Itunes Infographs

So, I don’t know what made me decide to do this. Love of looking at numbers and charts? Trying to think of music related posts? Wondering what songs itunes is telling me I listen to the most? Which for the record, looks a little something like this…

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 9.40.32 PM

And if you’ve never heard some of these songs, here’s a little youtube concert for you – 9 Crimes, The War Was in Color, Valerie, Beverly Hills, I Think it’s Gonna Rain Today, and Hook. I have to say, Blues Traveler has some of my favorite lyrics of all time. So well written. If you asked me to guess what my most listened to songs were, I don’t know that any of these would’ve been on the list. Ok Damien Rice would DEFINITELY be on it, but the rest I’m a little surprised.

It’s an odd little mixture. That’s how I am though. I’m an odd mixture. And my friend Julie will laugh when she sees, if she sees, that Beverly Hills is on that list. When it first came out and for months thereafter I was constantly asking if she’d heard it and then playing it for her. I bet I did it at least 15 times. Also to see that I Think it’s Gonna Rain Today isn’t even checked (it makes me cry on the reg, so it’s hard to have it on heavy rotation. Especially at work) and yet it’s on the list? That’s love. I like this list though. It’s a good list if I do say so myself. And it proves how bizarre my musical taste is. I’m a bit shocked there wasn’t a single Les Miserables song (or Broadway song in general) in the Top 5 because I feel like that’s all I listened to for the 4 months leading up to the movie coming out and probably 2 months after I saw it. Maybe I just listened to it more on my ipod than on my itunes. Also I like that my current favorite jam was playing when I took this screencap.

Anyway, looking at this list prompted me to do a little infographic to see what my taste really looks like. Of my roughly 2,000 songs, the breakdown looks a little something like this…

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 5.11.03 PMYes, that’s 1 single “Disco” song – It’s called Instant Replay by Dan Hartman. It’s on a mixtape that I uploaded so I don’t even know if that really counts. It wasn’t a big surprise but I will say that if you broke down that “Soundtrack” category Pop would have a LOT more. Also I think the “Folk” and “Singer/Songwriter” should’ve been in the same categories (I should mention only my Simon & Garfunkel CD made it into that category). I mean, Jewel, Alanis, Taylor Swift, and most of the bands I listen to, could be classified as singer/songwriter but they got mixed up with Pop, Folk and Rock. It is what it is. I guess it could be said that Simon & Garfunkel deserve their own category though, right?

You should also know that the 400+ Soundtracks consist of 10+ Musicals and 29 Movie/TV Soundtracks. And by TV Soundtracks that really just means theme songs (because what girl my age doesn’t have the Friends theme song or the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and Glee. In fact, Glee alone consists of over 100 songs. I know. Guilty pleasure much? It’s funny, I always thought I had more Britney Spears songs and Destiny’s Child and Madonna… yeah, they’re all Glee versions. It’s something I don’t like to admit but it’s true. And really, I’m unabashedly proud of my itunes playlists. Guilty Pleasurse don’t really exist in my world. And maybe Glee talking about Guilty Pleasures on their show was what really prompted me to look into this infograph stuff. My friends think I’m crazy but I think secretly they love that I have all their guilty pleasures on my itunes, so they don’t have to. Oh and of the Broadway musicals, 3 are Les Miserables. Why do I need 3 versions of One Day More? Well, I don’t know…


The other thing I looked up was what artists had the most songs on my itunes and it broke down a little something like this (not including Glee or Les Mis)…

Foo-FightersMostly typical I suppose for someone like me, but hey, it is what it is. And it’s interesting to see. Anyway, I just thought this was a fun little look at the breakdown of my musical loves. Maybe this will prompt you to look through your itunes and see how the numbers breakdown. It’s fun, I promise. If you’re weird like me. And seriously, listen to Kacey Musgraves. I’m uber obsessed.

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