American Idol – Hollywood Men, Take II

Here’s the thing with this group of guys, and a lot of recappers have said this (and I for one completely agree) – The reason it seems, that the guys have been separated from the girls this season for Hollywood is to pit the world against the men and get a WOMAN as America’s Idol this year. I was hoping that was the reasoning. And after watching tonight, I realize there must be a few we still haven’t seen yet, but no one except maybe Lazaro (and I have my doubts about him for other reasons) really stood out as a possibility. By the end of Hollywood last year I already had a lady boner for Phillip Phillips and while I have like, a minor lady boner for a few of the contestants from last night (I’m looking at you Mathenee and Nick, ok and you too Cortez), I still remember ladies that I liked more than all of them. That being said, we all know that time will tell! And most of the voters are cute little girls. Luckily, I think we have a few of the Taylor Swift types that could get those girls voting for them.

Now as for tonight, just a few things before we start with the episode. I feel like I’m about to fight with half of twitter for a multitude of reasons.

First and foremost, the Turbinator is NOT a terrorist. Sikhism is NOT synonymous with terrorism, and neither is wearing a turban. For all you idiots saying that “This is AMERICAN Idol, not Terrorist Idol” – go eat a dick. Not to mention this guy is from Potomac, MD. I realize no one that follows ME on twitter thinks this, but I can’t respond to all the idiots who say that, so I’m just going to say it here and be done with it.

Secondly. for all the Nicki Minaj haters on twitter, ok yes, her voice is terrible. I get that. And the British accent is weird. I’m just not drinking the Nicki Minaj haterade. Michael Slezak took a little time at the beginning of his article this morning to talk about Nicki and I completely agree with his statements –


That all being said – What in the HELL was that outfit last night? You all know that Randy is usually the butt of most of my fashion jokes (and I still think some of his outfit choices will always be my least favorite) but her outfit  looked like she’s hiding from the FBI. It’s like if RuPaul made her own groucho marx costume for an 80s party. Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head.

I love you Robin Sparkles!

Not bad huh? I think it’s a pretty good guess, if nothing else. I know it’s weird to say that this was the worst of all her fashion faux pas (especially after her “robes” from the Grammy’s last year) but this was most definitely one of the ugliest. At least it wasn’t a meat dress, I guess.

Ok that’s all for now. Oh wait, and this made me laugh. It’s true. I mean, it’s really a travesty that it’s on at the same time as Parks and Rec.


Ok that’s all my random thoughts. Ok no it’s not. This also made me giggle.

Hey there Griffin Peterson!

I promise, I’m done. At least until I’m done writing about the contestants. Let’s talk about the performances!

Paul Jolley – Blown Away – And for such a song title, Blown Away I was not. His voice was fine but honestly – no one cares what you have to say. At least not now. Maybe Vegas week. Nicki is right. It’s a turn off. Give us professionalism. I liked what MJsBigBlog said – “Fake it til you make it, kids!”

Lazaro Arbos – Edge of Glory – Ok that jacket needs to go like, yesterday Laz (who I’ve also dubbed Balki), but I do love you. This is not Miami Vice. I could’ve said the same for Paul but Lazaro really brought it to the forefront.

Finchy – Jar of Hearts – This was my second favorite performance of Jar of Hearts, of the evening. (sidenote  – really, 3 people sang Jar of Hearts? There weren’t THAT many people – how many songs do you have to pick from and 3 people pick this song?) Ok back to Finchy. I don’t think his goal is to reach people. After seeing him yesterday in groups, I think his goal is just to make money, he just fits into the “Church” group so that’s where he’s coming from. I’m sorry but people who say they’re all about Jesus, and then saying he hopes his competition just goes home because they’re sick? Sorry, you have a good voice but your attitude is a little on the toxic side. I’m sure the judges don’t see that though, not yet. The public does though – and we’re who will be voting for you. Just remember that Finchy.

Devin Valez – What a Wonderful World – We saw him for the first time in terrible group night. I like him, I could see him making it to Vegas, but not the big show. He’s not really Hollywood to me. He’s not like, the IT guy. He looks more like the I.T. guy.

