American Idol – Hollywood Boys and Group Night


I knew there was a reason I liked Keith!

Ok so tonight began my most favorite part of the entire American Idol season – Group Night! It’s a beautiful thing. Full of tears, drama, wrong lyrics. Michael Slezak’s article for this morning was “Boys of Bummer” and boy was it! Just bad performance after bad performance, peppered with breathtaking wonderful performances, few and far between. But first lets talk about the pre-group night events!

The Line-Up

So first we had contestants lining up 10 at a time to sing for the judges. I’m also a fan of this random fire form of judging. I was furiously searching the groups to see which of my favorites were in the rows, and which people I may remember from previous seasons, making their way to the stage. It’s also the first chance to hear a few new folks that we haven’t heard to date.

This post would be a mile long (and really it’s going to be anyway) if I had to recap every single performance so instead, here’s a list of the ones who made it and the ones who didn’t, that I saw. I certainly may’ve missed a few!

Through to Groups

Heading Home

Micah Johnson

Curtis “Finchy” Finch, Jr.

Lazaro Arbos*

Gupreet “Turbinator” Singh Sarin

Gabe Brown

Nate Tao

Frankie Ford

People we didn’t see in Auditions
but made it through:

Mathenee Treco (from last season)*

Cortez Shaw (really liked him last season)

Trevor Blakney

Bryant Tradeo

Charles Allen

Some guy named Devin, and Peter (last names unknown. Not a good sign)

Karl Skinner (too much Coke?)**

Brian Rittenberry

Dr. Calvin

Dustin Watts

*Favorite Performances
** I actually liked his performance more here, than his Audition

I felt like this was a bit of foreshadowing. Lots of people through, minimal list of people going home. Allegedly they cut half the guys. I’ll have to take their word for it.

Group Night

There were so many things I liked about this seasons first round of group nights.

1. I didn’t see anyone faint, puke, fall off a stage, etc!
2. The fighting was really minimal compared to last year (although I have a feeling the girls next week will remedy that. We of the female sex have that tendency).
3. They kept a lot of my favorites (almost everyone in my Top 10 guys list that they showed, were through to the next round)
4. The new rules – Boys and Girls performing separately, you can’t form your own group and you can’t change your group. Let’s talk about this for a second shall we?

I think this is a GREAT change! I don’t really remember people changing groups but I like the producers picking groups. I realize the producers may be doing this for selfish ratings reasons but I really like the idea because then no one is just running around crying about having no friends and no group. That being said, I feared for whoever was in the group with Papa Peachez! Who would’ve thought he would be safe and Frankie Ford (the Subway Singer) would go home? Certainly not me. But I’m glad Nicki at least gave him that talking to, to make sure he takes the competition more seriously.

Ok so lets get to Groups! Let’s talk about some of the best, first. I feel like as long as you remembered all your lyrics, I put you in the “BEST” category. Low bar as it was, I did think that the people who did well, did REALLY well!

The Four Tones – Hold On, I’m Coming
Micah Johnson Vincent Powell, David Willis, Marvin Calderon

Obviously I wanted Micah and Vincent to go through, but I actually really liked Marvin and David as well. I’m glad they all made it through.

The Math Heads – Somebody to Love
Nick Boddington, Matheus Fernandes, Gabe Brown, Mathenee Trecco

This group had 2 people from last season (Nick and Mathenee) and two from the auditions. While I would’ve preferred Matheus not make the next round, I was happy with the other 3. I really like Nick and Mathenee. I don’t really remember Nick from last season but upon a quick blog search I found that both Nick and Mathenee were victims of Group Night so it’s nice to see them go through, and have performed so well.

