American Idol – We Have a Winner!

So much to talk about this post literally took me most of the day to write (in between work, obviously, employers!)

Glad You Came – Top 10

So right out of the gate we had the performance of “Glad You Came” and it was pretty good. It was the first of 2 points in the show where it seemed blatantly obvious that the Producers wanted Angie to be in the finale. They might’ve given up on Amber being in it, but it was clearly far enough into the planning to think that Angie was a shoo-in. I mean, I realize all 10 kids performed, but all I saw was Angie (shining bright like a Diamond) Another thing I noticed. Why do they always wear all white? People didn’t believe me when I said it happens all the time but a quick google image search gave me this:



So there.

Done – The Band Perry and Janelle Arthur

How I never knew who The Band Perry was until about 45 days ago is beyond me. Their music is great and they’re so much fun. I just wonder, well, it bothers me, that this amount of enthusiasm, as great as it was, I feel like it was more enthusiasm in one performance than I’ve seen in like, the last 5 weeks? All the kicking, and the head banging? I loved all of it. This performance really made me miss Janelle. Of the Top 5 girls I’m sure she’d be described as the fun one. She’s definitely the one I would want to be friends with (although Kree wouldn’t be too far behind). And of the people who performed with other singers, this and Angies were by far my favorite! And they were my favorites because while they were definitely great singers, they were just FUN to watch, too!

Frankie Valli Medley with the Top 5 Boys

At first I thought this performance was kind of lame, and then I was waiting for the Fugees to come out (I mean, they have debts that need paying off. Did they not show up because they’re all in jail? Are they in jail? One of them must be… but I digress because…) then they started playing the theme song from Grease and all was right with the world. I don’t know if it was good or bad because I was too busy texting my friend Jess because it’s our movie. Swoon!

Next to Me – Emeli Sande and Amber Holcomb

This performance convinced me that no one has sung Emeli Sande better than Emeli Sande. I liked her performance of this song better than Candice AND Amber. You know, because Candice sang it LAST WEEK! What is with this season and the repeat performances? How limited WAS their song selection? And how few song to said artists have? Is it really just 2? Ambers performance just made me remember that the only thing I really liked about her was her crying Daddy. And her legs. Girls got some gams. I can’t deny it. Oh, and in honor of my self inflicted drinking game, Candice did it better than Amber #drink.

Inseparable – J.Hud and Candice Glover

I can’t say this was my favorite performance of the night because I just tend to lean toward the more fun performances, but man these two could duet 1,000 more times and I wouldn’t get tired of it. It was just magic, and Candice was so good at holding her own against Jennifer, but at the same time they just complimented each other so well. It was a fantastic combination and I was glad Idol picked her to sing with Candice. I don’t know who they would’ve picked (since Candice already got to meet Drake), but I thought this was a really good choice.


Titanium – Adam Lambert and Angie Miller
Domino – Jessie J and Angie Miller 

“She shocked the country?” Ryan? Really? More like, the country shocked her, when she didn’t make it into the finale. Lord knows I thought she had it in the bag. But after these two performances, let’s all be real for a minute here. I think this was the point where you undoubtedly realized that the producers were even more certain than I, that Angie was making it to the finale. I mean, she gets 2 songs/performances, with some big names. They clearly had a lot planned for her. Maybe this is just her consolation for not being a contestant in the finale? Probably. I thought her performance with Adam Lambert was amazeballs. It was way better than anyone else of the night in my opinion. Excellent song choice, good amount of energy for a not really fast song. As for the performance with Jessie J, which was good in its own right, but all I could see was everyone on twitter with this little trending topic:


In case you don’t know who Amber Rose is… here.

Where the Black Top Ends – Keith Urban and Kree Harrison (and Randy Jackson)

Don’t you just wish you could call Randy, “The Bass Player”? Like in That Thing You Do where even in the credits the bass player doesn’t have a name. I just wish Randy was a nameless bass player. Unfortunately we have to hear him talk and his “opinions”. Barf. I digress… So Kree was pretty great. I started thinking that maybe she could win. She seemed so in touch with Keith and they played together so well. It’s crazy how different she can be from Candice but still so good in her own right. I just wish she would’ve done more of these songs throughout the season (although it’s hard to say if they ever even gave her the chance with the themes this year).

And then it was time for the winner to be announced, and this beautiful moment happened:


I mean, how can someone be so beautiful/adorable/surprised all at the same time? She just looked so beautiful in that moment. And Kree looked so genuinely happy for her that it was just that much sweeter. I mean those two girls were just so sweet. So sweet!

Congratulations Candice! You deserve it!!

Just to briefly talk about some of the packages in between sets, and the “Non-Idol Contestant Performers”:

I absolutely loved the “Girls Sabotage the Boys” bit. First when they were making fun of Curtis’ Fresh Prince jacket (and Randy’s sense of style by proxy) and then when Jordin Sparks announced that “well none of them played guitar” – funny but SO TRUE!! Oh and how American Idol rejects do well on the voice? Burn, much? lol.

The talk about the judges was about what you’d expect but thank you so much Contestants for acknowledging how STUPID Randy’s “In it to Win It” catch phrase is. I felt slightly vindicated!

The final montage for Randy, well, it really just reminded me what a whore he is for the camera, and what terrible clothing choices he’s made throughout the seasons. I will say though Randy, thanks for not conforming and wearing something one might consider “normal” on your final night. This was like your homage to the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, no?


Now as for the judges performances (and former judges, and weird asian pop stars)


#Beautiful Medley – Mariah Carey

Not to be outdone by the Idols, Mizz Carey also decided to wear white ala a feather dress that would’ve driven me NUTS had I had to wear it. Was it just me or were the feathers totally distracting? And to pre-record your performance? You’re on a show about singing, where you’re a judge, and yes, sure, you’ve proven you can sing (in the past) but shouldn’t you be singing live to this? All I wanted was Mariah (well, besides to maybe lose the feathers) was to have an Ashlee Simpson moment. No such luck, but just as much fake singing. Probably fake bass playing too **cough** Randy **cough**. It also made me wonder if we’d be seeing Randy in all the performances he was allowed in (I’ll give you a hint – YES).

Let’s just talk about those other performances too while we’re at it. Psy – tragic. That guy is like, everything that William Hung wishes he was. Why he was even on the show was beyond me. J.Lo, another lip-synced performance, no? At least with all the dancing it was harder to tell. But J.Lo, can we both just agree that you are NO Pink? I mean, Pink and her Aerial Acrobats and Overall Amazingness is no match for that weird Rings from out of the Sky thing you had going on. Finally, Keith, props to you. Not only did you sing live, but you played an instrument at the same time! These performances by the “pros” had me worried that no one sings live anymore.

If you want a good reminder of the highs and lows of this season, here you go!

It’s been a pleasure to write about yet another season and against my better judgment, I’ll be back again next season. Until then, we have my guilty pleasure summer TV shows to get through 🙂

I’ll be updating this post when I get home with the results of the pool so expect them in a few hours (after 8:00pm EST)


Ok I know I said I’d be back same day but I got busy. So, in turn, I have glorified the winner of this year, that much more. You’re welcome, winner!

So, the weekly winner were Kathy and Wendy, the only two people to pick Candice as the winner, from the beginning! Congratulations ladies!


And now, for the winner of the Season 12 Idol Pool!

The results are in, and they look like this…



And just in case you were confused at all,



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