We have a Top 10!

After hearing the results of Idol last night…

map of baltimore

Probably in the case of the ladies, the test was really easy. In the case of the guys, I was vague enough so that I was still right. I think that still counts though.

Let’s take a gander at the Top 10 shall we?

So yes, I had Amber as a Wild Card, but I moved her to Top 5 after her performance, and I knew it would either be Curtis or Vincent so I was right in that regard too. Even though I would’ve much preferred it the other way around. That being said, I can’t imagine dude has a valid chance at winning so I’m ok with it being him in the Top 10 – although it makes me less likely to go see the tour, if there was a chance of be seeing it to begin with. It’s weird for someone who is as into Idol as I am, I’ve never had the motivation/want to go to a concert. I have by proxy seen a few perform but for the most part it’s been accidental. I guess I personally just like betting on Idol.

Let’s get to the Idol Pool talk though! If I know anything, it’s that Americans like betting! There’s the fantasy football, March Madness, the Oscar Pool, General Elections… I mean, American’s like winners. And winning. So why not extend it to the viewing of American Idol!

For the last few years, my friends and I have had a bracket (you may’ve seen me posting about it if you’ve read this blog before) to pick how we think the Top 10 will end up. I always think about not doing it but then people always come to me and ask to participate so once again, I’m bringing it to you! Basically, you just pick the contestants based on how you think they’ll finish. For example, here are some peoples picks from last year:


So as you can see, most people have varying opinions of who they think will win (I was player 1 and really wanted Skylar to win, but I was happy with Phillip Phillips, oh and Player 2 was our actual winner). You can pick based on your favorites or you can pick just based on who you think are Americas favorites. I tend to pick who I think are America’s favorites, because if the people I like end up doing well, it doesn’t bother me as much that I’m losing. haha. So, if you’re interested in playing, just respond to this post, or email me if you know who I am, with your picks. I just need them before they announce who’s getting voted off first. Since we’re already down to the Top 10 I would assume we’ll get that information next week, but with this whole “pick a wild card to go on tour” thing they’re doing, I’m not entirely sure when they’ll have the Results show from the Top 10 performances. Hopefully it’s next week!

Personally I wait until the Top 10 perform before making my picks, but I can tell you that it’s going to be heavy on the boys being the first to leave.

You’re more than welcome to get your picks in early if you already know who you want! As long as I get 10 people who want to participate, we’ll hold the bracket! I already have 5 so 5 more shouldn’t be all that hard! Hope to see you all participating!

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