Sudden Death, Part 2 of 4

Small confession, I really only half watched the episode since my oldest best friend (who also happens to watch Idol) came in to town and we have a rough time shutting up and just watching TV when we haven’t been face to face for almost a year. Also, we were playing with my phnephew.

Meet Aidan, my phnephew

Meet Aidan, my phnephew

He likes Idol too, but he was coming off a pretty long car trip and was beginning his love affair with my puppies, so his attention was limited except for when Disney commercials came on. His commentary, also included, though limited.

Ok so before we talk about any of the boys tonight (that aren’t named Aidan), can we just talk about a man named Jimmy?


He’s seriously my favorite person on this show. I know I’ve said it 100 times, but it’s like, no matter if  you have a thing for a certain singer or not, you know he’s always right. Always. I think the only reason he’s not a judge is because he’s just too good. And he’s a great mentor.

The guy just oozes talent.  Now lets talk about some other people that ooze talent, shall we? Since I did it with the girls, I decided to keep it the same and sort the contestants from favorite to least favorite.

Charlie Askew “Rocket Man”

Your weirdness, your awkwardness, it excites me. I’m 100% bias. I know my infatuation with you will probably be short lived since you aren’t the best singer and probably won’t be on the show too long, but I’ll embrace you while I can. I know, Randy was probably right (insert me killing myself here), in that my biggest pet peeve of the show is when people talk about how great a performance is when the singing is horrible, but in this particular case, I just have to eat my own words. Because, to quote phnephew, Randy is the worst. And because I love Charlie, and awkward turtles, and everything else.  I’m so happy he at least goes to the live fan vote. I really thought they would wait and make him go last so when he went 3rd with 2 spots left and I knew he was safe, all was right with the world! Thank you Nicki for being such a convincing! I’m sure you had a lot to do with it.

Finchy “Superstar”

Ugh. Seriously, I just hate this guy. Yes, his voice is good. Yes, he was probably the best voal of the night, but he has a Jacob Lusk face problem and I just don’t think he’s genuine. At least Joshua seemed genuine. I’ll never claim to have liked Jacob. I see Finchy and I just think…


I can only hope his bad/fake attitude is enough to get him off the show. He certainly can’t be gaining any fans, right?

Devin Velez “Listen”

I remembered this kid from group night but not really his voice, just his face. That being said, I thought he was a really great singer. His sweater was a touch on the Mr. Rogers side, and upon googling, I think cardigans are just kind of his thing…


but everything Finchy lacks in sincerity, Devin seems to have it in spades. I could definitely see him going far. Had I seen him prior to tonight, he probably would’ve made my Top 5 off the bat.

Kevin Harris “(Everything I Do) I Do it For You”

Ok I immediately liked Kevin. I know it was mostly the song choice but  his look and voice as well. He was the only person I was upset with, about leaving. And to be honest, I was agreeing with Randy most of the night (as much as it shames me to say it), but not at ALL when it came to Kevin.

Paul Jolley  “Tonight I Wanna Cry”

I didn’t realize that this was a Keith Urban song, and I was worried immediately, that this was going to be another slow night. That being said, when a slow song is done well, it’s far less boring, and I thought Jimmy made the right choice by allowing Paul to stay. I really think the tie was between Paul and Johnny Keyser, so I’m really glad Jimmy got to pick, and chose Paul. I think had Paul not been safe, Johnny would’ve been. Barf. God he’s the worst.

I had a hard time sorting through my bottom 5, but I think it was safe to say who my least favorite was, so I was super pissed when somehow he was magically safe. I mean, seriously? Seriously? If I have to take Elijah to keep Charlie, I’ll deal.

Johnny Keyser  “I Won’t Give Up”

I hate this guy. Yes, he’s a good singer, he just creeps me out. He has rapist eyes (just google it). And I was very happy to agree with Randy on his one! Way to agree that he’s not good! Now I may start to like you. #thatsalie


Jimmy Smith “Raining On Sunday”

I honestly didn’t really hear this surfer country guy sing but he wasn’t doing anything for me. No harm no foul.

J’DA – “Rumor Has It”

Ok let me just say something abour J’DA. I don’t like him, his voice isn’t anything amazing and his performance was more like a “routine” in that it seemed very planned out down to the facial expressions. BUT, I liked that at least he put effort into it, it was far more exciting than anything we’ve seen the last two nights (except for a few select moments) but I mean at least it wasn’t dull.

I didn’t like those pants at all.  Or the weird back of his shirt, or the sweaty glitter.

Chris “Sooo Not the Turbinator” Watson “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”

This look was like an ice skaters outfit. I think his downfall was his outfit. And maybe the song choice. Definitely could’ve been a LOT better. I feel like this was the first time I heard him sing but it didn’t do anything for me either.

Elijah Liu “Talking to the Moon”

Ok so seriously, how did people think it was good? It was like a bad Michael Jackson look, a bad Michael Jackson voice, and had he actually sang a Michael Jackson song, I might’ve been into it, but I wasn’t. I guess it was a bit of a Bruno Mars look to some extent, but maybe the fact that he didn’t totally pull it off, made me think Michael. I loved when my pal Michael Slezak said “And when I have to type the words “Randy made sense” (in that order), it’s time to wrap up the paragraph and consider a pint glass full of gin.” In this case it seems Randys opinion lost out.


I think it’s safe to say that clearly the producers are keeping some of the favorites for next week. I think only 2 of my Top 10 (and 2 more if you include my Top 12) performed this week. Next week is sure to be thrilling People I’m most excited about seeing HAVE to be Gupreet and Melinda because I think they’ll at least have exciting performances.

Bring on next week!

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