Top 06 – And I Didn’t Hate It!

Things I need to bring up first:

1. Keith should always wear that t-shirt.

2. Why do they ever let Mariah or Randy start the comments? It should always be Keith/Nicki. Those are the only critiques I need to hear, and Mariah talks for about 3-15 minutes too long, every time she opens her mouth. Follow-up – Did Mariah at one point glitter-bomb Candice at the end of the show?

3. I will only be referring to Nicki as Onika Tanya Maraj from this point forward.

4. Of all the people listing out things that the world might not know about them? Most peoples were fines. Kree loving Rodeo’s made me love her even more, and further stereotype my idea of everyone that lives in Texas. But most notably – Janelle, why would you say the thing the world might not notice about you is that you played a boy in a school play, when later you drop the bomb that you’re allergic to feathers while wearing “a 4 foot death necklace full of them” (thanks Jess for that quote). That’s entirely more interesting to me personally. Just throwing it out there.

5. Did anyone catch that Randy had his weird bead pins back? I did!


I also noticed a little instagram that Ryan posted saying he was stealing Randy’s style. Note to Ryan, rich as you are, you aren’t going to get women with Randy Jacksons style. I’m going to assume you were just mocking and belittling him. I hope that’s what it was.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 7.48.11 AM

6. I can never decide if I like Kree or Candice more, but I think this week, it was Candice FTW. Right? I think we can all agree with that.

Ok now lets get to the contestants….

Angie Miller – Anyone Who Had a Heart

I thought Angies performance was lackluster at best. That’s my critique. But. Ok. So here’s what I found ironic of the judges critique of her:

1. Keith saying that she lacked emotional connection to the song – maybe because it’s older than her parents? And secondly, you didn’t really say that to anyone else and yet, I don’t think a single person except for maybe Candice and Kree (obvs really) showed any kind of emotional connection to their song, so why only give that critique to Angie?
2. Onika Tanya Minaj saying that the song sounded old fashioned. The song is 50 years old. It IS old fashioned. I get she didn’t need to sing it that way because Candice certainly made her performance current for an older song, but I just found it funny to call it old fashion when the entire theme (a season 1 throwback, I might add) is old fashioned! Are we ever going to sing songs from this decade?

I did agree with the overall whole of the comments was that at this point in the competition, you can’t just phone in a performance and that’s ultimately what Angie did with this. This was a cruise ship performance if ever I saw one.

Amber Holcomb – I Say a Little Prayer for You

For me, if Kree’s performances can be likened to a delicious waffle, Amber’s are the frozen shrimp. How on earth was Onika Tanya Minaj so excited for that performance?


I felt like if they bashed Angie for a lack of emotion how are they not bashing Amber? The only thing I can think is that Michael Slezak is right – they’re just listening to the producers and trying to get Amber to get more votes because no one is voting for her.  Orrrrrrrrrrr, they’re building her up so much to better emphasize how much Lazaro sucks balls. I mean, why else put Laz in the middle of Amber and Kree anyway? Either way though, the praise of Amber with this performance was just a little ridiculouso.

Lazaro Arbos – (They Long to Be) Close To You

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 8.55.25 PM

Ok so I want to talk about his performance, obviously, but we need to talk about that suit.


What.The.Ef. Since when did Randy become a designer on the show??? Which was worse? The suit or the performance? Man, talk about a toss up. As in, tossing up my cookies over both. My two favorite comments regaring Laz’s performance were as follows:

“You haven’t been my favorite all season, but that was the worst performance of any of them so far” – Randy Jackson

“Lazaro has NO musicality and has no business being a singer. Sorry NOT SORRY.” – MJ’s BigBlog.

What bothered me most is that the kid is going home this week, really? 10 minutes of a review? SHUT UP MARIAH. Lets be realistic here people. The only comment he really needed was, “When the band changes keys, you need to change keys with them”. Oh and also, stop being a whiney bitch.

