Top 04 – Now and Then

Was it just me or was it terrible to do the Now first? I really wanted them to finish with the now. Mostly so that I knew I’d stay awake! After all, watching the show start at 10… ugh. A night owl, I am not. After actually watching the show, I still don’t get it. I didn’t think the performances of either group were any better than the other. Oh well, it is what it is.

So, before we start talking about the episode, I have to bring up something I saw on Facebook the other day. American Idol’s page was posting a baby picture of all the contestants, and we’re gonna need to take a minute to discuss at least one in particular. I’ll let you guess which one I’m talking about…
I mean really, who submitted the pictures? Did they submit a group of pictures and the producers picked the ones they like the most? I mean, if I were the particular Idol contestant that had that particular picture submitted I would’ve got into a screaming match with my parents. How is that picture even allowed to see the light of day? Is it possible it was one of the better pictures? If you can’t guess, I’m talking about our dear little ladybug, Angie.

If that’s not the worst picture of her ever taken, I don’t know what is. Maybe her parents just have a really good sense of humor? Or maybe they want people to see how hard she had to work to become as beautiful as she is? I just don’t know, but that picture is just god awful/hilarious/terrible/hilarious all at the same time. Even the picture they use of her for the “now” picture is terrible. It highlights her worst features. Get a picture with her new hair, or where her teeth don’t look like one giant tooth. And is it just me or does she look borderline cross-eyed?  For such a pretty girl the person taking/editing the pictures sure did a great job ruining that look. I mean I look at those pictures and I just think…

Ok I’m done now. Promise. Let’s move onto the performances of the evening… So after my guesses of what the songs the contestants would sing, it turned out I was right a fair amount, just wrong about who would be singing them! I’ll take half right. Yeah baby!

Angie Miller – Diamonds 

“You’re pointing at me because you recognize me”
– Reasons I love Harry Connick, Jr.

I feel like if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Angies version was just how the song was. Where Rihanna doesn’t really have the voice of a singer at all times, I thought this was really musical.. er… um… ok that sounded dumb. But I mean, you get my drift right? I was in agreement with Keith in that I was waiting for some more melody, but even without that, I thought it was great. I didn’t get the “bland/lackluster” comments but I’ll agree it wasn’t my completely favorite piano performance. The one time she tried to hit that one like, belter of a note, it fell a little off. Maybe a lot off, so I think that’s mostly what was missing. Also, is it just me or is her hair getting better with every episode? I felt like she was giving me a lot of “Sheryl Crow” tonight.

Amber Holcomb – Just Give Me a Reason

Was anyone else hoping/dreaming that Amber would just completely screw up the lyrics and start humming? I’m sure I wasn’t alone! I wouldn’t say that Amber sang this poorly by any means, but if you see an artist like Pink performing her songs, I mean, the passion just wasn’t there for me. I think this is just another example of the judges swooning about how Rihanna and Beyonce better watch out, while the rest of the world looks at that same performance and think, “what???”. Pink (like her fellow current divas) puts so much into every performance that this just seemed lacking to me. There’s nothing left for her to give at the end of her shows. Check out this performance (below) and tell me, who’s the star here? Personally I think it’s pretty obvious. I actually think that Randy had a half decent point that the fun kind of gets lost and the fear kids in at this point in the competition. That being said, it’s not going to change anything. Fifth judge Michael Slezak also brought up a good point that with every performance Amber sings, it’s never re-imagined, it’s never reinvented. It’s always exactly as it is on the radio. She just lacks a creativity with her music. Maybe that’s why the producers like her? Because she’ll just perform however anyone tells her to?

Candice Glover – When I Was Your Man

Man, I almost picked this song for Candice but the whole “man” thing threw me off so I didn’t suggest it. Clearly it threw everyone else off too because I felt like they talked about that more than anything regarding an actual critique of her. Interesting little tidbit, I saw on twitter that Candice was legally obligated to not change the lyrics to be from a female point of view. It didn’t bother me at all personally, but I could understand Harry saying it would be a little odd.
I thought Candice’s version of the Bruno Mars song was stellar. If anyone would ever doubt (and I certainly don’t) that Candice is a better performer than Amber? Well, I hope you were shown the light tonight because that performance was just a million times better than Ambers performance. I was happy that Nicki acknowledged her this week and gave her the props she deserves. The after the fact Standing O, rubbed me in every wrong way possible.

