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So did anyone else feel as if they’d lost two hours of their life after watching last nights episode of Idol? I honestly didn’t even want to write this post. I have other posts in the hopper that I’d much rather publish than a few paragraphs about last nights episode of Idol. It was uncomfortable. It was somewhat dull, and it makes me mad that the producers really think 5 guys are even WORTH keeping when there are already at least 3 girls who went home undeservedly. I feel like I can’t even sort my favorites from my least favorite because there certainly wasn’t anyone I really loved. There were many one or two performers I liked a little more than others, but I had problems with all of them. I guess I just miss the guys like Casey Abrams (and what was that other Casey? With the long flowing blonde, Phillip Phillips, Blake Lewis, Jason Castro, Michael Johns, Anoop Desai, even David Archuleta to some extent. The list goes on and on.  I mean, I was watching youtube videos (this, thisthis, and this – I recommend all of them) during half the show. Or yelling about how at 30 minutes left, there were only 2 more performers! Ugh. I didn’t even notice the show was almost over watching the girls. Mostly I just kept thinking that if a girl doesn’t win Idol this season, I’m going to be REALLY pissed off.

Ok so lets get to talking about these guys before the disappear off the Idol stage. Ok but first, just watch this youtube video of future Idol contestant, Kai, that was on Ellen. I love him so much.

Elijah “Rufio” Liu – Stay

I wanted to like Rufio’s performance. He most clearly had one of the best vocal performances of the night. My problem was more that the performance itself just felt so lethargic. I don’t know if I want him to go home or not. I’ve having a hard time deciding. Do you go with ability to entertain or good vocals? I mean, obviously you need both, but I think for the time being I’d vote him in, just because of the vocals and hope that the performance part picks up. I’d love to see him do maybe some upbeat Bruno Mars song (yes I know he sang Bruno Mars last week but it was another slow performance) like Marry You. I’ll apologize for not giving you any votes because I had honestly forgotten your performance and whether I liked you or not. If you make it to the next round, I promise to pay closer attention.

Burnell Taylor – I’m Here

Ok sorry Burnell, you’re singing a song you already sang??? I mean, I thought tonight was going to suck but really…

disgusted 2

Ironically, when I was googling the performance to see what it originally sounded like, the only performances I could find were from JHud and Fantasia! You sir, are no JHud. That being said, I did think you gave a great performance and I think compared to your audition, it did actually sound better, so I will at least acknowledge that there was some clear improvement. I think you’re a solid 5 way tie for my “slightly above average” performance of the night. While your song choice was one of my least favorite, I still think you’re far superior to the church hand loving Vincent and Curtis.

Ellen-Face Boddington – Iris

Man this song reminds me of high school, and my friend Cathy O’Neil. She was ob-sessed with the Goo Goo Dolls, she may still be. I’m not entirely sure. I thought it was a good song choice, especially compared to last week, and by the end of the performance I was pretty sure he’d be in my Top 5 but you know how I feel about piano performances. I reserved judgment until the remaining 6 contestants performed, but I think he was safely in for me (why isn’t there a drinking game on Idol for people saying “for me”, btw?). If Nick does make it through, he really needs to get through those awkward moments he’s been having. They aren’t too bad but they are gonna bring him down pretty quickly.

Paul Jolley – Just a Fool

I actually really liked this performance. I wasn’t too familiar with the song but man it was just different enough, in the right way! It was definitely a touch slow but his voice was pleasant. He also is the only “country-ish” guy this season so I could see him being safe for that – except that he’s up against a lot of girl country/pop talent, so if they do a side-by-side, Paul loses every time. Honestly I don’t see him making the top 5, but I’d be ok if he did.

Minor quick rant? KEITH!! Why are you stooping to Randy’s level? “What kind of artist do you see yourself as?” – ugh, why is this a question? Why do they have to know? I feel like it’s the football equivalent of asking your sexual preference! Please just stop it. If I ever hear this question again it’ll be too soon.


Lazaro Arbos – Feeling Good

I know this isn’t a Michael Buble song per se, but it’s one of my least favorite songs on Buble’s cd. For Lazaro, I did think it was an excellent song choice, especially compared to last week. But this is a song that we’ve heard no less than 5 times on Idol, and Laz wasn’t the best of those 5 but he wasn’t the worst. It was around this point in the night I noticed the strong 80s influence on the styling tonight. I know they said the guys don’t have stylists yet, but how does an entire night consist of so much acid wash, white jacket, hot pink combinations in one episode?

Sweater Vest Valez – It’s Impossible

This reminds me, I also watched this video… Ok so you guys know I love a piano. But one of my other favorite things? Well that’s a language change!! While this isn’t a swoon-worthy guy, switching to singing in Spanish? Totes swoon-worthy! Also his voice is right up there with Elijas! Maybe I should’ve put him closer to the top… meh.

Cortez Shaw – Locked Out of Heaven

I’m glad Nicki brought up the jean vest. But really, while how you look is important, you can’t just talk about his look in lieu of his music. So, how about we do that. Ok so while Elijah had the voice and not really the performance? I think Cortez was almost the opposite (almost because it still wasn’t a great performance) because it was just energetic and more fun than most of the contestants tonight.

Finchy – I Believe I Can Fly/Vincent Powell – End of the Road

Ok I love these songs. I mean, hello John T. Baker Middle School! I was just thinking that people should sing more R.Kelly (hence watching the Ignition Remix, as I noted above). I want to hate Finchy, and Vincent by proxy but when people make song choices like this it makes me hard for me to hate them. The runs though, maybe just a touch out of control, and remind me again why I wanted to hate them to begin with. These two are just Jacob Lusk and Joshua Ledet all over again. If I had to see one go through it would be Vincent, but something tells me I’ll be seeing both. Unfortunately. At least they did make good song choices though. I’ll give them that very small nod.

Charlie “Awkward Turtle” Askew – Mama


I can’t say anything about this boy. I mean, I could. I agreed with every single thing Nicki said. I’m just going to leave it to Mr. Slezak because he said it better than I ever could. After all, he gets paid for his reviews. Oh but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I thought Ryan handled that very well and it was endearing to see how sweet he was to Charlie and his little breakdown.


If he survives, which I suppose is unfortunately possible because people like a sob story, and pity votes are possible (see below) I think he should do a song by The Darkness or this particular Young the Giant song.

And now, the breakdown of how I voted (although as noted above, had I waited until this morning, I would’ve voted a lot differently).

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 10.33.03 PM (1)

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