot of people didn’t really like the reveal of this mystery but I actually thought it was, if nothing else, one of the better reveals. Didn’t hurt they picked a great actor to play him (and Jacob). Just makes me think of my favorite Man in Black lines – “They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, it all ends the same” and also “Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?” 

2. Who was Henry Gale – It’s creepy Benjamin Linus, King of the Others. Check out right around the 1 minute mark… it’s just eerily good! Sooo freaking good. Doesn’t hurt that Sayid does the finding out. God I loved Sayid. Want proof? May I present to you, exhibit A: The top of the filing cabinet in my office:


3. Why do all these dead people keep showing up? Again, we look to the Man in Black. That sneaky mother fucker.

Honorable Mentions – The Polar Bears (quasi solved I suppose), Super tall Walt (loved the nods to him looking so much older), that weird room where they brainwashed the kids, Richard freaking Alpert! Eloise Hawking.


I took Main Character to mean “appeared in most the episodes in a majority of the seasons” . I think that’s fair.

1. Hurley – I mean come on. Hurley. Sure, no one really knew what he was about and a lot of people thought he was comic relief (he was for a good chunk of the earlier seasons) but then to go on to be the most important person on the island, well, he came a long way. What wasn’t there to like about him though, really?

2. Sayid – I. Loved. Sayid. I may’ve mentioned that before (see above). I loved everything about Sayid but my favorite Sayid moment was from “He’s Our You” and that line from season 1, “My name is Sayid Jarrah, and I am a torturer”. Swooooooooooooooooon.

3. Ben – What’s not to love about Benjamin Linus? Really? There’s a lot I love about Benjamin Linus (and even more that I love about Michael Emerson. That Emmy didn’t win itself). Maybe he should be under “Best Baddie” but really he’s so much more than that. A pawn in some crazy game between good and evil.


1. Richard Alpert – Mr. Guyliner himself. I loved Richard. I loved trying to figure out who he was, why he didn’t age, how was he affiliated with Ben and why, and then to find out he’s actually more affiliated with Jacob and the Man in Black. He was a man of many mysteries and that’s what I liked most about him.

2. Daniel Faraday – This is a character that I wish would’ve been on the plane just because I hate how few episodes he was actually in. I mean, I get it, but seeing him more (even if it meant a small plot re-write) would’ve been spectacular. His episode, “The Variable” was crazy good. The only thing that bothered me about Daniel was that the actor, Jeremy Davies, played Charles Manson in a made for TV movie so I inherently thought he would ultimately be a bad guy and didn’t really trust him until much further into his time on the series.

3. Mr. Eko – I already mentioned my love for Mr. Eko so I’ll just reiterate that yes, I’m a big fan.

Honerable Mention – Rose and Bernard! Oh and also Miles. And obviously Jacob/The Man in Black 


1. Jack – Ugh. I hated Jack. Cry baby, boring plot lines, obsessed with his father, all of the 1 million times we got to hear him say “Live Together or Die Alone” – ok, I get it! I hated that he was such an integral part of the show. I kind of wish he’d just closed his eyes around Season 2, and never opened them again.

2. Kate – I didn’t totally hate Kate, I just hated all of her “centric” episodes (you realize she had 10 centric episodes!). None of them would’ve been anywhere close to a favorite episode. She just drove me nuts for so many reasons. And how on earth was she dating Charlie in real life? That never made sense to me. This article sums up my reasons quite nicely. The only thing I hated more than Kate, was Kate with Jack. She totally should’ve stayed with Sawyer.

3. Radzinsky – Yes the guy did a really good job at making me hate him, but not in a good way like Ethan or Ben.


1. Ethan Rom – Ethan still scares me when I see him on TV (he appears in a lot of guest roles on TV shows – Criminal Minds I remember specifically). Heebeejeebee’s in FULL effect! When he was all soaking wet, really all the scenes of him and Claire, he was just so eerily creepy in the perfect creepy person way!

2. Sawyer – You can’t not think Sawyer is a bad guy. I mean, yes, he had good moments and ultimately was good, but you also have to admit that for a lot of the season, he was the resident “bad guy” of the Oceanic group. But he played bad SOOO well! And of these bad guys he was definitely the hottest! Case in point – Him, Kate and the polar bear cage. Hotness.

3. Keamy – He killed a girl he wasn’t supposed to kill, among all the other bad things he did, which I imagine were probably worse than even Sayid, no? But really he gets ultimate baddie for killing Alex. What a douche.

Honorable Mention – Mikhail aka Patchy aka the guy that wouldn’t die. 


1. I’ve looked into the eye of this Island, and what I saw was beautiful
– John Locke White Rabbit

2.   Don’t mistake coincidence for fate
– Mr. Eko What Kate Did

3.   It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.
– Jacob The Incident



1. Caesar: You know him?
Locke: He’s the man who killed me.
The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham   

2. Ben: What about me?
Jacob: What about you?
The Incident

3. Sawyer: You know what I think, Ali? I think you’ve never actually tortured anybody in your life.
Sayid: Unfortunately for us both, you are wrong.
      Confidence Man


1. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not one of them, huh? You guys got any milk?
– Ben Linus The Whole Truth

2. A twelve-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I’m doing?
– Sayid Jarrah, He’s Our You

3. I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick.
– Bernard to Eko, S.O.S.

And that’s it! Well, of the “Top 3” Questions. Hope you liked what I had to write. I’d be interested in hearing what everyone else thinks of some of these Top 3 and their own Top 3!

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