American Idol – A Day to Fall in Love

It was fitting that Idol would choose to air their last night of Hollywood week on Valentine’s day, because it gave me a chance to fall in love all over again. To remind me that occasionally the show actually IS about the contestants, and finding that one that you really LOVE! It’s interesting how they started the first three girls with completely different styles but still amazingly stunning voices. THIS is how you find the next American Idol. This is how you remind American how amazing the girls can be! I almost felt like I was watching the finale, just in the first 3 auditions.

Who knew there was so much creativity oozing out of the contestants tonight. Three original songs (some better than others), tons of amazing performances (for many reasons, all uniquely their own)… so lets get started!

I liked that of the seeming front runners of the show, that we’ve actually seen multiple performances of theirs. Angela is the only one we didn’t see in auditions and that’s a nice feeling, to be at the final part of Hollywood week and not going – now who is that person? I’m not saying that didn’t happen, but at least it didn’t happen with the best singers of the night.

Angela Miller – You Set Me Free – And you DO Angela! You set me free! You give me life! How are you only 18 years old? And you play the piano? Damn girl!  You’ll recall she was the one with hearing problems which she mentioned right off the bat, and honestly she was barely one of my favorites after her audition. I don’t think she really stood out until her group night performance. And even then I mean,  you could tell her voice was good but still, she didn’t stand out as much as her other group member Janelle. But today… I just have one question for you, because I am in love.


Was this really only the first solo audition? I almost wish it was the last one I’d seen! I could’ve easily ended the night right there. Side note though – was this song about Jesus? Ugh. Not another Colton Dixon, PLEASE! I don’t think she will be though.

Candice Glover – Girl is on Fire – Um, yeah, the girls are on fire! Wowza. If anyone was going to follow Angela up, I think Candice was quite the choice (and sorry I kept spelling your name Candace. M’bad). I didn’t expect anything less from Candice and I think with her losing at the end of Vegas last year, she just has that much more drive to make it to the live stage, and based on her last 3 solo performances, I don’t see how she won’t.

Janelle Arthur – I Told You So – Janelle. Janelle. Janelle. Janelle. Janelle. Word. The only thing that bothered me about Janelle, was that this wasn’t Rachel performing (and would foreshadow a possible fate of the ever chipper, Rachel Hale). Janelle didn’t stand out to me until group night but you could just tell on group night that this girl was going to go far in this competition and I assume, pending any epic disasters in Vegas, we’ll be seeing her on the live stage.

Big Crazy Barb – Original Song that I’m not going to attempt to spell – Little did Nicki know (or maybe she knew all too well) how foreboding the nickname of “Big Crazy Barb” would be. I had so many mixed feelings about this performance. None of them being that she’s a good singer and deserves to go through for that reason. I mean, she does suck, right? I’m not the crazy one here. Yeah, she’s definitely a character. To make up a song literally as you’re performing, to sit down at the drums? To be perfectly honest, it’s like she has the crazy of of Whitney, Tina, and um that weird lady that sang with Jessica Sanchez in the final of last season whose name escapes me… JENNIFER HOLLIDAY! YES, that was the crazy person…

Jennifer Holliday-Jessica Sanchez2

I never realized how scared Jessica Sanchez looked…

anyway, if you combined all those people at their craziest, that would be Big Crazy Barb…. but I can’t deny, I’m drawn the the crazy y’all. HOWEVER  that’s NOT to say I think she should’ve gone through. I think I need to take a little page out of Michael Slezaks review when he said: Mariah was way too generous when she said “people will be looking at this performance for years to come” — unless by “people” she meant “Zoanette” and by “looking at” she meant “repeatedly playing on YouTube during breaks from her inevitable desk job.”

So then, they judged the group (but was that even necessary, obviously they’d all be through). Glad to see the tiny Asian (Jett, you say?) I liked was through too, even though I feel like we’ve heard her sing about .5 seconds.

Shubha Vedula – When You Believe – It’s kind of amazing to just hear awesome after awesome after awesome tonight (with some side shows thrown in). Twenty minutes in and we’ve yet to see a non-entertaining performance. Not a great song choice but probably not the worst either. And she’s so pretty!

Juliana Chahayed (sp?) – Landslide – She was good from what little I heard of it. Not exactly critique worthy but I guess we’ll see more of her in Hollywood?

Melinda Ademi – Pricetag – Can I just say that I straight up LOVE this girl? She just seems so much fun. Her voice, her style, I just like it all. I could see her on Glee. I could see her rocking out on Idol. Maybe it’s also that I love this song, but she did sing it well and I really just straight up enjoy her. If Angela backs out as my Valentine, I’d want it to be Melinda. And honestly, Melinda seems like the better person when it comes to picking song choice. I wonder what she auditioned with because I don’t remember seeing her in the auditions, but they did show her audition from last season.

Kree Harrison – Stars – For your deceased parents, ey? I’m hoping that she makes it just because it’s not typical to see the sob story this far into the show, only to not have you be on the show. Why the sob story was necessary I’m not sure, because her voice held its own. I was a little worried for her when Keith said he had to fight for you… does he have that argumentative power that Nicki clearly has? I guess so, because she made it through! Good deal. I was pretty sure she would.

Rachel Hale – Undone (a Haley Reinhart song, folks) – So it came down to Rachel Hale vs. Stephanie Shimel (singing Phillip Phillips, no less)? How this was even an option of competitor was a little beyond me. I still remember Nicki saying she just didn’t see Stephanie as a star, and in group night even Stephanie herself was perplexed as to how she was safe. And to compete against Rachel who we never saw a bad performance be? But hearing Rachels performance from the solos that was conveniently left out until this moment, it definitely wasn’t up to par with what it had been. I guess at least they’re giving her a second choice. I think you just have to give it to Rachel based solely on past performances. I’m glad that I was right.

And then there were the ones who didn’t make it. I only want to talk about one of them. And thy name is Kez Ban.

 Instead of walking the earth with shoes, they walk with words and measures. – Kez Ban


I wanted the original song to be like her audition song, Azure Sky, but it just wasn’t. I felt like it even sounded like a swan song of sorts. Even though Kez Ban didn’t make it, I still like her world view.What a great way to talk about song writing. That all being said, after seeing Big Crazy Barb and then Kez Ban, and then she gets the boot without a group coming out?


Sad panda needs a hug. Or a job, apparently. I am glad that I got to experience a small part of what is Kez Ban. You were a fun person to watch while you lasted. And I liked your creativity.

Sorry Ashlee, Brianna, Sarina-Joi, Lauren Mink and those other nameless girls sent on their way.

As for the guys we had to see go, (Peter Garrett, Marvin Calderone, Devin Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will White, Tony Foster, David Leathers, Jr., and Adam Sanders) – Good bye sweet friends. I’ll miss Marvin, and Peter looks like a cute kid. David too, to some extent, but remember David, you didn’t get to the same spot as last season. Last season you made it to Hollywood. Sorry for your luck!

Couple of thoughts at the end of the episode

Ok, and can we all just agree we would’ve loved seeing an a show of just Big Crazy Barb and Kez Ban, shopping? I really think that could’ve been hilarious.

And, I watched this show this morning, not live, and I finished it in 30 minutes, and that’s not even including fast forwarding parts of the show, which I tend to do. How I watch this show live is beyond me? Thank god for chatting with friends at commercials or there’s no way!

And just a note about next week. And just so you know, I have some friends coming into town Thursday so I will probably be spending Wednesday frantically cleaning my house and Thursday, entertaining, but I’ll still try to post on time. Just no promises! Friends first, friends.

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