Another Top 04 – Predicting Now and Then

So, I’m not going to think about what I want them to sing from the “Then” category because in all honesty, this has been a season of “then” and I don’t support the theme at all, in general. The “Now”, now that I can get behind. It was difficult finding songs popular in 2013. First of all, if you look at all the songs featured in the Billboard Hot 1oo, it looks something like this:


And of that list of 32 songs, I know about a third of them. And half of those are songs you know they aren’t going to be singing anytime soon (Gangnam Style anyone?). So, I had to expand my search. Sure, I could see Candice banging out an amazing rendition of Locked Out of Heaven and I’d love to see Angie try Heart Attack, but I don’t think that’s what the breakdown was going to look like. So then I checked out the Billboard 200 – which lists the popular albums, which opens up SOOO many more options!  Too many, really. But, within the list, I think I found a good mix of options for all the contestants. I picked 3 options for everyone. You’re welcome. As for the “then” selections, check out the master of selections.


Candice Glover

Alabama Shakes – I mean, she could duet with that lead singer alllll day! 

Justin Timberlake – Because she has this kind of style.

I can’t find a good song for her to sing but I think she’d kill some Bruno Mars and he’s been in the Top 10 albums the most of anyone this season, so someone oughtta sing it! Since I don’t have a particular song so I’ll just put this one here because I love it.

Kree Harrison

Kacey Musgraves – I’m just dying for someone to sing some of her. I love her so much. Can she just be on Idol and win please? I wish I could listen to her every week!

or this one, or this one.

The Band Perry – Better Dig Two

P!nk f. Nate Ruess

Amber Holcomb

Demi Lovato

Maroon 5 (I realize the odds are slim but it could be fun. That being said, I think we all know Amber doesn’t even know the meaning of fun)

Rihanna (everyone compares her to Rihanna as it is, time to prove it) I don’t know what song she’d sing since they’ve done Stay this season and Diamonds isn’t really a slow song (which seems to be all she wants to sing).

Angie Miller

Keh-Dollar Sign-Ha

Tegan and Sara (never heard of them? You should, they’re amah-zing)

Also, I know she probably won’t sing it, but wouldn’t it be fun to see Angie sing 22 by Taylor Swift?

Man, I might have to make this list of songs into a playlist. This would be a fun show!!

As far as the duets, since I imagine there’ll be one or two, I think it would be funny to sing that Brad Paisley/LL Cool J song. Fitting right? Yeah, not so much. Man that is a WEIRD song. What I’d really like to see though, is maybe one of the mash-ups from Pitch Perfect or a classic from Les Miserables (the only 2 soundtracks that cracked the top albums this year). Oh and because those soundtracks were popular, I still support Candice singing No Diggity, which technically was in Pitch Perfect.

I also had a little birdie tell me that Harry Connick Jr. will be mentoring this week! Love that guy. Especially when he’s on Ellen 🙂 Oh and speaking of Ellen, not sure if you guys watch SNL but Kate McKinnon was on Ellen and it was hilarious. You should watch it.


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