Houston, We Have an Original Theme Night!

And it doesn’t include any stupid ballads. Yes, you read that correctly. The theme for Wednesday night?


It’s like I died and went to heaven, if heaven is full of classic rock songs, which, I imagine it is. And while there are definitely some awesome ballads amid the Classic Rock genre, I’m so glad they won’t be sung in the Top 7.

While it’s a great genre because it leaves you open to an incredibly wide variety of artists and song choices, it’s also difficult to narrow down a good list of possible songs. Even listening to various classic rock stations (100.7, 100.3, 106.1) they all feature different songs that make the genre hard to peg down. Not to mention I REFUSE to put Nirvana into the the genre even though certain stations who shall remain nameless, like to think they are. Same for Metallica. First I tried Wikipedia for answers because really, where else would you go? Here’s what the have to say:


Well looky there. Nirvana definitely wasn’t performing in that era so there! Grunge is a genre after all, bitches! Although I guess early Metallica can sort of count. Although I think they’re way off.

Anyway, while helpful in defining what the genre is, that was not only a vague definition, it also didn’t give me any kind of list to help me narrow down the selection. So I went to my itunes. I have a fair amount of classic rock in my repertoire, thanks to having to pick songs for baseball players to walk out to as they go up to bat, or warm-up to pitch. The boys of summer love them some Classic Rock.

I wasn’t sure that would be a wide enough range though so I also looked at a couple of lists I could find online. Exhibit A and Exhibit B. And of course you have to check out the iTunes Essentials list because honestly, if they’re picking from anywhere (the contestants that is) it’s probably from here. I think between these lists and my own collection, I could come up with a pretty solid line up. The problem (or benefit depending on how you look at it) is that none of these singers have that traditional “classic rock voice” There’s no John Fogerty or Roger Daltry’s in the bunch, so a lot of the classic songs as they were originally performed, are kind of out.

What made me laugh is that looking through some of my favorite Classic Rock songs that I’d like to hear these guys sing, a lot are ballads. How’s that for irony? haha. Anyway, here’s the list I came up with for everyone:

Candice Glover – The thing with Candice and this theme is that I feel like it gives her the opportunity to get  a little dirty growl going on. I know she has it in her! Is it weird that I think she and Kree have the best voices for this category? Well, and in general too, which is probably why I feel that way. Anyway, I would love to see her song something like  Feel Like Making Love by Bad Company or Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. I could also see her do Fortunate Son by CCR (for the dirty growl).

Kree Harrison – I just feel like I could pick 100 songs for Kree. I narrowed it down to my Top 2 although you’ll see other picks for Kree on here as you scroll down. But, my Top 2 for Kree would be Bad Moon Rising by CCR or Killer Queen by Queen. And really I would also like to see her sing Black Water but I gave that one to Janelle. But that was my 3rd.

Angie Miller – Does anyone else get a Pat Benatar vibe from Angie? I listened to a few songs of hers and I could just totally see her rocking some Benatar. Say something like  Hit Me With Your Best Shot or Heartbreaker. Maaaybe even Love is a Battlefield. I think she could really pull that off). If she doesn’t want to do Pat Benatar I could maybe see her doing something like Layla by Derek & the Dominoes (but really I could see Kree singing this),

Amber Holcomb – Seriously folks, this theme was MEANT for Amber. I think they were just like – if you’re going to keep picking ballads, we’re going to completely prevent you from it! So there! Although in my head I was thinking – watch her pick a song that isn’t a ballad and make it a ballad and have the judges praise her original arrangement. Please no!! I’d like to see Amber sing something like Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones or House of the Rising Sun by the Animals (yes, that’s Hailey Reinharts version and it’s a lot to live up to – which means I should say I want Candice to sing this, but I’m throwing it to Amber this one time) as long as that’s not considered a ballad. It’s a little slower but I don’t think it would be considered a ballad.

Janelle Arthur – I leaned toward a little more twangy Classic Rock for Janelle although both of these were also picks for Kree but I actually think the second pick would be better for Janelle, so she got them – and here they are –  Black Water by the Doobie Brothers or Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp

Burnell Taylor – Ok so obviously, if Burnell didn’t know a Beatles song, I think it’s relatively safe to assume he isn’t too familiar with the Classic Rock genre. That being said, I still think he could pull off a few things ala  All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix or Light My Fire by the Doors.

Lazaro Arbos – I don’t really care what he sings, I just care that he goes home but for the sake of picking something I’ll go with Rocket Man or Bennie & the Jets. They’re well enough known songs that hopefully he knows it at least a little bit, but I doubt it. Maybe for the sake of hilarity he could sing America’s Horse With No Name.

I also have a group song for this week that I picked, just because there’s a song I want to hear and no one in particular that I want to sing it – The Boys of Summer! I’ll also accept The Boys Are Back in Town.

I mean, it is the start of baseball season after all 🙂

Oh, and if you were interested in hearing what Mr. Slezak picked for the Top 07, as I always am, here’s his article!

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