Sudden Death, Part 1 of 4

So in the theme of Season 12, there was an all new feature. Sudden Death. It’s my favorite thing when it comes to sports, so how could it be bad in Idol? Well, first and foremost, it wasn’t really sudden death. Let’s clarify what sudden death is…


I realize that’s the sports definition, but compared to the medical definition… or so I thought…

sudden death medical

Maybe the medical definition was a touch more accurate. I say that because I don’t really believe any of these contestants were “tied” when it came to talent. It was actually very simple for me to pick the top 5 performances of the night. That’s not to say the judges agreed with me, but it wasn’t hard to decide.  I guess when I heard sudden death, I was thinking more along the lines of, two contestants sing and then one is picked. Rather than all 10 performing and then picking 5. I mean, this is produced so that could easily have been done. Oh well.

I say that it was more like the medical definition because within an hour of discovering who some of these girls were, they had already faced their death in the competition (I’m looking at you Jenny Beth and Kamaria).

There were things that I liked about tonights episode. I liked that we would definitively know which 5 would go by nights end (even though it would take what seemed like an exhaustingly long 2 hours), the celebrity doppelgangers, how Mariah had a way of critiquing all of Randy’s critiques, that some of the contestants I hadn’t heard of, performed really well (Adriana and Amber),and that the one and only Jackée Harry, was live tweeting it! And she was pretty spot on (you can see her review at the bottom of the page!

Now, the worst part? Well, obviously there was the part about it being 2 hours. There were the incredibly BORING song choices. God were they boring. And finally there were the outfits/styling, which in general are always terrible so I’ll forget that little nugget. Oh, and there was that part where Tenna made it through and Brandy Hotard didn’t. I have a theory about that though.

I’ve put the performances in order of how much I liked them.

Angela Miller “Nobody’s Perfect”

By far my favorite performance of the night. And me thinks Ang is a fan of the one and only Jessie J. It did make me sad when I heard the piano, but then looked up from my computer and realized she wasn’t playing it. I guess she can’t have that same “original song” performance every week, which obviously stuck with the judges – which was actually pretty bothersome to me. The judges didn’t take into consideration anyone elses past performances, so why focus so heavily on hers? It’s not like she needed more praise than she got last week. But I digress. This girl could win for so many reasons. She really is a complete package, and that package is named Miley Cyrus (aka – Angies celebrity doppelganger).


Kree Harrison “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)”

While I believe Ang had the performance of the night, Kree had the vocals of the night. I still think MamaSox has the ultimate version of this song but Kree gave her a run for her money. I think MamaSox only wins because she also played the guitar. My only thing with her overall performance, and really I wouldn’t even call it a thing because as long as you can sing your styling shouldn’t matter… but… it does. I thought her styling seemed… like it lacked effort? I feel bad saying that because it’s a COMPLETE double standard. When Phillip Phillips wore a grey shirt the entire season, I kind of liked the shtick. So why I feel like Kree should have to be styled well, I’m working on it. I know you’re in there somewhere feminism.
Celebrity Doppelganger: the girl who played the good step-sister in Ever After (Melanie Lynskey)


Amber Holcomb “My Funny Valentine”

Of the unknown contestants I thought Ambers was most definitely the best. I thought she looked familiar, then I realized the younger her, has tried out before (she lost out to Shannon Magrane in group night – seriously who was picking the contestants then? ugh). I liked her a lot and she handled the version of that song very well, but I didn’t like that version of the song AT ALL. I do think she did a wonderful job, just didn’t like the version of the song. I just know it as the version Frank Sinatra sings, and it’s not my favorite song when he sang it either. I do have to mention that a lot of people thought Melinda Doolittle did this song way better. I didn’t remember that performance but I’ll take twitters word for it.

 Adriana Latonio “ Ain’t No Way”


Another new girl, the Alaskan (I have a thing for Alaskans). Now, was it just me or was this girl just straight up Jessica Sanchez, Redux? The dress and look (and voice) is very Jessica Sanchez. I mean, take a look…  Idol doppelganger says what?