Turbinator – Georgia On My Mind – I liked him a lot, you know anyone playing an instrument I’m going to like more, automatically.

Cortez Shaw – Sunny – Decent. Least favorite of his performances I’ve seen so far. But that doesn’t take anything away from how much I liked some of his previous performances so we won’t discuss this one.

Matheus Fernandes – Stronger – I hate when they talk first. You’re not getting an inch more of sympathy from me (not that you got any from me to begin with). He was absolutely NOT Kelly Clarkson and his take on this song was just… blech.   With some extra –ech. Anyone note the lyric “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller”… haha. Nicki, wise sage that she is, reminded Matheus that sometimes bringing up your disadvantages, becomes wanting a pity party. She’s so right. So freaking right. Love her.  And why was douche saying he never performed with a live band. Hi, remember that show TGP you were on? The one that was also on TV, that ALSO had a live band? Yeah, that one… Asshole.

Not shown singing, Adam Sanders is also safe

Nicholas Mathis – Locked Out of Heaven – Big Boy has a name!! Unfortunately he was just ok, and then a bit of a trainwreck when he got voted off. He was so good in groups but he was really just ok tonight. I guess that’s why we only just learned his name today… Did anyone else think he was about to have a heart attack when he dropped down? Minus your slightly unprofessional breakdown, I still liked him. Maybe we’ll see him again one day.

Papa Peachez – You and I – That flame is now completely burned out. And also, this…


Jimmy Smith – Landslide – Listening to him I was just thinking, this entire group is going home. I was 2/3 right.

Not shown, Johnny Keyser and Vincent Powell are also through. I swear Johnny Keyser is like an STD on American Idol. He just won’t go the f- away!

Nick Boddington – Stars – Piano Man! Holla!! I don’t know your song but I like it. Nailed it Nick! You totally have that confidence that soooo many other guys are lacking! Way to go boy.

Charlie Askew – Somebody That I Used to Know – Charlie, m’boy! What’s with these bad suits/jackets people are wearing? Are jeans not apropos? Not important though. At least you’re quirky enough to pull off an ill-fitting shiny suit. And Charlie, I loved it. Everything about you. Excellent song choice, excellent non-pathetic intro. I feel like he’s gaining confidence and I freaking LOVE IT. “I glorify weirdness” – yeah you do pal! I thought I’d throw in some twitter love for you too.


Not shown, JDA and Mathenee Treco are also through! Yey for Mathenee!  Oh, and in case I haven’t forced you to watch this – it’s my all time favorite performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Burnell Taylor – Jar of Hearts – Beautiful. Beautiful. (and some other guy who also sang Jar of Hearts makes it through – Marvin Calderon? I think that’s right)

Micah Johnson – I Told You So – This is just EPIC sad face. EPIC. My initial thoughts of his performance were – Hello there panty melter. I just don’t understand how he could get cut. So much screen time, so many good performances. It just didn’t make any sense. The only thing that gives me hope is his attitude after being cut, so sweet! Just like Kayden from yesterday. But seriously, what the freaking hell? Micah, we’ll miss you! So very much! I hope they didn’t cut you so that you wouldn’t take away Lazaros sympathy vote.

Also gone that we didn’t see were Gabe Brown (who definitely made it further than I thought he would), Sunni (mini-sad face), and Nate Tao (almost as bad as Micah sad face).

I just can’t believe they cut Micah, and then Nate without even showing his performance. My jaw literally DROPPED! And that NEVER happens. Too bad, so sad. But really, so sad!! Boo!!

Finally, as I’ve been writing these blogs I find more and more people that I love to follow on twitter for their live play-by-play opinions of each episode. I’m not the play-by-play type person, though I do write down my opinions for later, I love seeing other peoples opinions and seeing if they match mine. Yesterday, I told you that you should be following Melinda Doolittle, if you are on twitter. Now, I’m obsessed with Greg Bennett. Those familiar with the RHONJ might be familiar with Greg as he is roomies and BFFs with Caroline Manzo’s sons. Anyway, he’s awesome to follow on twitter. Exhibit A:


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