Old Themes, Hopefully Better Song Choices

Ok so before I talk about this coming Top 06 week, can I just talk about Post-Idol Reveal last week? As in, when I was watching New Girl and The Mindy Project. Holy awkward turtles batman. What was that? Talking to Burnell post-episode? How weird was that? The weirdest thing Idol has ever done? Possibly. Have they been doing this all season and I just didn’t notice? The whole thing creeped me the hell out and I hope they never do that again, if in fact this has been going on unbeknownst to me, prior to last week.

Moving on, let’s talk about the Top 06, or better put, the Top 05 and Lazaro. I can already see my reaction to this weeks theme/song choices.

bored with this


This week is half “sort of exciting” and half “definitely depressing”. I always like themes where the contestants have more options so a category like “Songs You Wish You’d Written” are always fun. They did this theme last year with the Top 04 where Jessica Sanchez did her first rendition of And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going, and Phillip Phillips made me fall even deeper in love with him by picking Volcano by Damien Rice.

Unfortunately, this song choice alone, is also why the theme this year is less exciting. I know that none of these contestants is going to pick such a fun and unique song choice. Maybe they will I suppose… but I highly doubt it. I checked out what the contestants listed as their favorite artists – Selena, Celine Dion, Jessie J., Jazmine Sullivan, Eva Cassidy and Patsy Cline – you can so easily guess who belongs to which contestant (except for maybe Janelle and Kree, where basically you have a 50/50 chance). These contestants just aren’t that original with song choices in general so the thought of them picking some great song well, I just highly doubt it.

I also have a feeling based on this set of song picks and the second set of song picks for the night “The Bacharach/David Songbook” is going to mean 2 solid hours of ballads. I mean, we even had a ballad in a category that specifically said “no ballads” so I think it’s safe to say we’re going to end up with a minimum of 8 ballads tomorrow. And that’s me being conservative. The only time Burt Bacharach should even be mentioned in pop culture is when referencing his brief appearance in Austin Powers, which is to only acknowledge when he actually WAS popular. One might think that having Bacharach as a theme is ok because Idol has done it before, but that was 12 years ago as it is. Wasn’t that long ago too? Why bring it back? I just don’t see this particular theme going well for anyone because all the songs are cheesy.

Either way, I checked out the list of songs myself, and here are my picks for what they will sing, as banal as they are, for the Bacharach/David Songbook:

Amber Holcomb – I think it’s pretty safe to say Amber will be singing something by Dionne Warwick. I could see “A House is Not a Home”, or maybe “Walk on By”

Angie Miller – My guess for Angie is, “I Say A Little Prayer for You”, because I think she’ll remember it from My Best Friends Wedding (this same pick suggestion goes for Kree and Janelle). I think this could be a fun piano version, no? Like she’s entertaining at a party or something?

Candice Glover – I assume Candice will also do a Dionne Warwick cover but while looking through the songlist I saw something by Chaka Khan called “Stronger Than Before” which I think fits her voice better, so I’m going with that.

Janelle Arthur – I’d like Janelle to sing “That’s What Friends are For”. But when looking through the song list I saw that Kenny Rogers has one on here called “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used to” and I could see her picking that because it’s got a country twang to it.

Kree Harrison – I want Kree to sing something you wouldn’t expect her to sing and do her own take on it. Something like “The Look of Love” or something. I think she could rock that. Maybe? As “rock that” as you can with this song selection.

Lazaro Arbos – Ok this pick is the same as Michael Slezaks but I couldn’t help it. It’s pretty spot on for a guess – “What’s New Pussycat?” – Perfect, no? What worries me about Laz is that I want him to just be so cheesy that people are forced to not vote for him, but the other part of me worries that he knows a lot of these songs and he’ll sing something really well. God I hope not! At least if he doesn’t know any of these songs, he can’t use it as an excuse this week because really, how many of the Top 06 know a wide array of Bacharach/David songs?

More than anything I just hope that no one sings Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head. Please.God.No.

Now as for the Song They Wish They’d Written. I wanted to pick something from whoever they said was their favorite singer, but I also just picked something that I think they probably like in hopes for some small iota of originality.

Amber Holcomb – So Amber listed her favorite performer as Celine Dion. Shocking, I know. Because she isn’t very original and because the song was freaking HUGE, I’m gonna guess she’s going with “My Heart Will Go On” because why not tackle iconic songs that no one else could sing as good as the original singer, right? If we want to stick with Celine though, I’d like to see her sing “Taking Chances” or “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”. I think either of these would do great with her voice. They’re more her than any other Celine songs, I think.

Angie Miller – Angie lists her favorite singer as Jessie J and Beyonce. I can’t really see her singing either on the stage because if it’s a song she wishes she’d written I just feel like it’s something that went double myrrh. Since I’m not familiar with songs of the Jesus variety, I just checked out her  youtube channel. I saw that her most popular viewed song was “Home” by Phillip Phillips. I’m sure she wishes she’d written that! Plus if you wanted, you could kind of give it religious undertones, no? “Make this place your home” – like, I dunno, church? Heaven? “Don’t pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear”. Come on.

Candice Glover – This lady’s favorite singer is Jazmine Sullivan, who doesn’t really have the biggest songbook and her biggest song (I think) was already sung this season by Breanna Steer. Also after listening to a few of her other songs, I don’t think she has really the same voice/style as Candice anyway. Since she does so well with songs that other Idols have performed well, I’m going to pick “Unthinkable (I’m Ready) / Empire State Of Mind” performed by Alicia Keys herself on the Idol stage.

Janelle Arthur – So Eva Cassidy, Janelle’s favorite singer, was mostly a cover artist. Therefore the songs are kind of all over the place, but mostly in the folk genre. I think of all the songs I found, I’d like to see Janelle sing “Ain’t No Sunshine” or “What a Wonderful World” which I’d love to hear from a country singer. Realistically, I could also obviously see Janelle singing some Miranda Lambert as I do feel like I remember her saying how she wanted to be like her in a previous performance. With that, I’d like to see her sing “The House that Built Me” – orrrrrrrrrrr, if you want to do Kacey Musgraves like I want Kree to do also, I’d pick “Follow Your Arrow” or “Blowin’ Smoke”. I like Follow Your Arrow more, but I think you’d sing Blowin’ Smoke better.

Kree Harrison – Ok so this is totally personal, and if she wants to sing Patsy Cline, her personal favorite, that’s fine. i’m sure she’d do a great job with Walkin’ After Midnight (even though she’s totes not Megan Joy) but I really want to see her sing some Kacey Musgraves. I need more Kacey Musgraves in my life. And wouldn’t it be great for her to sing a song that so many are praising such a well written new song? So please, Kree, let’s sing “Mary Go Round” or “Silver Lining”. Thanks!

Lazaro Arbos – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” would be the obvious choice, no? Butt. Since I assume he won’t sing that for a 5th time (he’s sung it that many times, right? I certainly feel like he has and will whenever/if ever he has to sing for his life).  So Laz loves Selena. Not surprising. She is wonderful #RIP. From the Selena collection I’d like to see him sing Como La Flor. I’d like to see him sing in Spanish if nothing else. And maybe he knows the worst.

And here are Michael Slezak’s picks.

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