It’s Springtime Again!

This post was written on 4/28/13. 

I write, as we’re about to get another FROST (ugh, enough already, seriously weather).

So we’ve spent all but one weekend, from April 6th up to today, working on this garden. This god-foresaken, beautiful, now 2.5 times as large, garden. Let’s recap shall we?

So when we moved in, our flowerbed looked like this:


In 2010, not a lot happened. I’m pretty sure we were still moving in (disregard the fact that it was 6 mos. after we moved in, that crap takes time!)

Then in 2011, we had the infamous failure known as the backyard bucket garden:


Not a single tomato was eaten (because none grew). We wisened up in 2012 and tried out the garden in the decidedly less shady, front yard:


Like I said, it was a successful year. Unfortunately, it was a little too successful and ended up looking a little something like this:


Thusly, we decided if we’re going to attempt this gardening thing again, 2 things were certain, we would need more space, and to learn that tomatoes just don’t grow for us unless they’re cherry sized, so stop even trying!

Well, I’m happy to say that we listened to ourselves on one account and in about 6 weeks our garden went from 200 sq. ft.,  to almost 400 sq. ft!

For scale, here’s my almost 6′ self laying down in the garden area! Check out all that space!


So, I thought it would be fun to show you a little picture show of how the garden progressed and is looking now that we’ve got it all ready for grow stuff, and growing stuff it is! Here’s the first video I’ve ever created, aka – Week 1 of our Garden Project!

We didn’t quite get to that whole “moving the stones” part because damn, we were pooped. But, we toughed it out, and finished it kind of piecemeal over a couple of days. And we took that large pile of stones into a respectable little flower bed. Or should I call it an azalea bed, since that’s all that’s in there?




Disregard how finished the garden looks in this picture. I’m not good at taking pictures in order. Sorry.

Anyway… After moving all the azaleas and laying out the structure of the garden, we moved onto Week 2.

The other “first” we had this year was to start from seed (as you may have seen in that first video). We’d started from the aerogarden before, but this year we decided to try it the more traditional way… key words being “to try” because it was kind of an epic fail, but we’re still hoping for a better result. While we ultimately decided to buy plants, and plant some seeds directly into the ground (the peas, cucumbers and green beans) which has been working just fine. We hope we haven’t completely failed at that whole “start inside from seed” plans. The herbs are still in the little pods in hopes that they’ll grow stronger and be able to be planted, but we aren’t holding our breath!

This picture below was our first attempt with our grown from seed plants. Except those healthy looking plants in the front. Those are eggplants that we bought. Everything else was basically the size of a small weed.


This was the day after we planted them and you can tell they were just wilting completely and entirely too small… it was really bad. So after a few days we admitted failure (well, not complete failure, but a definite non-success). So we went out and got some new guys (but we kept a lone pepper plant that seemed to be doing ookaaay so we decided to just leave it and see what happens) and planted them. This is a week later with the daffodils out and all the new plants in.

I’ll bring in a more current update soon 🙂

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