Kree Harrison – See You Again

Ok I guess Kree went with the somewhat obvs country girl of the moment, Carrie Underwood. Would it kill someone to just sing a little Kacey Musgraves this season? I think I listen to her whole CD from beginning to end at least every other day. Seeing the title “See You Again” just makes me think of that Adele song “Don’t You Remember”. It’s probably my favorite or second favorite Adele song. I guess it’s too bad she was mostly 2012 hits because Kree could kill that song, I think.
I wanted Candice to be my favorite performance of the night just for the redemption factor (and if we’re talking both performances, she totally was), but Kree just sang the hell out of that song. I actually don’t really know the Carrie Underwood song except for when she sang it a few weeks ago on Idol but I thought this was so much better. Maybe it was the Ooos that Harry mentioned leaving out? I don’t know, but this was amazing. If the judges were looking for that emotional connection, they got it in loads! I think, and I hate to bring up backstories but at the point in the competition we already know they’re good, and I’m not bringing it up to say I feel sorry for Kree by any means, but with all the lost she’s had in her life, it kind of makes sense to see the connection she has to this song. No? I mean, I was certainly emotionally connected and I know I wasn’t the only one just get a touch misty eyed for this performance. It was all over twitter.


Angie Miller – Someone to Watch Over Me

I LOVE this song. I have the “Ella Sings Gershwin” cd and this was my favorite from the CD. I might’ve even d/l the cd because of that song. I also love that scene from Mr. Hollands Opus when Rowena sings it.

Angie’s performance didn’t totally bring me to that place that Rowena did, but I did think it was good. The only thing was that I felt the gentleness of the song was lost on Angie. This isn’t a power ballad, nor should it be. I think Angie wanted it to be and it just wasn’t working for me. But, I freaking loved her dress, so there’s that.

Amber Holcomb – My Funny Valentine

Ok so with Amber, it was like Harry was just not understanding how Amber couldn’t get that she didn’t really know what she was singing about. Harry is so right though. You have to know what you’re singing about. So many lesser idol contestants had that exact problem and were voted off really early on. I did feel bad for her though, having to sing after what was a somewhat rough critique by Harry, but it wasn’t really anything Amber wasn’t told in the critique so it’s not like she didn’t realize it was coming. Seeing Ambers dad watching, and crying though, omg. Don’t show a dad crying!! At this time of night that crap gets to me! The performance was really good so I can’t really complain about anything except that Amber, dear, YOU SANG THAT SONG ALREADY. Come on!! Blerg. I know you weren’t singing it on the live Idol stage but still, it’s a performance we’ve seen.

Candice Glover – You’ve Changed

I don’t even want to type sometimes when Candice is singing. Yeah, this whole theme is blah to me, but Candice just has one of those Ella voices where you don’t want to stop listening, it doesn’t matter what she’s singing. At least for me. I just want to know, what does Nicki have against Candice? She was such the champion of Candice early on in the competition but I just don’t see that passion for her anymore. Even in the standing ovation, everyone seemed to jump right up and clap, and Nicki kind of just stood up because everyone else did. I don’t understand it. A great performance is a great performance. And thanks Randy, it wouldn’t be a show if you didn’t drop some names on us, but I’m sure Miles Davis appreciates it?

Kree Harrison – Stormy Weather 

I’ll just say that I liked her performance, it wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t hate it by any means, and I don’t think it was the worst of the night by any stretch. Oh, and also, and her dress made her look like a tall drink of water. That’s the phrase right? As I wrote it, it looks wrong to me.
I do worry about Kree getting the votes though because all I am going to remember is Randy and Harry fighting to the point of completely awkwardness, but maybe also hilarious? Only hilarious because of Harry, obvs. I did agree with Harry though, only because I believe that Randy is constantly contradictory and I’ll take anyone calling him out on that.

Finally, that last song… Little Mix’s Wings…

um no1
and a little
no no no
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