Top 04 – One Less Country Girl

Ok so sorry this is late. I feel like I haven’t blinked since last night, I keep following this whole mess

But it’s probably a good idea to just get my mind off the whole thing at this point! So let’s talk about Idol shall we?


Obviously last night we lost Janelle to the great Idol gods. I wasn’t that surprised really. I think I was more surprised that Amber was in the Top 3, but it kind of makes sense if you think about it. The judges kept begging the audience to vote for Amber, and just praised Kree and saying how amazing she is. Not to mention, Kree and Janelle tend to split the Country vote so if half are voting for one, and half the other, odds are they’re getting less votes overall compared to the others. That being said, that was my theory of why Amber would be in the bottom – because her base was voting for Candice. Maybe all the Country singers were just busy worrying about that explosion in Texas and didn’t have time to vote? I mean, anything is possible. I’m really just grasping at straws. Why anyone wouldn’t vote for Kree but would vote for Amber?

What did make sense, I think, was not using the save on Janelle. I think it was smart for her to go home this week as far as who is left because then it makes almost certain (I HOPE) that I’ll get the Top 3 I want. I think Kree will get a lot more votes now that Janelle is out. And the good thing about Janelle going home this week, was that I got Top Billing in the pool this week. I’m still middle of the pack in the overall scheme of thing, but I’m tied for first this week, bitches! If this were the football pool I’m in, I’d be $50 richer! Alas this is a moneyless pool. Oh well. Bragging rights are nice too 🙂

As for the rest of the episode, I don’t really have anything to say about Clay Aiken. He’s about what I expected and I’ll note I was suprised dude can actually rock a five 0’clock shadow. I would’ve guessed he couldn’t grow facial hair. Now, as for Fantasia, while I’ll never like her voice (it sounds like Minnie Mouse singing to me), can we just talk about what a difference a year (and a makeover) makes? I mean, WOW.


Girl looks good! Congratulations Fantasia! Get it together girl.

So as for the pool, as I said, I kind of killed it this week 🙂 haha. Me and last place Carmen. That’s not saying much but this week? This week is ours Carm! Look at us go!


Oh, and one more little thing as to why I love Janelle? Well, when I saw her going away picture:


Well, that’s kind of my signature pose:


I’ll miss your spunkiness on the show, Janelle!

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