Idols Go Home – The Emotional Roller Coaster


Ok so who else cried for over half the night? I mean, some were tears of joy, some where legit crying, some were just because once you start crying, the right commercial just sets you off all over again (I’m looking at YOU Sarah McLachlan). This point in the competition was destined to be my favorite part, for a multitude of reasons.

For one, the contestants weren’t picking their own songs so I had a feeling (and certainly I was hoping) for a better selection of song choices. I think on the whole I was satisfied.

Secondly, the home visits. Gah… It’s that whole “parents crying because they’re so excited” and don’t even get me started on Kree’s home visit. Angie’s home visit didn’t make me cry at all because I don’t feel like she had the same emotional connection as the other two contestants, but I was glad she went in the middle because had Candice and Kree gone back to back in that section, it probably would’ve looked something like this…


What happens when you google image “Ugly Cry” – and props to Tobey Maguire for being the only guy!

I’m just going to make an overall statement about the judging tonight, rather than comment on the judging in the review, but for me the judges were just kind of…


Was it just me or was their “judgment” barely a review at all? They just talked about future concerts, walking around in flats instead of heels, and crying a lot. The crying a lot, I get, totally (see above). But the entire episode in general, was devoid in judging. Maybe it’s because they know it’s not up to them anyway so at this point why give them critiques on the singing? I guess that’s possible. Not quite logical but I guess I get it. Oh, and why was Mariah wearing a crop top? Mariah, 1992 called, they want their fashion back. So, with that said, I thought that rather than talk in order, I’d just go by Contestant.



Kree Harrison 

Jimmy’s Choice – Pink, “Perfect” – I think we can all agree this wasn’t the song of the night for Kree but I understood why Jimmy picked it. He wanted to see Kree try pop and put her country twang on it, and obviously it didn’t completely work. It was still a great performance (I think of all 9 performances there were none that I hated). If I’d known that was the song Kree had been assigned by Jimmy, I would’ve thought she’d make it into some kind of sad lovesong in a country style. I think the judges would’ve like that a LOT. Instead she pretty much sang it as is and it was what it was. Nothing fantastic, probably the worst (of the 9 good performances) of the night, for me, for Randy, for me. I think I was mostly just upset that she made a fun song, kind of boring, and I really didn’t want this night to be boring. It was just a good pick of a song, gone wrong.

Hometown Visit – Yeah, that Emotional Rollercoaster hit every peak and valley with Kree’s home visit. From seeing the joy at Kree getting to see her sister, to the dilapidated house she used to live in, I mean, I know there was a rodeo or something but I was having trouble seeing through the tears at this point in the episode. God it was bad.  I think part of the emotional part for me was really knowing in my head that Kree is going home tomorrow. Do I want her to go home? Not necessarily, but would I choose her to go home of the 3 left, yes. That doesn’t take anything away from any of her performances, it’s just knowledge of the voting pool and who I think is getting the chop. But, dare I say this was probably one of the most emotional home visits in Idol history. I can’t think of one that made me tear up more. And how do you lose your parents in 2 different accidents? How horrible! And so sad. I’d be scared to even leave my house if I’d gone through what Kree and her sister have been through! It makes me appreciate her strength and well-roundedness that much more.

crying jess

Like, crying Jess bad.

Judges’ Choice – Rascal Flatts, “Here Comes Goodbye” – Ug, and it was like the judges (Nikki mostly) know she’s going home as well. I don’t think it’s totally fair for me to even comment on this song because really I don’t think I heard much of it over the sound of my tears and my blurry eyes making me have to go assemble myself in the bathroom, but from what I heard, I’m pretty sure it was great and that she won the round, so we’re just gonna go with that! Yey Kree! Excellent job with that whole emotional connection thing. I feel like my eyes are burning a little just thinking about it again. lol. #imabigsap #crier4life. And incidentally Jimmy gives this round to Kree too, so I can’t be totally off, right?

Producers’ Pick – The Band Perry, “Better Dig Two” – I really wanted Kree to sing this EXACT The Band Perry song, last week for the “Now and Then” theme! Needless to say, I was very excited to see the producers pick that song for her. They must read my blog. Thanks for being one of the 50 regular viewers of this little bloggy blog. hahahaha. A girl can dream 🙂 Anyway, as I thought she would last week if she had sung this song, I thought she rocked this one! It was the right kind of country/rock/pop that the Pink song just wasn’t. I thought it was a great note for her to end on for the evening, and possibly the season. A lot of people wished she’d got more of a song that forces you to sing as opposed to kind of a rock song, but I still think this was a great song pick and I thought she did a great job.

Kree, you’ve performed amazingly well and I wish you all the best in the world! I hope you get inducted into the Grand Ol’ Opry and I hope you’re on stage at the Grammy’s at some point in your life! As I mentioned above, I’m relatively certain you’ll be out less than 24 hours from now, but I don’t think that takes away from anything you’ve done up to this point. Be proud of yourself!

Now lets move on to who I think will be our Top 02 of American Idol Season 12!