Anyway, as far as performance, it was definitely the best performance of the first 3, but since we’re comparing her to Jessica, I think it’s safe to say she’ll never win. Safely in the Top 20, sure. Winner? Not so much.I  think Nicki pinged on what Jenny Beth didn’t have (besides the voice) that Adriana oozes, when she said she didn’t see an ounce of fear in Adriana. And you know why that is? Alaskans be CRAZY! Seriously. Go to YouTube and search “Crazy Alaskans” if you’re looking for something to do with your afternoon.

 Isabelle  “God Bless This Child”

Rounding out my Top 5 performances was difficult. I could decide between Brandy/Shubha/Isabelle. I went with Isabelle because well… honestly I don’t know. I just felt like she’d beat out the other two. I think Keith won me over with his comment of, “Let that performance be the key to the side of his car.” I’m sorry you didn’t make it but let me give you a little piece of advice, if you’re going to go by one name, don’t use Isabelle.

Celebrity Doppelganger: Any of the Real Housewives that is also blonde. Preferably from the OC Cast. Except she can sing.

So I wasn’t completely off about my Top 5, and really I wasn’t sure Isabelle would make it into the Top 5. I  sure as hell wasn’t thinking she’d be replaced by Tenna. Ugh. UGHHHH!!! I’m 1 for 1 with my Top 5 overall girls though, and I’ll take that! Now I just have to hope that the other 4 have some solid performances next week! As for the bottom, they’re in order of favorite to least favorite as well.


Brandy Hotard “Anymore”

I was happy to see her performance because she was the first of the night that I liked and want to succeed! I did agree with Nicki that it was a bit of a pageant performance, but that being said, look at her, I want to see her smile. I don’t want to see her sad and pathetic.I guess I’ll just say it was the wrong song choice. It would’ve been better seeing her sing something with some more pep.
Celebrity Doppelganger: Some chick from the Bachelor (which I’ve never seen an episode of but I can agree the resemblance is uncanny) To me she’s more Katie Holmes meets Jennifer Tilly.


Shubha Vedula “Born This Way”


While we hadn’t seen her a lot, she was totally one of my faves from the audition rounds! I had really high hopes for her. If nothing else the judges could’ve at least given her some credit for a somewhat more unique song choice and an original, not totally boring arrangement. My problem with the performance, besides it being a touch all over the place, was that it was just so slow. I liked the passion she had but could it have killed her to speed it up just a little bit? I was hoping that the piano was just her starting slow and then it would speed up and get fun, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Tenna Torres “Soulmate”


Best tweet of the night. And probably how she should’ve placed in order of the 10 performances of the night. I have to words for why Tenna made it into the Top 5. Camp Mariah. Mariah gave me a hint when she was talking to Kree (I think it was Kree) about how she didn’t like her but whatever, she was through. I think Mariah used Kree as her leverage to say, if you’re going to make me pick Kree, I want my Camp Mariah girl. I suppose I can deal with that. I mean, someone needs to be voted off first. And whoever the stylist is for the night – what’s with the Toddlers & Tiaras hair and make-up? At least Nicki is acknowledging that the hair is atrosh.

Kamaria Ousley “Mr. Know it All” 

I literally have nothing nice to say about this performance. She would’ve been last place but I figured out that Kamaria was the girl from the Candice Glover group on group night, and that was a great performance, so at least I know she had one good moment at some point.

Jenny Beth Willis “Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love”

Easily tied for the worst of the night. She seemed really flat, to me. Her lacked passion and wreaked of nerves.  She’s no Kelly Clarkson, that’s all I’m saying. I have a feeling that by tomorrow I will have already forgotten her.


And finally, in case you were wondering what Jackée Harry’s thoughts were, and I mean, really, who wasn’t – here it is!

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 9.36.48 PM



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