DKSK – The Longest Time
 David Leathers Jr., Sanni M’Mairura, Kayden Stephenson, Kevin Quinn

Ok so you may remember David Leathers, Jr. He was the one constantly reminding everyone last season in Vegas (and his audition) that he once beat Scotty McCreery in a singing competition. I really liked him and was floored/pissed when stupid Eban Frankewitz (sp?) got his spot in the top. It should’ve been David! That being said, I’m kind of over him. More importantly though can I just say that I was so happy with how Kayden took the news of being eliminated? What a gracious kid. He realized he wasn’t ready, still wants to try again – you kid, have a great head on your shoulders. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you on Ellens couch shortly! And congratulations to my African favorite Sanni! Did I just put them in with the best because I think they’re all adorable? It’s possible.

Coach Potatoes – Lazy Song
Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr., and another guy whose name I really wanna know but can’t find anywhere! Why!!

Great song, great twist as to how they sang it with that gospel twist. I can’t even stand how much I like Charlie. Singing to birds? And his partner who hates him is named Finch? Ironic? Is that irony? I wanted to hate Finchy for wanting Charlie off but I do get it. I did laugh at his American Airlines comment (see below), and he sang well enough that even I wanted to put up a church hand. Could be my favorite of the night? Quite possibly. I just wanna know – Who is the 3rd guy? Why doesn’t he get a name?

Young Love – Some Kind of Wonderful
Zach Birnbaugh, Nate Tao, Cortez Shaw, Elijah Liu

Definitely my favorites of the evening. Nate Tao is growing on me with each new song I hear him sing, and Cortez Shaw I’ve liked since before he was voted off last season! And as for the other two, they certainly held their own among 2 of my already named favorites, so good for you! If any group could’ve been a boy band, it was this one!

And speaking of boy bands, who else noticed how many of the terrible contestants sang that One Direction song? Twitter certainly noticed!


 Last Minute – You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful
Jason Jones, Dan Wood, Jessie Lawrence

This was the first group to sing WMYB. Well, the first one that we saw actually getting judged and not just completely eliminated with a voiceover. I spent a lot of their audition laughing at One Direction fans on twitter screaming through their accounts at how awful they were. It was pretty funny. That’s where most of the above quotes come from. Also, I never saw it on twitter but one of my favorite quotes of the night, and from this group was when Keith (the resident One-Liner) said “If the word ‘wrongest’ can be used, this was the wrongest song for you guys.” They all went home (and just an editors note – if the name is crossed out, they went home – in case I don’t mention that in future parts of the post)

And if it wasn’t a One Direction song the groups were butchering, it was some other lyrics. Trust, twitter noticed that as well.


That last girl was screaming what I was screaming. One Direction certainly isn’t in my rotation of songs (almost shocking, I realize) but I’m alive and I listen to music, so I know most of the lyrics to the song. But maybe wise sage, Melinda Doolittle knows more than we do. She’s been there/done that. And lest we forget, I did a little google search to realized that Scotty McCreery and Hailey Reinhart both scewed up lyrics in Hollywood week and still made it through!

Also, I’ll just mention now that the judges (and one contestant) had some amazing one liners tonight regarding the terribles tonight! I’ll throw them out here in a little twitter smattering so as to get them out in one fell swoop.


Mariah noticeably absent from the “hilarious quotes” montage. She felt noticeably absent throughout the episode, if I must say. I just feel like Idol doesn’t even need her. Nicki is everything. Although I would take her over Randy ANY DAY.

Ok back to terrible contestants.

Super 55 – Wouldn’t it Be Nice
Lazaro ArbosChristian Lopez, Scott Fleenor, Josh Stevens

Ok we’re going to talk about this group first because while the group was most definitely terrible, how can ANY GROUP with Lazaro be terrible? Josh Stephens (bad), Scott Fleenor (super bad), Christian Lopez (meh). I think the judges made the right decision, and I only put Lazaro in with the terribles because his group WAS terrible, but he’s a shining beacon of light and I love him. Josh – you didn’t lose because you spent all your time helping Lazaro, he was in before he even opened his mouth. You were just bad. Jealousy isn’t a pretty look on you, sir.

B-Side – Pay Phone
The Turbinator, Mark LaDuke (regae turbinator) and two other guys.