Angie Miller 

Jimmy’s Choice – Elton John, “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” – Ok I know I said I wouldn’t say anything about the judges after that first paragraph but I just have to bitch for a minute. I just have to say that I’m so over the judges always wanting Angie at the piano. She’s not a pianist that can sing, she’s a SINGER that happens to play the piano very well. And if she really wants to make a name for herself, even if it’s in the vein of Alicia Keys who’s as the piano a lot, she still has to prove herself without the piano. Not to mention, she had to learn 3 freaking songs. If she doesn’t have time to learn the piano accompaniment, she doesn’t have the time. Wouldn’t you rather she know the song and sing that well? Sometimes I think the judges answer to that question is “No”. Do I think it would’ve been a killer song for her to be at the piano? Sure. Do I think that’s what Jimmy wanted? Yes but I think of the 3 songs in that first group, Angie won that round for me (and for Jimmy). Even with what I consider a definitely boring song choice.

Hometown Visit – Angie’s hometown visit didn’t really do anything for me. It was nice to see her with her friends and family but even when she was cuddling her cat, it just seemed like something she was doing for the cameras. She doesn’t give me an emotional connection to her hometown like Candice and Kree did. And was it just me or was she wearing the same outfit she wore to help out the weatherman, that she was wearing on the Idol stage last night? You couldn’t find another shirt? Come on Ang!

Judges’ Choice – Pink, “I Try” – I loved all the love that Pink was getting. There’s a girl who would have her own theme night! I think overall, this was the song that Angie forgot to practice. It was ok but lackluster at best. It’s most definitely the least memorable of the 3 she sang in the evening. Oh and Randy, no one cares that you know the guy who wrote that song. Thanks for that little bit of terrible commentary though.

Producers’ Pick – Emeli Sande, “Maybe” – I guess I need to start listening to some Emeli Sande. Although, after the two of her songs tonight, I think maybe I’m good because they were some of the more boring songs of the night to me. I do think this was the right song to do at the piano. Take a song people don’t know as well as the other songs she sang last night, and do it at the piano to appease the judges.  While it seemed to give the judges everything they wanted from her (good timing) it just didn’t do that for me. I didn’t think she outshined either of her competitors on tonights show. Will she go on? Hell yes she will, but does she deserve it based solely on tonights performances? Probably not. But that’s ok. I’d still pick her to move on based on her over all performance record so in that regard I’m ok with her moving forward. Not to mention, she just seems like she’d have the fun kind of show I’d want to go see!


Candice Glover

Jimmy’s Choice – U2, “One” – Ok so if Angie won round 1, Candice was still a super close second. I’m not sure how she didn’t know this song (not because I think she should know U2 songs but she seems like she’d be a big Mary J fan and would know the song that way). I did think that, had Amber been on the show still, that Candice talking about wanting to take the time to learn what the song was about, would be a clever little dig at Miss Amber, but I guess it’s just a statement of fact at this point since Amber isn’t anywhere to be found. Although the judges have said stuff about Kree and her emotional connection to songs, so maybe that’s it. I doubt it though. But anyway, as far as the performance there were maybe a few off notes but overall I thought it was great. Her worst of the night, probably, but better to have your worst song first, right? Right.

Hometown visit – This was a crier for me also, but unlike Kree it was more of a happy cry. All the times that people say Candice doesn’t seem sincere or “nice” can take a back seat after looking at her home visit. I think it proved more than anything to date, that she’s just a shy girl and she’s most at home and comfortable and nice/friendly when she’s in her home environment. I think what made me cry for Candice is just because when people are really composed and strong, and then you see them kind of break, and get emotional, it’s 10x’s more emotional than someone who’s already a crier, getting weepy eyed. And seriously, how cute was her family??

Judges’ Pick – Emeli Sand, “Next to Me” – I didn’t know this song. I didn’t love this song and thought it was a slightly boring choice, but there’s no denying that Candice sang the heck out of it. It’s so funny to me when she talks about how insecure she was and how Idol has helped her come out of her shell. I can tell she’s a shy person, that’s not hard to see, but she sings with such confidence. She makes you believe if nothing else, that she’s bursting with confidence. I’m glad she has it now though. As barfy as I get every time Mariah cries, to see Nikki get emotional talking about Candice, well that got me emotional all over again (I think it’s that same “people you don’t often see cry” thing).

Producers Pick – Somewhere from the musical West Side Story – Really, it’s like the judges just read my mind and knew exactly what was going to bring on the final bout of water works! I mean come on! When Maria is holding Tony in her arms as he’s dying…


Needless to say, this song had me a hot mess! I loved the performance, I loved the band, I loved Candice, I loved life and breathing and crying and music and everything. I wanted to throw a shoe at my TV I loved it so much. I loved it SO SO SO MUCH. I have hope that overall, if Candice doesn’t win, it won’t be because she wasn’t the best singer, it’ll just be because mindless 12 year old girls who worship Miley Cyrus and their weirdo mothers are the ones who vote for these things. But Candice will be the Jennifer Hudson of this season if she doesn’t win, I can promise you that! After this performance, which the judges agree, won the night – Candice is not only In it to Win It, she hands down won it for me last night. Love.Love.Love.

Now, as for who is going to win this whole thing after watching tonights episode?


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