American Idol Top 10 – Music of the Idols

Ok folks, I’m going to get to Idol, I swear. But there’s something I think needs to be addressed first. What, you may ask?


So, I know they got their stylists tonight because with all the talk about what the Idols have been wearing over the last few episodes, we learn that they got a stylist if they made the top 10. I personally didn’t think Finchy’s outfits had been that bad to date. But then he got a stylist. Who is this stylist you might be wondering? Let me give you a hint…


Either they have the same stylist (probs) or Randy just said “Yo, dawg, I got a jacket you can borrow, and for me, man you’d look fly”. The only other possibility.


*For the sake of not bullying Curtis, only – I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention Janelle’s jacket and that weird leather dress/necklace combo of Angies (she looked like she was chained to that piano at the beginning).

Now, I will say if it weren’t for Curtis’ jacket, I don’t know that there was even a reason to mention any of the guys tonight. In my personal order of Best to Worst, I had 4 girls before my first guy.

bitches get stuff done

And boy did they, tonight! Performance after performance I was wowed by the ladies (3 specifically). There wasn’t a single performance of the guys that I was wowed by. There were performances that were good, Burnell (except his song choice – ugh) and Paul because I thought he was a lot better (and improvement is definitely important to show on Idol), but I still thought all 5 ladies were superior. And I’m ok with that. This little discussion wasn’t meant to be a complaint about the guys. Well, maybe, if the complaint was that there shouldn’t even be 5 guys to begin with. That would be my only complaint.

One giant praise of the night, and one of the main reasons I still watch Idol – my main man, Jimmy Iovine was back in full effect! Yey Jimmy!

I also thought it would be fun to compare performances and pick the winning performance of the two.

I put the contestants mostly in order of my favorites to least favorites.

Candice Glover – I Who Have Nothing
by Jordin Sparks (and also Haley Reinhart)

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 9.09.35 PM

Candice, I think we can all agree with Jimmy, you have a fabulous voice. You know the right songs to sing, you give the right performances, this was no different. I actually think the song is kind of lame but when you sing it well, I guess I forget that part.  To say that Candice gives you LIFE is an understatement. She just brings so much feeling to her performances. As the judges have said in praise past, it’s like you were at her concert. Also, your makeup and hair are flawless. Lets check out Candice and the other two who performed this gem:

Winner – You, the listener, because you get to listen to all 3 of these stellar performances. Game over.  This is the trifecta of awesomenesauce. I thought Nicki’s comment was right on – Ok, that song is done now for Idol. Annihilated.

Angie Miller – I Surrender
by Kelly Clarkson

I think this was the first performance of hers that I really liked when she wasn’t in behind a piano, which makes me really happy. I was worried she was kind of bad when she didn’t have the piano but I think she took Jimmy’s advice of not getting too pageant-y and over singing or over thinking her performance, and did a fantastic job. On stage, she’s a shining star! This competition is hers to lose (which, if she does, will hopefully only be to Candice or Kree). It’s hard to sing anything better than Kelly Clarkson sang it if for nothing else than the fact that most people just remember the performance the way Kelly did it. Angie almost made me completely forget she was singing something performed by anyone else. Compared to Kelly, well, I don’t think they need comparison but here they are…

Winner – Tie. BUUUTTTTTT – Ang, let’s just say this – don’t say you think you can sing as well as Kelly. I mean, that’s breaking an Idol Commandment right there, hon.

Also, can we just talk about Ryan in that Kelly video clip? Hilarious. The guy has come a long way in 12 years.

Kree Harrison – Crying
by Carrie Underwood


Ok this was one of the only times I didn’t totally agree with Jimmy (the other one was way bigger and I’ll get to that). I agreed when he said she has the tone, the range and the confidence. But for him to say that “Emotion with restraint is what saves you…” um, what? No comprende. I think her emotion AND restraint are perfectly balanced when she sings. Also, by the end of the performance and critique – which I know some might say was bizarre, maybe because it was, I just have to say that by the end – I definitely wanted some waffles.

I can’t embed Carrie’s version of the song but you can find it here.

Winner – Kree? Really hard to judge. I think Kree had it though.

Amber Holcomb – A Moment Like This
by Kelly Clarkson

This was the second person singing the “winning” songs. And you know how I feel about that. I didn’t think Amber was terrible and she is well deserving of the 4th spot as far as her performance, but I wanted to put her like, 8th instead of 4th just FOR her song choice. I really didn’t want anyone to sing it for a multitude of reasons. There were so many other songs she could have sang and it bothered me to no end that she picked this one. She could’ve sang it more perfectly than Kelly (blasphemy) and no one would’ve noticed it because you just don’t compare anyone else singing that song, to Kelly Clarkson, and you get shot down when you do. Which is what should’ve happened. What shouldn’t have happened – that standing ovation and claims of “Best of the Night” – did we forget about Candice that quickly? I sure didn’t! Part of me almost feels like she’s trying to be Kelly or Jordin and she really needs to just breakaway and become her own person.

Winner – Kelly. Sorry Amber but there’s only one version of this song and it’s not yours. But you weren’t terrible, so congratulations.

These girls were definitely my Top 4, and in that order. I think 5th place is a tie between Burnell, Paul, and Devin so they’re reviews are in no particular order. My bottom were definitely Janelle, Lazaro and Curtis, in that order, much to my chagrin with regards to Laz.

