Twitter Says The Ravens Win!

So, I’m not really the right person to write about football… however –


And you’ll never guess what I was doing while watching the Super Bowl? Yeah, I was on twitter. Trolling around gazing at the hilarity. So, I thought I’d take a little social media stroll down Super Bowl 47 lane…

Obviously there were the major events like Beyonce, but people watch for other reasons. There’s obviously the commercials, comedians tweeting, the sibling rivalry and the Blackout. I mean, for me, I was pretty much watching FOR Queen Bey (KingB according to Diddy)! And of course, there was PuppyBowl. That’s basically how I broke down this post, so we’ll talk about it in that order, shall we?

Who wants to see tweets about the actual game anyway? I mean, you saw it, you know the facts. So lets just talk about all the accessory events 🙂

First and foremost, there was Beyonce. Here are some of the reasons I personally loved the halftime show:

tumblr_mhocymx8vc1qj3nnqo1_500 tumblr_mhob18liac1ql5yr7o2_250



But really, this was what I loved the most. I’d heard rumor of a Destiny’s Child reunion, but as soon as I heard the famous words “Kelly, can you handle this?” I knew it was real! There they were, in all their black leather fiery glory!



And how could anyone not love Jay-Z hugging Beyonce when all was said and done? As much as I would’ve loved to see him on stage, it was nice to just see him relish in his wife’s accomplishments and to just support her when all was said and done. God I love them! Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 10.49.13 PM

And here are some things that twitter loved about Beyonce:


And I’m with you Andy Cohen! I loved it so much too!! I also really liked Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s take on Beyonces performance:



And this girls, who shared my own personal opinion (and that of many other ladies, I have to imagine):


 If that wasn’t enough Beyonce love for you, you can check out all the glory that was the halftime show, right here. And if you love Shaq as much as you love Beyonce, you might want to check this out, right here.


As for the commercials, there were ones I loved (and I didn’t think it was racist, for the record), there were some I really loved, and then there was that one I won’t even put a link to because I don’t want to support the disgusting vomit-worthy thing that was the GoDaddy commercial. Seriously, Vom. If you want to see all the commercials, you can click here (thanks Buzzfeed!).


Next up were the comedians tweeting (and journalists, and sports reporters, and the rest of the world).  There were a few people that were just extra funny last night. I mentioned NDT above, but there were more! Below are some of my favorites:

billy eichner



That last little grouping is just a mix of what I like to call Chick Tweets. I realize they aren’t all chicks and that “chicks” may be offensive to chicks who like football. Maybe we should just call it, “people who watch for reasons other than the football”.


And now, it is time….


We should probably talk about “The Blackout”.


I loved all the ways people thought to tweet about the blackout (excellent use of Clark Griswold above. When it comes to lights not working, it’s most likely his fault). First there were people who had their conspiracy theories of why the lights went out.


And then there were folks who looked at the blackout as an opportunity. An opportunity for just that much more alcohol…


These were some of my favorites because I think they were the most accurate and true. Especially in Baltimore!


Speaking of Baltimore, here were some of my favorite links about Baltimore, Post-Super Bowl:

For fans of the Wire

For People who Wished they were in Baltimore

And finally,

For People Who Don’t Know where Baltimore Is

I think what most Baltimore fans were thinking after the blackout though, was:


And all I was thinking was:


Yeah, we’re dumb.


Now, once the game was over, it was just all fun and games.

First the pictures started coming…


That’s the best post-game image I’ve seen yet!

Then the memes…


And then the tweets came pouring in…


While Flacco got the MVP (whether he deserved it or not is debatable), he certainly wasn’t the most talked about once everything was over. That honor goes to Ray Lewis, love him or hate him. And apparently a lot of people seem to go very strongly one way or the other…


But really, is Tucker Max someone anyone still pays attention to? At least Ken Jennings was comical.


Ok now lets leave this post, talking about what my favorite part of the Super Bowl was!



What’s that? You missed the puppy bowl? No worries!


And with that, I think Super Bowl XLVII is officially in the books! Hope everyone enjoyed the game. I’m just happy the right team won (well, since it couldn’t be the Redskins).

Oh and lets not forget…


GO O’S!!





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