The Idol Finale – Which She Will it Be?

Lets just start with what I really want to talk about (and in all seriousness this might just deserve it’s own post altogether) but we need to talk about the elephant in the room.

The elephants name is Randy Jackson!




Yes folks, the dawg is going back to the pound.

He’s out and with his exit after 12 long seasons, the worst of any judge ever to appear on the Idol stage, leaves a legacy of terrible judgment, awful clothing choices, and the the ability to create some of the worst catch phrases in the history of the word “Catch Phrase”. To say I’m glad to see him go is an understatement. Unlike when Paula and Simon left (because really those were the only judges I was sad to see go), Randy leaving fills me with about as much emotion as when any of the other judges left – which is none. I just really hope that his leaving doesn’t take away from whoever wins tonight. That will make me sad.

Randy, I’ve never liked you. So thanks for leaving. Go back to doing nothing but name dropping who you worked with in the 80s.

It does make me curious as to who they will keep as far as the remaining judges. The only ones I think I’d want them to keep are Keith and Nicki. And really, I’d pick Keith over Nicki at this point in the competition. I do wish Nicki could somehow only do the tour where the pick the contestants because she was great for me then. It’s just the live shows and her “favorites” that bother me. I guess if it came down to it, I’d just say that either the show should be cancelled, or the judges panel should just be wiped clean and picked fresh! Although, if the slate were wiped clean, imagine all the people who tried out before, who would try out again because maybe they’d have a different set of circumstances ala Candice Glover, if none of the judges had seen them perform before. That’s a scary thought but it would probably make for some super awesome audition episodes. So if nothing else, I’ll hold out hope for that!

Ok so now let’s talk about last night.

AMERICAN IDOL: Angie Miller. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

Do I think Candice deserved to be in the finale?

Do I think Kree is a better singer than Angie?

Do I think Kree deserved to be in the finale more than Angie?
Le Sigh…. I think the answer is no.

This season, while it has given me what I want in the strong field of female contestants, hasn’t given me what I want as far as entertainment is concerned, all season. It’s been boring, lackluster, and not focused enough on a solid set of theme nights/song choices. I feared with Angie gone it would be one of the more boring finale’s in Idol history. And while yes, it did have some good performances, overall, all I can say is that I’m glad it was only an hour!

Having the show be an hour long was so refreshing. I still had so much of my night left. It was lovely. I felt like the show was mostly singing, little judge commentary, and lots of emotion. All things I’m fond of.

As far as the performances I didn’t think either had a single “bad” performance. I thought Candice was better, for sure, on every round. That’s pretty obvious though. Candice is just better than Kree. But in Kree’s defense, I thought that “Angels” was kind of a terrible song choice, while “Chasing Pavements” was a fantastic choice (to me, who loves that song, while the aforementioned song just reminds me of dogs being at the pound – shout out to Randy?). I still thought Kree did a great job and sang wonderfully, but I think Candice was better (which is how all 3 paragraphs about  the song choices, will end). I should start a drinking game where you have to drink every time I say that Candice was better. You’ll get at least 4 drinks out of this post!

As for the “Coronation Songs” unless your name is Kelly Clarkson, or Phillip Phillips, your Coronation song SUCKED. I’ve never liked the song. I mean, at least they get their own song unlike, was it Clay Aikens season, where they both got the same song? That was worse. But overall, the Coronation songs are just bad. As for Kree’s, I thought it was sad but it fit Kree. She’s an emotional person and she sings so well when there’s that emotion behind it. Case in point, her Here Comes Goodbye performance from last week. I just feel bad that if you had to describe all the songs Kree has performed well on the show, they’re all depressing and sad. Just the title, “All Cried Out”? I mean, come on. She seems like a bubbly/lovable person in real life so why not give us that through a better song choice. I do wonder how much say the Contestants have in picking the Coronation song? Probably not much at all, I imagine.

Now, Candice’s song (yes, it was better). I liked the lyrics of “I Am Beautiful”. I liked the message, and I loved Candice’s delivery. She felt that song where I think Kree was lacking in that connection. I did think though, that the producers gave her a song that could have actually been sung in Church, no? It sounded like a soulful Gospel song to me. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but I mean, I don’t know, I guess I just hate how they keep calling her a church girl when she is SO.MUCH.MORE than that! I did like the song though. Will it be a Top 10 hit? Probably not if I’m being honest, but it was a good song. And I liked the message, as long as it’s about a lovah, and not about Jesus.

I really wish they’d just been allowed to sing another song of their choice because I hate when songs are done over and over on Idol. Why they would want a repeat performance is a little beyond me. Especially for the very LAST performance of the “voting season”. That being said, I think both of the songs picked for “Favorite Performance” was exactly what I would’ve picked for both of them. Although, if Candice had picked the John Legend song, I wouldn’t have complained. If they were at all equals throughout this episode, it was during this performance. You could just see that both ladies left everything on the table with those final performances and they were beautiful each, in their own ways.  Kree was just perfection from her look to her voice and the way she sings just completely shining on the stage. Candice though, she is just epic. She is a once in a life time voice to me. I’ve heard “I (Who Have Nothing)” 6 too many times on Idol, but I could listen to Candice sing it on loop for HOURS. It’s just majestic. I’m also a SUCKER for a cappella. Sometimes I never want the band/background singers to kick in and in this case I don’t think I even noticed them. Candice had me mesmerized!

So with that, we’ll see what happens in the finale but as for me, I voted for Candice. Multiple times.


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