Kree Harrison – What the World Needs Now

Um, can we all say Aca-mazing. When she started singing, I fell in love with her even more. She’s beautiful. She brought that emotional connection that every other contestant so far tonight, has lacked. And I actually loved Randy’s comment about how great it was to see her after seeing Laz because “she can really sing, AND THAT is what this competition is all about!”

Janelle – I’ll Never Fall in Love Again

This might be Janelle’s worst performance. Not that she’s the worst of the night by any STRETCH of the imagination, but I hated it. I do like her hair straight though. And I like that she’s “not trying to be a one trick pony”. And really this category sucks anyway so she just needed to make it through this to get to a song she really wanted to sing. Right? There was a version of this song that I liked a little better…

Candice – Don’t Make Me Over

Amazeballs. I wondered if she picked this performance after seing Amber Riley perform it on Glee? She doesn’t seem like the type to really watch Glee but maybe. Anyway, the way she brought new life to this song, she really is some kind of black Adele to me. I don’t think calling her a black Adele is too far off base, right? I dare say I like watching her even more than Adele.

Why I love Michael Slezak



Now lets get to the theme  that I really cared about. Nothing against Mr. Bacharach, but this was the better theme of the night. It was songs the contestants knew and wanted to sing and appreciate and have emotional connections to, unlike anything in the aforementioned theme.

Angie Miller – Love Came Down by Kari Jobe

Ok so I knew it would be a Jesus song. No surprise there and certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as you sing it well,  which you definitely did. Was it just me (according to the people I was talking to, it was) but the dove background was really distracting. I mean, I loved her performance, I loved the piano, I loved the voice. But the dove was just like – go away dove and let Angie sing! I did like that by picking this song, one that most of America probably doesn’t know, was really smart. It’s kind of like she was playing an original all over again. She certainly showed the emotional attachment the judges were asking for, like she did when she sang her original song, and we all like that.

Amber Holcomb – Girl On Top by Beyonce

What is this jacket she’s wearing? Hot like Beyonce? Not so much. I will say, as #OnikaTanyaMinaj said, the stallion legs is poppin’. But onto her singing – I was happy to see she’d be singing a song of her own choice that wasn’t a ballad. But I really, any time you’re singing Queen Bey, you have to bring it like she can and I don’t think Amber achieved that. I’ll say I liked this performance a lot more than her first (but that comment could be said for every single person competing tonight).

Lazaro Arbos – Angels by Robbie Williams

In case you were wondering what a good performance of this song looks like, I give you Exhibit A, B and C.

That’s not even including the original.

Kree Harrison – Help Me Make It Through The Night by Kris Kristofferson

I’d never heard this song either but I do love me some Martina McBride! This song was perfect for Kree. She made me believe that she did write this song the way it just seemed to be her. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of what we know of her family history but some of the lyrics “Let the devil take tomorrow. Lord, tonight I need a friend.” So good. So delicate.  Such great lyrics. I loved every single thing about this performance. I feel like I felt her heartbreak in it. And congrats on finally showing some legs, Kreedom!

Janelle Arthur – The Dance by Garth Brooks

I.LOVE.THIS.SONG. And I love Garth Brooks. Well, his music. He seems a little bizarre in real life. Although, he’s married to Trisha Yearwood so he can’t be all that bad. Anyway, I liked this Janelle performance so much better than her previous one. So much! I was worried after her last one that she’d be back in the bottom, and realistically, she probably will be, but here’s hoping she won’t go home and it’ll be Laz in the bottom of the barrel. At least there’s still the save if necessary! What’s really killing Janelle is being positioned between Kree and Candice. Specifically after Kree.

Candice Glover – Love Song


Did I like this?

hint yes

What did I think of it?


two snaps for you

Yup. That about sums it up.

But, I do have to mention… Ok so I watch the show with people all over the East Coast. And towards the end of the song, people started commenting about some demon song. I didn’t hear it so Bobby, a friend of mine, sent me a clip from his phone and it freaked me the ef out. For those that might not have heard it, you can check it out here. It’s definitely weird and creepy. I hope Candice didn’t sell her soul to anyone to get where she is or anything because the devil might be looking for payment now, or something. So weird!!

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