Top 05 – A Theme for Lovely Ladies

Ok so the theme for this week is pretty stellar! Divas, and Year You Were Born.

Let’s start with Divas. What is a Diva?

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.08.20 PM

That’s Bey’s definition. Not mine, but I think it fits. I’m not picking songs, just the diva I most associate with the ladies. That’s as close as I’m going to get to picking anything for them in that category. I’ve ordered them from biggest Diva to least Diva.

Candice Glover – I’d love to see some Adele, but if we’re going to go classic, no one in this group can pull off Aretha like Candice could pull off Aretha! She could also be the Tina, the Diana, the Chaka, the Mary J.

Kree Harrison – Well, according to VH1, Shania Twain is a diva, and if Kree were to be called a diva, she’d be the Shania of divas. Maybe the Faith Hill of divas?

Amber Holcomb – This is Ambers chance to prove she’s this young Whitney that judges want her so badly, to be.

Angie Miller – Lucky for Angie, Jessie J. played at VH1 divas so I guess that counts? Angie just isn’t a diva. I mean, Janelle isn’t either but Angie too. They’re loosely defined divas, but the girls can sing. Maybe Angie could be the Florence Welch diva? t’s hard to say.

Janelle – She is the Cher of the divas. Or maybe the Dolly Parton? Meaning she just seems like the most fun! I’d count Reba as a diva too, so maybe her for Janelle.

Oh and also, for group night, they have to sing “Diva” by Beyonce, right? Glee did it so well!

Ok now lets move down to Year You Were Born, my favorite category to pick!

Of the 5 contestants, there are actually only 3 birth years. And they’re all depressingly not that long ago. We’ve got

1989 – Candice and Janelle
(I know, Kree is younger than Janelle, who knew?)

1990 – Kree  

1994 – Angie and Amber

Thankfully, those were all covered by last years “Year You Were Born” so I’ve got my list of songs released that year already. For a recap, lets take a little reminder look –

Award Winners from 1989
Record of the Year, Song of the Year – Bette Midler for “Wind Beneath My Wings” (Just mentioning that song, and the movie Beaches, practically makes me cry). I should also mention that NKOTB released a number of songs that year as singles – Hangin’ Tough, Covergirl, The Right Stuff!

Top Songs of 1989
Like a Prayer – Madonna
Eternal Flame – The Bangles
Love Shack – The B-52s
Miss You Much – Janet Jackson
Forever Your Girl – Paula Abdul

Taking a look at the full list of songs, I’d love to see Janelle Arthur sing “Eternal Flame”. Incidentally I read that “The Dance” came out in 1989. If only she’d waited a week! If she wants to do country I saw that “Song of the South” came out and that could be fun. I also saw that Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire released songs in ’89 so I’d be happy seeing her sing either of those ladies. Ultimately, I’m going with some Alabama for Janelle because she has a great twang for it.

I don’t think I’m lucky enough to see Candice Glover sing Black Velvet? I think my pick for Candice though, would be Straight Up, or If I Could Turn Back Time. I mean, she rocks so many other Divas, why not rock the Diva that is Cher? And two divas in one night? I mean, where’s the hurt in that? Donna Summer also released some songs this year so that could be awesome as well. My top vote is still “Black Velvet” though. I would love to hear that, with her own Candice spin of course! Ugly it up girl!

Award Winners from 1990
Record of the Year – Phil Collins “Another Day in Paradise” (Phitting that it’s a guy named Phil!)
Song of the Year – Bette Midler “From a Distance”

And Best New Artist, you may wonder – Well it was Mariah Carey (Vision of Love) of course! Who says the Best New Artist goes nowhere! (2013 Idol update – And now she’s a judge. Well look at that!)

Top Songs of 1990
Nothing Compares to You  – Sinéad O’Connor
Vogue – Madonna
Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
It Must’ve Been Love – Roxette
Honorable Mention – Step By Step – New Kids on the Block

For Kree Harrison, I’d love to see her sing “From a Distance”. I think she could probably rock some Bette Midler (a Diva herself, so maybe later, or maybe twice?). I’d also like to see her do some “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You” I like the amount of belting it requires. I also saw “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi in the list which I think Kree could kill, for some reason. MJ’s BigBlog recommended she sing “Nothing Compares 2U” and now I’m pissed I didn’t think of it but I think that’s a great choice for her!! So we’ll say Bon Jovi or Sinead. Your call.

Award Winners from 1994
Record of the Year – All I Wanna Do, Sheryl Crow
Song of the Year – Streets of Philadelphia, Bruce Springsteen

Top Songs of 1994
Streets of Philadephlia – Bruce Springsteen
Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex Remix
Without You – Mariah Carey
Basket Case – Green Day
I Swear – All 4 One

Ok so in light of all the stuff going on in Boston, I could see something that Angie Miller just finds to be personal and reminds her of her City (she was tweeting all yesterday about her hometown). It’s too bad Boston the band didn’t release anything in 1994. Were they still a band at that point? Wow. Who knew? Apparently this was their Top Hit in 1994! I’ve never heard of it. What she could do is sing “All For Love” (the song from 3 Muskateers) which would be fitting, or “Without You” if she so dared sing a Mariah song, to Mariah. Also, I should note that “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base came out that year as well. Honestly I could hear her sing like, 80% of the songs on the list for 1994, but I’m going with “Take a Bow” by Madonna. And if she could go with a bull fighter motif for her outfit, that would be great.

As for Amber Holcomb, while I’m relatively certain she’ll sing something along the lines of Mariah Carey, or would she dare try “Circle of Life”? Not after J.Hud, right? If she wants to surprise me she could totally sing some Boyz II Men who came out with “On Bended Knee” in ’94. But what I’d really like to see her sing is Des’Ree, “You Gotta Be”

So that’s my list. We’ll have to see what ends up happening tomorrow but those are my picks 🙂

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