Meet your Top 20 Girls


There they are! My personal Top 5 girls. They were entirely easier to pick that the boys so I think that bodes well for them. I hope so anyway. Let’s meet them a little more in depth than we have so far, shall we? After all, there are winners to be picked before you know it! I’ve placed them in order of my favorites, relatively speaking.

Melinda Ademi (19, Yonkers, NY)

Obviously we know she tried out before and was cut before the live shows (I forgot about her whole Kosovo childhood) started but I definitely think she’s a contender for the Top 12 (or whatever number the live shows start at) – If you check out her youtube page, she’s got a pretty good version of Moves Like Jagger. Better than her Adele and Beyoncé covers.

Angela Miller (18, Beverly, MA)

She’s got a lot of piano on her youtube page and first checked out Falling Slowly. She’s a little chorus-y, and there’s a reason her brother isn’t on Idol, but then I found this Bonnie Raitt cover and I remembered why I like her so much. Not to mention she has some pretty hilarious faces that she makes while she’s singing. I didn’t notice it until I had to pause a few times while watching some of her songs. It’s pretty comical, I’m assuming not purposefully though.

Janelle Arthur (23, Oliver Springs, TN)

Janelle doesn’t have a youtube page, but she is apparently an organization. That’s a girl that’s got her stuff together, and if this is your third golden ticket, I guess that’s understandable. They even have the answer to “Who is Janelle Arthur?” in case you were wondering. I know I was.

Rachel Hale (21, Prescott, AR)

So, unlike, Rachel is the Real.Com. And since I’ve never heard of a song called “Football is King” I’m going to assume she performs original music. Also, I had to bring this up because it cracked me up. Ok, so remember when Phillip Phillips auditioned and I googled “panty melter” and a bunch of grey shirts came up, well when you google “Rachel Hale”, you get this:


Yes folks, that’s a bunch of pink kitten and puppy pictures. I think it’s appropriate though, no? I mean, she’s as adorable as a little puppy dog. Apparently there’s also a Rachel Hale in the UK that designs things for animal lovers. Good to know.

Candice Glover (23, St. Helena Island, SC)

She’s an interesting follow on twitter. I mean, how can I dislike someone who has a montage of Kim Kardashian crying?  I want to like her but she’s just not my favorite. I have a feeling she’ll be in the Top 12 though, so here she is.

So, those are my Top 5 girls.

Now, since they usually go out to a Top 12, I wanted to actually pick 6 girls, but I couldn’t decide who I’d pick for my 6th, so you got a top 5 and now a list of my two alternates for the 6th spot. I’d be happy if either of these girls made it through.

Brandy Hotard (26, Port Allen, LA)

Not a big online presence at all, and I couldn’t find a twitter page (she has FB but obviously it’s private). I did find this awesome pageant picture though. So at least she’s already won at something! Unfortunately that just makes me think she’ll be a less good Pia Toscano, singing ballads and wearing gowns if she makes it to the Top 12, not that I’m completely opposed to that.


Shubha Vedula (17, Mt. Pleasant, MI)

Well she has a twitter but it seems it may’ve just been created at the start of American Idol. Nothing wrong with that – everyone has to start somewhere. She’s my final quasi-hopeful for the Top 12. I’m not sure if I like her yet because we really only saw her audition and then like, another 30 seconds worth throughout the episodes that followed. I think I do like her though. She seems fun and unique.

The rest of the list of girls looks like this.

Juliana Chahayed (15, Woodland Hills, CA) – the youngest contestant. We’ve only seen about 5 seconds of this girl.
Cristabel Clack (29, San Antonio, TX) – the one with the coolest hair. She was the worship leader and has some great videos on her twitter page.
Aubrey Cleland (19, West Linn, OR) – She was in Shubha’s group on group night but that’s all I know about her. Here’s her youtube page if you wanna get a feel for how she sings.
Kree Harrison (22, Nashville, TN) – I think we all know who she is from the solo auditions.
Jett Hermano (25, Seattle, WA) – My tiny Asian girl! How is she 25? Check out her Ne-Yo cover. Also, maybe she’s not Asian? But she is tiny!
Isabelle Pasqualone (22, Duluth, GA) – formerly Christine. She doesn’t have her last name on the show, but that’s what google is for.
Big Crazy Barb (20, Tulsa, OK) – aka Zoanette Johnson
Tenna Torres (28, Queens, NY) – Camp Mariah girl
Amber Holcomb (18, Houston, TX) – I have no idea who this girl is (or the girls listed after her)
Adriana Latonio (17, Anchorage, AK)
Kamaria Ousley (29, Oakland, CA)
Breanna Steer (18, Laplace, LA)
Jenny Beth Willis (17, Owensboro, KY)

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