Meet the Top 20 Guys


So, picking the Top 5 guys was WAY harder than picking the Top 5 girls. Not because there were so many it was hard to narrow it down, more because it was hard for me to pick 5 because after the top 5, they all kind of blended together for me. I remember hot ones (Josh Holiday, Paul Jolley), I remember ones that were dicks but had good voices (Finchy), and there were people I hated from last season and still don’t know how they were even allowed back to compete (Yes, Johnny Keyser, I’m looking at you). Luckily, my Top 5, were very easy to pick! Whether they make it to the live shows is debatable, but they’re my Top 5 and I wouldn’t trade them.

Ok so lets talk about the guys.

Lazaro Arbos (21, Naples, FL)

Ok so first and foremost, a lot of these contestants already have a growing fanbase, but I think Lazaros take the cake. They call themselves #Lazis and I think they’re one of the keys to him making it in the live shows, because he’s going to be on the live shows. Other things he has going for him? Well, he can rock a bowtie, he’s very handsome, and he does have the sympathy vote. I know it’s not something I like to focus on but it’s hard to not feel for his story. I’m a heart-hardened person when it comes to sob stories on the show and he’s one of the few that got to me. He also has some famous friends – aka, Jessica Sanchez!


I don’t know how they know each other but it can’t hurt to know someone who knows the system! Through twitter you can tell a lot of past Idol contestants have favorites every season but I feel like it’s rare that they would actually know each other (how well they know each other isn’t something I know, but they’ve at least met twice. haha).

Charlie Askew (17, Little Rock, AR)

Oh you sassy ging! Now, I don’t have the same certainty that I have with Lazaro, but I think that the fan girls that wouldn’t be into Lazaro, would be into Charlie. They both kind of have the outcast vote, but Lazaro is also hot, so he has that working for him, where Charlie has to hold onto his weirdness, which I don’t think will be hard for him. And while he may not be friends with Jessica Sanchez, he has a fan in another Idol contestant…


Now, you may ask why I personally love Charlie? He’s sassy. By reading his recently created fan blog I discovered that he plays the drums, guitar, piano and bass. I love a musician that’s ALSO a singer! But, the most importantly, and how this escaped my knowledge is beyond me – he’s in a barbershop quartet. Um, what? Did he mention that and I just completely missed it???

The Four Reps outside

Still don’t believe me?


Nick Boddington (27, Memphis, TN)

If I don’t look at Nick, I really like him. He kind of creeps me out. His eyes are piercing in like, the wrong way. And he’s bald-ish, which I’m not a fan of. Although he does look better bald, than with hair. Luckily for him (and me), his voice is wonderful. I’ve liked him since last season and was mad when he got cut then, so obvs, I hope he makes it through this year. Check out his lovely cover of Jeff Buckley’s Grace, on youtube. Oh also found on youtube, he sang with Janelle Arthur for the troops in Kuwait!


Can we just talk about this “Icons World Tour” for a second? It’s like a who’s who of people who didn’t make it on Idol. I feel like I recognize 90% of those names! Man, Jen Hirsh, come back into my life!

Mathenee Treco (26, Aurora, CO)

Much like Nick, I wanted Mathenee to make it through last season, and honestly, I think if I had to choose between Nick and Mathenee, it would be Mathenee for me. Reasons I love him?

1. He played Frankenfuter in Rocky Horror, and rocked the lingerie.

2. He’s a self starter and a kick-starter!

3. Um… have you seen him? I can’t decide if he’s a hot contestant, or the hottest contestant.

Please go far, Mathenee!! I still want a girl to win, but you can be in the Top 4 or something. Thanks.

Gurpreet Singh (22, Potomac, MD)

Ok so I know this guy has a long climb to make it into the Top 12. BUT. I mean, come on. The Turbinator. Need I say more? Ok I will. He has a sick Turban, he plays the guitar, I’m already following him on twitter, and he has a fan in Casey Abrams. And yes, he does have #BeardSwag


Oh, and he has a cover of one of my favorite John Legend songs! (It starts around the 2 minute mark)


If I were to pick a 6th, it would be based on hotness, and not voice, so I didn’t think it was fair to pick a 6th guy. In lieu of that, I’ll just say, Josh Holiday and Paul Jolley, you are hot. Really, really hot.

Burnell Taylor (19, New Orleans, LA) – Ok, he’d probably be my 6th.
Curtis Finch Jr. (24, St. Louis, MO) – I just don’t like you, or your attitude. But, you have a great voice, so congratulations on that.
Johnny Keyser (24, Pompano Beach, FL) – I don’t like you either, but I don’t think you’re a dick.
Kevin Harris (28, Montgomery, AL) – I don’t know who this is but I like his dreads.
Josh Holiday (24, Celeste, TX) – Hot Boy, baby you got what I need!
J’DA (27, Chicago, IL) – I’ve seen this guy and his unique outfit choices but I haven’t really heard him sing so I’ll give him a chance until then.
Paul Jolley (22, Palmersville, TN) – Another hottie bo bottie.
Vincent Powell (29, Austin, TX) – Unless a second guy also named Vincent Powell auditioned for Idol, this guy has gone through a serious weight loss. Good on ya! Good luck!
Cortez Shaw (21, Dallas, TX) – Really like this kid. Could’ve been a 7th. Sups cute, I think he also tried out last year. He sang Rihanna in his audition.
Jimmy Smith (25, Waynesboro, TN) – I like to call him “The guy with the ugly hair”. The REALLY ugly hair.

Bryant Tadeo
(23, Hilo, HI) – I love a Hawaiian contestant! I don’t know who you are though. Or who the rest of these guys are, but good luck to all of them!
Chris Watson (25, Fords, NJ)
David Willis (21, Mount Dora, FL)
Elijah Liu

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