America’s Top 20

Yes that’s right, the voting is now in the hands of America. And thank god. I’m a little mad that it seems like prior episodes, this next round will still be split up and the Top 10 will consist of 5 girls and 5 guys.

Now, I’ll admit that in many of the past season, it’s been an equal 5 in the Top 10, but many times, the numbers were off. And like those seasons, I believe the numbers should be off here too. If it were up to me, there should be about 7 girls and 3 guys, in the Top 10. They keep saying they want a girl to win Idol but if they really wanted a woman to win, wouldn’t they weight the deck in the womans favor? Not to mention, even without a weighting system in place, empirically, there are more women that deserve to be in the Top 10, than men. Maybe they’ll switch it up on me though and I’ll be in for a surprise and more girls will get to go into the Top 10. A girl can dream.

On thing I did recognize, that I think very well may be a calculated move, is that in the last 5 season, yes, 5 seasons, (and 6 total seasons) a white male has won the whole she-bang. Yet, if you look at the top money makers on American Idol: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson (not even a winner). This year, we only have 2 (maybe 2.5) white males competing. So the odds of it being a white male winner are already incredibly small. Especially when you’re looking at those two white males, Paul Jolley and Charlie Askew… if these two make it through to the Top 10, I’ll be just a little bit shocked. It will be interesting to see though, how the voting turns out as such. If the teeny bopper girls don’t have that young heartthrob (although I think Cortez Shaw has young heartthrob written all over his face), will the seasons viewership go even further down the tube?

I went through the Top 20 and re-watched their Sudden Death performances, and as many other youtube performances as I could find and I narrowed it down to my personal Top 10. In the girls, I picked wild cards based on the two extras I’d pick if the numbers didn’t have to be even. In the men, I picked wild cards because I honestly think they do have a chance over the Top 5 I picked, even though they probably aren’t who will make it. And yes, I picked based on who I think will win, not who I may want to win.



It was hard to pick because there are people on that might have more trouble because they are getting the same voting pool. For example, Finchy/Vincent, or Breanna/Aubrey/Amber. I’d say Kree and Janelle but I think they’re different types on country and won’t pull from the same pool. There’s also the girl and guy I’ll call the “Vote for the Worst” wild card: Big Crazy Barb and Charlie Askew. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Charlie go further (which is the only reason I also gave him a wild card), and he’s fun to watch where his singing may be lacking, so it’s always possible he’ll get the sympathy votes, and there’s clearly a faction that’s obsessed with Big Crazy Barb so I can’t say I’d be shocked if she went through.

But, time, and the performances will tell! Oh, and you know how I was giving you all the twitter names of all my favorites? Well of course they all now have their official American Idol twitter handles. To see the info and to keep up on their progress, you can get all their information here, also, in “Articles I Wish I’d written” updates, this is a really funny “Ten Commandments” of how to win American Idol. It’s worth a quick glance over if nothing else. I feel that since I write this blog, it’s my duty to follow all of them. Hopefully I won’t regret it! haha.

** Update – 1 hour later and I regret it already. I had to unfollow.


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