Top 08 – Songs Previously Performed on Motown Night

I’m writing this immediately following tonights episode because I think if I write it any later, I just won’t write anything.


I mean, not that anyone was completely terrible (except Nicki and Randy) but because it was boring and lacking anything worth listening to and the best of the night, for me, went first so what was the point of watching the remaining 7 contestants? To say that these contestants lack originality in their song choices is the understatement of the century. The only thing less original is Randy Jackson’s use of all his ridiculously stupid catch phrases. Oh and if I’m just listing all the things I’ve come to hate about this season, I should mention all the ballads. Allll the fucking ballads. Ugh. Ok I’m done. Back to my rant about un-originality, because that’s what I really want to talk about the most. I have a point to prove.

The song choices of the night looked a little something like this:



Any guess how many times these songs have been performed on the Idol stage?


And of those 19 previous performances (and I only counted performances after the Top 12, so I’m sure the number is much higher), 8 were on a previous Motown night! And Lately… don’t even get me started. While never having been performed on a Motown night (and yes arguably it was probably the top performances of the night – I’d debate that – it’s been performed a whopping 5 times!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Congratulations Angie, you seem to be the most original of the least original song choices. How’s that for a compliment?

As for the songs the groups sang I just have a few things to say –

1. I was so fooled by the first group singing a Madonna song. It got my hopes up that maybe it really was the music of Detroit and not Motown. I mean, Motown isn’t the only thing to come out of Detroit. I forgot Madonna was a native. Alas the producers were just toying with my emotions and all the songs were Motown except that single beautiful Madonna song. It was nice to hear considering I had La Isla Bonita stuck in my head all day (which would’ve been cool to hear Devin sing). Also after hearing that Madonna song I was secretly hoping that they’d actually would’ve had Kree and maybe… Burnell? I dunno… I guess they didn’t do it because no one could’ve sung it with her and made it believable but I would’ve loved to see Kree duet with someone of the male persuasion and sing “Picture”. I think that while a ballad, it could’ve still been great, as most things Kree touches are.

2. I thought the Candice/Angie/Amber song was the worst of the night. Not the boys. I mean, the boys weren’t great but I liked their song and I actually thought that besides the choreography issues, it was good. I mean, the choreography or lack thereof was definitely reminiscent of group night but Nicki really didn’t need to bash it like she did. And I wasn’t really paying attention I guess but was it that only 1 judge got to comment on each group? Because I’m pretty sure Nicki and Mariah both talked during Kree and Janelle’s performance? I thought other judges would’ve stuck up for the guys but they only let Nicki throw her shade and then it was done.

3. Speaking of throwing shade… Burnell:

whats your problem

Seriously girl, put on your big girl panties. You’re not going home after that performance so why hate on Lazaro, which it was clear you were doing. I mean, I can drink the haterade with the best of them but seriously, have a little more class than that.

And that is all I have to say about the groups (oh, and I loved Angies outfit). Ok that’s all. Let’s move onto the performances.

Candice Glover – I Heard it Through the Grapevine

I expected her to be stellar and she was. It wasn’t her best, but of the night it was in the Top 2. Not at all surprising. The only surprising thing was that they made her go first. I mena, I guess it’s nice to have a big voice kick off the evening but I wish she would’ve gone last or closer to last. And while I know I said I wouldn’t say anything about the group performances but Candice was so clearly the stand out of her group. She just needs to let go of her shyness. While Angie was making all sorts of googly eyes to the camera, I felt like Candice was pretending the audience wasn’t even there.

Lazaro Arbos – For Once in My Life

Ok so if Candice’s wasn’t her best but best of the night, I thought Lazaro was quite the opposite. It was probably his best since the Top 10 were announced but of the night he was probably in definitely in my bottom 3. And I have to rant for just a second about El Grande Douche, Randy Jackson – dude – how are you going to say that Lazaro had pitch problems but it was ok, but then when Angie goes all you talk about are her pitch problems? Yes, they both had pitch problems, but don’t just wash over Laz when you’re gonna diss my girl Angie about it to no end. Ok, back to Balki – for a thin guy, why does he sweat so much? Is it the bowtie? Just nervous sweat? It’s unsettling. And he’s living on borrowed time anyway. Since Paul’s ejection last week I’m ready for Laz to be on the chopping block every week. He shouldn’t get to stay when every other singer in this competition, whether I like them or not, deserves to be there more than him.

Janelle Arthur – You Keep Me Hangin’ On 

While Janelle’s performance wasn’t my end all be all favorite, if I even had one tonight, she did some things that I really, really loved.

1) She played her guitar – always a swoon with any instrument, especially when it’s done well
2) She made the song her own, which so few contestants have done this season, and which I really appreciated!
3) Just her over all bringing it, in general. I felt like this was her really finding her position in the season. This performance made me see she really can go places this season.

Devin Valez – Tracks of My Tears

I want to hate Devin for his song choices but he’s undeniably a lovely singer of ballads. I feel for him like I felt for Pia. You’re never going to win with all those ballads but rest assured you have a nice voice and you’ll fit well into the Easy Listening market. Which isn’t my market, but there are plenty of 65 year old women who will probably love you. I feel bad for how forgettable he is. Also, as I’m sure Michael Slezak will bring up if you want to see a god performance of this song, check out the one and only Adam Lambert, who also worked with Smokey. At least he’s a guy that shows emotion.

Burnell Taylor – My Cherie Amour 

The only thing I like about this song is that I have a cousin named Cheramy so I like to sing “My Cheramy Amour”. It makes me giggle. His performance wasn’t terrible but I barely remembered it after hating on him after the group performance. I’m sure he did fine. I doubt he’ll get the boot this week, but check yourself on the shade throwing, Burnell.

Angie Miller – Shop Around

I appreciate that Angie didn’t sing a ballad, but this song just wasn’t for her. It was probably my least favorite performance of hers to date and the first time I wouldn’t put her in my Top 3 of the night. She’d still make my Top 5 but not Top 3. And for wanting to show a fun side? I get that. Totally! I applaud that. But to sing Motown to show your fun side? Not happening. You would’ve been the perfect person to sing a Madonna song. Madonna is fun. Shop Around is not fun.

Amber Holcomb – Lately

This song… ugh this song. Had Candice sang it I don’t think I would’ve mentioned how I hate that so many contestants have sung it, but Amber singing it reminded me. That isn’t to  completely diss Amber because she probably had the best vocal of the night and it was a good song choice for her. It’s just that song. I don’t think I’d like anyone singing it, really. Sing something that isn’t a god damn ballad! Please!

Kree Harrison – Don’t Play That Song 

I think by this point in the night, as much as I do love Kree, I just wanted the night to be OVER. It was so dull, I didn’t love anything about it. It was just dull. That’s it. Kree’s vocal was lovely, and in my Top 3 of the night for sure, but it just didn’t do a damn thing for me.

I guess as much as Nicki drove me nuts tonight, she was the only even remotely entertaining part of the night. So thanks Nicki, for that.

Over all,

My Top 3 – Candice, Janelle and Kree

My Bottom 3 – All the boys.

What did you guys think?


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