Burnell Taylor – Flying Without Wings
by Ruben Studdard

Truer words were never spoken to Burnell by Jimmy – Commandment Numero Uno in the Iovine Bible – You gotta watch out with ballads because too many, and you’re out! Preach, Jimmy! I mean, it’s one thing with Devin because really he just does ballads, that’s him, and he’s going to live and die by the ballad and it’ll get him a solid 5th or 6th place and that’ll be it. Burnell has non-ballad potential which could lead to higher placement potential but he needs to capitalize on it. As for this particular song choice – ugh. I mean, there’s a reason nobody pays attention to Ruben anymore. This song is one of those reasons. If there’s one thing that a lot of these contestants have in common, it’s terrible song choices. Burnell was really just one of many but his was the worst as far as wow-factor. It was right for his voice and he sang it well, but it was just lethargic and boring.

And again with the acid wash! Dude.

Winner – Burnell, but beating Ruben isn’t really saying a lot.

Devin – Temporary Home
by Carrie Underwood

Thou shall be contemporary. Don’t limit yourself. (Second only to the aforementioned commandment #1 – which I think Devin is actually exempt from). He’s like Pia in that I expect nothing less than a ballad from him, but if you see yourself as a Josh Groban type, or even Michael Buble, as you say, there are still modern songs you can sing that fit that genre and don’t limit you. These are all general comments for Devin though. Performance wise, I thought this was a really good song for him. It was slow and maybe the wrong kind of ballad-y because there wasn’t really a chance to belt (which I’d like to see if he’s capable of), and I think it might’ve forced him to sing higher than what might be ok for him. I also felt, while I know he claimed to relate to the song, he didn’t really seem to sing with the emotion that I think the song requires.  Hopefully he won’t be given the boot but I can’t say it would totally surprise me because he just doesn’t have the fan base and he isn’t giving anything for the fans to latch on and associate with him.

Winner – Carrie Underwood (but I will say Devin put up a valiant fight).  I will say, was it just me or was the band a little off with him? Maybe he changed songs or something but something didn’t seem right to me with them.

Paul – Amazed
by Scotty McCreery

Jimmy Commandment #3 “If you don’t feel it, don’t force it” – Randy (stating more eloquently the words of Jimmy Iovine <- something I never thought I’d type). HOWEVER, Paul, forced? I don’t see that AT ALL. Strained maybe. But not forced. Are they synonyms?  I don’t mean them to be. Either way, the only thing Paul has going for him over Devin as far as who is safe this week is that Paul is hot. The thing with Paul though, is that when I’m listing out the Top 10, I always forget Paul. I get 9 out and then have to think about who I’m missing. And remember, Scotty really didn’t have THAT many slow songs, you shouldn’t either. I will say that I thought he was much improved over some of his previous songs as far as his vocals are concerned. Now he just needs to work on song choice and charisma!

Winner – Scotty again (but again, valiant effort by Paul, most improved)

Janelle Arthur – Gone
by Scotty McCreery

I screwed up my DVR a little and missed Janelle’s intro package and whatnot but I’m pretty sure I saw the whole song. I’ll give her praise as far as song choice because she was one of the few that picked something with a beat and was definitely NOT a ballad. So Janelle, that’s you being saved from coming in last, because I just feel like you are not singing well on this big stage. I haven’t really liked a performance of yours since you started singing on the big stages. I don’t know if it’s nerves, acoustics, I dunno, but I’m not a big fan. I just think compared to Angie and Kree, you lag behind severely. I’m glad you made it to the stage but you’re turning into a may-jor Kristy Lee Cook here. That means a dud.

Winner – Scotty.
Ps – As much as I hated her jacket/top thing, I loved her skirt!!! And her hair looked great. But those aren’t vocal compliments and I don’t give points for a beautiful mane.

Lazaro – Breakaway
by Kelly Clarkson

You seem to have a big following, but if you don’t pick the right songs, they won’t stick by you.  Jimmy should’ve added – also if you don’t sing well or sound like you’re taking a breath in between every note, they’re probably not going to stick by you then, either. Because to me, he sounded really breathy and at points, off pitch. While I think he’ll go farther than a lot of guys, he’s showing his weaknesses and definitely isn’t going Top 4, and to me he’d be LUCKY to make Top 7. That last note was pretty clutch though. And he did look like Ricky Ricardo tonight, but on the reg I’d say he’s still more of a Balki. Maybe he’s Balki meets Ricky meets Richard Alpert, obvs.

Winner – Kelly, by leaps and bounds. Sorry Laziboo.

Curtis Finch Jr. – I Believe
by Fantasia Barrino

Wants to be a modern Luther Vandross.

bored face

You don’t say? But what is modern about you Curtis? Your look? No. Your song choice? No. Your attitude? Ugh. His attitude reminds me of this guy that came in 4th on the first season of the Glee Project who now plays the character Unique. Of course he sings Fantasia. I warned them about being pretentious and not singing any of the winning songs, so of Curtis would be the one to do it (of 3 but he was on you just KNEW would do it). One of the believes was WAY off key too. And Randy’s comment about Curtis’ jacket only confirms my believe that Randy gave it to him from his personal collection of terrible clothes.

Winner – Fantasia.

 Remember if you want to be a part of the Idol pool, to get me your top 10 picks before the start of tonights episode! 

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