Motown, the worst Idol theme?

So, I think we remember when I picked my dream themes. But, in proving that Michael Slezak is better at everything compared to me, he made his own list of dream themes. Some were the same as mine (break up night, mash-ups, no ballads) and some were ones I wish I’d thought of – Unplugged/Plugged-In Nights, 80’s Rock (although this wouldn’t be the season for it), and Max Martin helps you plan – I was just reading about this guy and all the mega-hits he’s come out with. I’d never even heard of him until a few weeks ago. This guy is a straight up HIT MAKER! My favorite suggestion of his was having him and Melinda Doolittle pick songs. That guy just knows what people should sing, more than most.

The reason I’m talking about themes I’d rather see is because the idea of picking what I think people should sing for Motown week is just not my idea of fun. I hate Motown week. A range of my emotions when I heard they were doing Motown Week? Don’t mind if I do…








Yeah, that about sums it up.

They’ve done this theme 5 times and the smartest thing they did with it, was skip it for seasons 4-7. And for a season that lasted 5 different rounds, it only had 1 single song that made the “Best Performances” bracket. And for the record that was Matt Giraud from Season 8 singing Let’s Get it On. To be honest, I don’t even remember that performance. Also, if you remember my itunes breakdown from Monday,

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 5.11.03 PM

You’ll notice there isn’t even a category for “Motown”. I suppose it may fall into the Blues or R&B categories but looking at the songs sung on Motown nights of yore, I only own one, and that’s My Girl.

Really, I just wish we could veto this week. You know how the judges get a save, I think the viewing audience should just get a pass as far as theme selection. Or, here’s a novel idea, let the audience/viewers pick a theme. Then, if by chance we pick Motown, I’ll deal with it, but something tells me there about a million to one chance we’d pick that theme. See, the audience, while we’re stuck in a trap of watching a show that’s been doing the same theme nights that everyone hates, over and over again, we still have original thoughts and ideas, so maybe just listen to us? Please?

If you want to see a list of songs people should sing, just check out Michael Slezak because I’m already over this Motown week and I wrote this post on Monday… so by today, Wednesday, and even worse by the time the episode airs, I’m probably just going to be three sheets to the wind, cursing the advent of Motown in general. It’s just not my jam, and I don’t think it’s the jam of anyone even in my age bracket. And those younger than me? I’m guessing their idea of “the music of Motor City” (here’s hoping they know Motor City is Detroit because they probably think it’s some town in Japan) involve Eminem and maybe Kid Rock, if they’ve heard of him.

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