Here Comes Hollywood Week!

Ok let’s get down to business and talk this upcoming Hollywood Week.

Here’s the breakdown of golden tickets.

New York






Baton Rouge


San Antonio/Long Beach


Oklahoma City




Of the 255 contestants that received Golden Tickets, we were witness to around 60 (with a few we saw getting golden tickets without figuring out who they were). After Hollywood week, we’ll be down to 40 contestants. Sayonara to the probably 180 or so that we’ll probably never see…

Michael Slezak, at the end of all of his recaps, lets you vote on your favorite contestants from each episode. And then today, he listed out his personal Top 21. I, myself, made a Top 20 (specifically, I picked a Top 10 of both the boys and girls, because if I didn’t do it that way, I would’ve had 13 girls and 7 boys – like always there are more females I like, which probably won’t be the case once the live shows start).

Let’s look at my list first, since I did it first, before seeing who Michael and the rest of the viewing audience picked! I put little notes next to all of them to help you remember them (I know it seems weird to limit them to a few words, but look back and I probably gave them a paragraph in a previous post, so get over it.

Kelly’s List.

I’ve highlighted who Michael Slezak (My American Idol Idol)

Top 10 Females (in no particular order)

Top 10 Males (in no particular order)

Shira Gavrielov (Israeli One-Hit wonder)

Sarah Restuccio  (the one who sang Super Bass)

Isabelle Parell (sang with Keith)

Kez Ban (does she need a reminder?)

Brandy Hamilton (“Please don’t fight”)

Ashley Smith (Blondie)

Candace Glover (the girl from last season)

Victoria Acosta (mariachi singer)

Shubha Vedula (the one Randy made fun of… ass)

Rachel Hale (just plain good)

Gupreet Sing Sarin (the Turbinator)

Curtis Finch, Jr. (the Gospel singer)

Clifton Duffin (parents never heard him sing)

Lazaro Arbos (poor kid with the stutter)

Burnell Taylor (Katrina survivor)

Charlie Askew (the adorable outcast)

Sanni M’maurura (Black Beiber)

Vincent Powell (the guy Randy didn’t remember)

Michah Johnson (with the tonsillitis mishap)

Nate Tao (the kid with deaf parents)


Mr. Slezak List of Additional contestants

I bolded who I wanted to pick but didn’t because I wanted it to be even

Angela Miller (partial hearing loss)

Savannah Votion (sequined tube top)

Seretha Guinn (girl with the kid and Dun-Dun)

Christina Isabelle (body issues)

Ashlee Feliciano (has the foster family)

Megan Miller (Miss Baton Rouge)

Brandy Neelly (she sang country, all I remember)

Ja’Bria Barber (Frog Gigger – how can we forget?)

Jesaiah Baer (the skat girl)

Janelle Arthur (Tried out last year)

Frankie Ford (the subway singer)

Clearly Michael has a lot more female favorites than male! As for America’s favorites, they look a little something like this:

New York

Baton Rouge

  1. Ashlee Feliciano
  2. Christina Isabelle
  3. Angela Miller

  1. Burnell Taylor
  2. Charlie Askew
  3. Megan Miller


San Antonio/Long Beach

  1. Kez Ban
  2. Lazaro Arbos
  3. Isabelle Parell

  1. Micah Johnson
  2. Rachel Hale
  3. Jesaiah Baer


Oklahoma City

  1. Candace Glover
  2. Seretha Guinn
  3. Ashley Smith
  4. Nate Tao (there were only 5 contestants so he only let the world pick their single most favorite)
  1. Nate Tao (there were only 5 contestants so he only let the world pick their single most favorite)

So it seems if nothing else, that Michael and I combined know who the world likes, for the most part – which hopefully bodes well for me winning the Idol pool this year!


I’ve heard that this week on Idol they’ll be featuring the boy contestants, and next week we’ll have the girls. I’ve heard spoilers abound so I’m trying to not do too much digging to find out who makes it to Las Vegas (they’re filming the Las Vegas round next week)! Although I have heard (because I follow certain people on twitter and twitter is unavoidable) that some of my favorites from last season that didn’t make it to the big show, are back for Hollywood week (David Leathers, Jr.  and Cortez Shaw, to name a few). That being said, I feel like if they didn’t show them in the tryouts, and they didn’t make it all the way the last time, their chances probably aren’t that good for this season.  I also heard that Jimmy Loveline was in the audience for these Hollywood week auditions. I’m not sure if he regularly does that but I like that he’s here for this! I hope we get to see him. He’s been my favorite “judge” the last few years (now he has some competition with Nicki).


Finally, before we get on with tonights episode, I thought I’d share a little piece of an article I found regarding an interview that Nigel Lythgoe gave to someone, not exactly sure who but you can find it here. Anyway, these were the two little snippets I wanted to share. The first is about the idol voting process and some changes that may be coming:

Nigel would like to reveal regional statistics

“I also like the idea of doing…like the conferences like the NBA do. Let’s see how the
west voted for you…let’s see how the east voted for you…and build the figures up so
you can see where the votes are coming in from. I think it would be exciting. I think
we’d see if they’ve got hometown support. Very interesting when you’ve got
an Hawaiian contestant
how that can sway the vote. Every island votes for
goodness sake (He’s talking about Season 3 and Jasmine Trias, who made it all
the way to 3, presumably on the strength of the Hawaiians. So it was true.) Anything
that garners interest and fills a show out that is generally 99% padding–any way we
can make that exciting–I really want to look at. Now that X Factor’s managed to do
that, I will be fighting tooth and nail.”

Next was one of my favorite little snippets. It’s a bit about what each judge is looking for. I think it’s important to know what each judge wants in a performer because you need to understand how they make their picks and maybe to understand their reasoning a little better. I also love the snide little comment he throws in about Randy. I love that he seems to not like him as much as I do!

Nigel’s Idea of what the Judges are looking for

“Nicki is looking for an artist. Mariah is looking for the complete singer-songwriter.
Randy is looking for somebody that sings on pitch. (laughs) Keith isn’t just looking
for a country star. Keith is looking for an instrumentalist, a good singer, and
somebody that can capture that magic charisma, and connect with the public. They
all have their own agendas.”

And with that, happy viewing tonight! I can’t wait to see all the boys this evening! I think it’s going to be a very good episode. For two hours, it better be!

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