Top 09 – Keith’s Favorite Beatles Songs

For the third time in Idol history, we were given the theme of the Lennon-McCartney Songbook. It’s not the worst theme, it’s not the best theme.

I liked that they got the winner of the Idol tour spot out of the way right off the bat. Sure, I was rooting for Charlie, but I’d be lying if I said I voted for him. Technically  I didn’t vote for Aubrey either, but I was rooting for Charlie. I still think he’ll do well in life. I hope so. He certainly has an awkward phase he’s growing out of, but I think he’ll rise out of it to be quite the success in something. Maybe not singing, but something. And maybe it will be singing, you never know. Either way, congratulations Aubrey, and nice knowing you Awkward Turtle Man.

Now, lets get to the competition! I put the Top 3 in at the top but the rest are just as they performed because it was hard for me to decide on my personal bottom 3 this week. Definitely know my “last place” but bottom 3 is tough to decide.

Kree Harrison – With a Little Help From My Friends

Talking about your dead parents… ouch. Nothing like starting off in a completely not depressing way at all! Whomp whomp… but anyway… I know this is a Beatles song but really it’s a Joe Cocker song in my world. A Joe Cocker song and the Wonder Years theme song. How can anyone not think of Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper when they hear this song?


I would never have thought of Kree picking this song, and maybe it was the cold thinking – well if I sound raspy, I might as well pick a song associated with a raspy singer just to cover my ass (but seriously, what cold? She sounded impeccable). I expected to hear her sing a ballad but was really happy with this song selection. I only wish she’d gone last because I don’t know anyone that could have a performance better than hers tonight (except maybe Candice, who I was sure would belt out another stellar performance. How could she not?).

Candice Glover – Come Together

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 9.21.10 PM

OMG, she read my mind!! I can’t believe she’s singing Come Together. Yes, Candice! Yes! I also love that Jimmy references how weird the lyrics are. They haven’t been the same sing we played Beatles Rock Band and had to sing the lyrics along with it. Talk about a song with misheard lyrics! I swear, “Toe Jam Football” “Joo-Joo Eyeball” “Walrus Gumboot”? Talk about writing songs on LSD. But I digress.

Now this performance – God Damn. This girl has talent for DAYS! I mean, Kree who? Here’s a little sample of what I looked like watching Candice tonight –


I also just want to toss in what Michael Slezak had to say about Candice because seriously, he cracks me up.


Angie Miller – Yesterday 

Did I like this song… hmmm…


I’m not going to lie, I would’ve liked to see her at the piano, but that’s genuinely the only bad thing I could say because I thought the performance was stripped, beautiful, perfection. I loved every last little thing about it. Including her straightened hair. Man that made her bangs so much more tolerable. Also, I really need to hear her sing some kind of like, rock song. Maybe next week.

Burnell Taylor – Let It Be

I hate when kids say they don’t know Beatles songs. Especially the non-obscure songs. This was no Brooke White (my favorite Idol version of this song) but it wasn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination. I liked the way he sang the song differently from the original. I know, it wasn’t too different from the O.G. but his voice made it different enough to like it in a different way. Does that make sense? I heard a lot of “you never wanna be second” on performance night, but I think Burnell should be safe tonight. I think it was definitely a solid performance, and probably my second favorite guy of the night when all was said and done.

I’m just very unsure about Burnells jacket selection. I mean, he is Randy’s jacket protégé if I’ve ever seen one!

Amber Holcomb – She’s Leaving Home

Ok now this is definitely the opposite of Let It Be. I’m not super familiar with this one. And how Keith knows it, with the long lost of songs he doesn’t know, is beyond me. For another ballad she did sing it well. Not great. To quote a Randy Jackson-ism…


She really got it together at the end but the first half of the song was a little rough. I mean, her voice is definitely amazing but I just find her a little dull and with the minor pitch problems I did hear, I don’t think she’ll be in the Top 3 when all is said and done. You never know though. As for this week, I think she’ll be safe. I still want to hear her sing an upbeat song though. Remember the curse of too many ballads, Amber! Oh, and while I’m commenting on Burnells fashion faux pas, I should mention – Her dress. Her dress is giving me LIFE! How pretty is that dress!

Paul Jolley – Eleanor Rigby

I actually really liked this performance. Also, I’m sure someone has brought this up, but for anyone else who watches bravo, doesn’t Paul bear a strong resemblance to Jeff Lewis? Like, Jeff Lewis’ younger brother. Not identical but they look related.


Anyway, performance. I thought it was really really good. The glory note he hit mid-song was perfection. I don’t understand how his performance was “fake, bland and forgettable”. No comprende? Thanks Mariah, for being the only one to give a good critique. “Undeniably good” was a perfect description. It wasn’t the best performance, we have Candice and Kree for that, but some of his notes were just awesomesauce. And that’s why undeniably good was a great term to use. Good job Mariah.

Devin Valez – The Long and Winding Road

I’m glad Devin doesn’t look at himself as some kind of Mariah Carey. Devin is not Mariah Carey. That being said, I have to ask, how does redemption feel, Devin? That was so much better than last week it’s like, it’s like it was a different person! Great job Devin! If anyone deserved an “In it to Win It” tonight, it was you!

Janelle Arthur – I Will

“If you’re not breathing, you’re going to run out of air” well Janelle, that is a true statement. I’m assuming she got the last spot because of her shitty placement last week and then still performing well in the rankings. Her hair was about the only thing I really liked about the performance. It wasn’t terrible, it was just not my favorite and a little boring. Like Devin I thought it was entirely better than last week but she remains the weakest of the girls, to me.

Lazaro Arbos – In My Life


I happened to be listening to this song on the other day while trying to pick what I wanted contestants to sing and this wasn’t even close to an option for anyone. I saw the performance Ramiele Malubay gave from Season 7 and hated it then. Today, still hate it. That’s not saying I hate the song because the song is great. It’s the performances that I’m not a fan of. I mean, it’s good that he got this far but make this his swan song. I mean, he’s a great dresser and a great singer with some songs, so cherish that but don’t be on the show anymore. Courage and perseverance doesn’t count after the Top 10. I mean, he already made the tour and I think that’s more than enough. I don’t want to compare him to that Oscar Pistorius guy because let’s be honest, Laz isn’t murdering his girlfriend. But when it comes to his racing I think it’s am apt comparison. When racing against the lay person, Oscar and Laz are champions, but when racing against the best in the world (or the best to try out for Idol, as it were), they just aren’t able to hold their own. Know what I mean?

*I do feel bad that he had to change the song at the last minute, but my feelings remain the same. Maybe he won’t be the worst of the night. There are still 4 more performances after all.


I also wanted to mention that a former Idol contestant, a one, Melinda Ademi, released a cover of Thrift Shop and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share it. So, here you go…

I think that’s a good note to end on.

Personal Top 3 remains – Candice, Kree and Angie
Personal Bottom 3 – Definitely Lazaro, and probably Burnell and I can’t pick a bottom 3rd. I just don’t know. I’m hoping that it’s Laz going home no matter what. Sorry buddy, but your time is over here.

Until tomorrow when we have a Top 8!


Oh also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about a thing that I meant to bring up last week:

Who are the Barbz that Nicki keeps referencing?

Well, in finding that answer I also discovered a webpage along the lines of a NickiWiki.  And in it, I found this.

 Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 9.23.29 PM

So, there you go. 

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