Ok I may be in the minority here, but if nothing else I’m really glad that the Turbinator made it through to the next round. I know he’s a little gimmicky and he’s no Heejun Han, but I can’t deny that I still really like him. I really liked his solo round earlier in the night and thought it was even better than his original audition. And he’s from Potomac, so what’s not to like about him? As for the rest, I don’t really care. It was nice knowing you. And Nicki, I’m somewhat amazed by your powers of persuasion. You seem to get everyone you want, through. I think it’s because the producers know that you know what a good show is. And they’re right.

A capella Group – Pay Phone
Ryan Connor Smith, Devan Jones, Devin Velez, Random 4th Guy

How did we get two Devi/ans? If there could be a worse version of Pay Phone, this was it. Shocking that only 1 got sent home, but better than all of them getting through, I s’pose.

Normal Hills – I’ll Be There
Johnny Keyser, Kareem Clark, and some other people.

Johnnys entire performance made me want to throw up. The fact that they kept him was just insulting to all the other people who were sent home before him, in my opinion. He forgets the words, it was your own fault because you picked the song and your face isn’t pretty… Kareem Clark was flatter than a pancake. I did think it was really funny that Keith called out Johnny for never hearing that song before, “What planet are you from? I’m from Australia and I know that song”. But Keith, you didn’t know Baby It’s Cold Outside? Ok ok, maybe it’s slightly less popular of a song… fine. I still love you. And I still hate Johnny.  I don’t know who those other two guys were… I guess maybe we’ll figure that out at a later date.

The Taylors – Don’t You Wanna Stay (I’d never heard this song but I checked it out on YouTube and I really like it, all 7 lyrics)
Paul Jolley, Will White, and some other people

I don’t know if you’re noticing a trend, but clearly if I’m including “and some other people” in your group name, there’s not a good chance you’re living to see another round of competition. What’s funny about this group, is that as much as people will say they’re so great, or how they could never mess up because there are only a few lyrics… yeah, about that… Take it from the girl who got voted off first on Project Runway this year (yes, I still watch it. Don’t hate), you’re probably not making it through to another round. I was surprised (really surprised) that even 2 got to stay (but I’d be more surprised later on). Congratulations Paul and Will.

Mo Flo – Some Kind of Wonderful
Burnell Taylor, Tony Foster, Jr. Mario Jose, Darien Moses

Ok so, Young Love, this group was not. If I could’ve kept two it would’ve been Darien and Tony so I was surprised when I was only half right, but Burnell wasn’t the worst so I’m ok with how it all went down.

Country Queen – More Than Words
Lee Prichard, JDA, Joel Wayman, Trevor Blakney

Ok this group got entirely too much attention in the non-performance part of the show. I knew they were going to suck, they did kind of suck, end of story. Trevor, you’ve never failed at anything? Really? I could name a few things just by looking at you. Long story short, you will not be missed.

Oz – American Boy
Frankie Ford, Adam Sanders, Papa Peachez, Charles Allen

I was over this group about 5 minutes after Frankie started having his little hissy fit/breakdown. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Papa Peachez fan and the other two weren’t anyone I cared about. Then they sang and suddenly I was really into Charles Allen. I thought it was funny/sad that Keith fought for Frankie and he went home, while Nicki fought for Papa and he stayed (after a stern talking to).

Ok so I know this is bordering on OBSCENELY LONG, but I have 2 more things I’d like to share with you.

  1. Did you ever notice that Randy has a wonky eye? Thanks twitter! I don’t really love to point out physical ailments, but I’ve said enough bad thing about Randy, this really isn’t even close to the worst. And I’m merely pointing out something that was pointed out to me.BCd7ZGlCMAAj8kR.jpg-large
  2. Can anyone answer this for me?need2know
  3. You need to be following Melinda Doolittle on Twitter (and if you watch Scandal, you need to follow Joshua Malina).

Ok everyone, that only took all day to write! Hope you enjoy. Talk to you all soon 🙂

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