Garden 2013: A Month Later

So, I previously posted about all the stuff we did the get the garden ready this year and what we’d planted up to that point. It looked like this:

Of course we didn’t stop there and have since added quite a bit more! First, there were the things we were planning on doing. We knew we still wanted Sweet Potatoes like we had last year, and those come out later than most of the other plants. We also wanted to add a few flowers around the house where we could.

So that’s about what half the garden was looking like in early May. If you saw the peppers, you may remember our “inside pepper” that we started from seed inside, this is him now! He’s our little inside pepper.


He’s still hanging in there and is very VERY slowly getting bigger. I’ve got high hopes for him! Go I.P.!! You can do it!

The final work for that weekend was mostly some decor related things. First and foremost, I found the best thing that I’ve ever found in a Goodwill. Especially my Goodwill which can be especially sucky. Let me introduce you to my yellow planter.


We planted a rhododendron and some little fuchsia plants by the front door and they are literally my favorite thing to look at. I just love the happy yellow color! The fuchsia will probably look a little better when they bloom but for now I am just so enamored with the yellow that I feel the flowers would only distract me.

Oh and speaking of flowers, I also made a wreath for the front door (I may or may not have been influenced by the yellow). Bright and Cheerful. Just how I like to describe my Spring!


Here’s one final view of the garden as of Mid-May. I’ll update more once the garden gets bigger (which is is everyday thanks to all this rain).


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