American Idol – San Antonio

I realize last night was 2 cities, so in lieu of having a crazy long post, I figured I’d just do two posts today and try to keep things a little on the shorter side. Haha. I realize the irony of this. I think my shortest Idol post was still like, 3 pages in a word doc. Luckily I edit a lot of that stuff out. You’re welcome. haha.

We’ll start with the more tame, San Antonio. This city was a lot more like Chicago in that I liked a LOT of the contestants tonight. I thought they were so good for the most part. Especially when compared to what all went down in Los Angeles. That being said, San Antonio had their share of weirdos as well. One in particular really.

Let’s start with Papa Peachez, shall we? So, I was with the No’s in the group because I really didn’t like what Papa Peachez was bringing to the table, which he claimed, was a large black womans voice. I felt my inner Simon just screaming at the Yes’s in the room. What are you doing, Judges!! How is this guy getting through? We already have someone who was good, and auditioned with an original song (Hey KezBan!) and Papa Peachez wasn’t that person. Twitter sums up most of my opinions of him…


What Papa really reminded me of, was how much the judges have been in agreement this season. Even when they were  in that “epic argument”, they still all agreed that girl should go through. I feel like Simon would never have let this guy go through and Randy just backing down to the crazy, well, I guess it was a good thing because I’m always looking for new reasons to hate him. Mostly though, I just find it bizarre how they’ve completely agreed (you can tell by all the times Randy’s given his “1..2..3..” count for them all to say “yes”) this season. It’s almost obnoxious. I like seeing the judges petitioning to get their fellow judges on their side for a certain competitor. It used to happen all the time. Paula did it regularly. Not always coherently, but regularly. I miss that. I also miss this…

Now besides Papa Peachez, I really genuinely liked every other person that won a golden ticket in San Antonio. I thought they were all really good and definitely worthy of a ticket to Hollywood. And I hope a lot of them make it through to the live shows, at least based on their performances tonight. I’ll try to keep my comments on everyone brief since I liked so many of them! Maybe I’ll just talk about the reasons I loved them. (I was going to put them in order of least to most favorite but it proved too difficult so I’m just putting them in order of performance)

Vincent Powell – Rock Me Baby – Your singing was great but what I loved, was when you were asked why you didn’t get through Hollywood week last time and you vividly recalled Randy taking a long sip of his soda before showing you the door. I hope he doesn’t do that to you this time.

Savanna Votion – At Last – This is all I have to say about your performance… maybe get a stylist.


Cristabel Clark – If I Ain’t Got You – Liked your look, liked your voice, liked that you’re trying out before you’re too old to be famous (apparently that age is 29).

Ann Difani – Stronger – I was hoping that: a. this would be the Kelly Clarkson song, b. Your name was really Anni because I think that would be awesome, c. You’d make less weird faces when you sing. All in all, I don’t see me seeing you passed Hollywood week, but take pride in the fact that you look a lot like a young Julia Roberts. This part did make me laugh… is it because of how much your hubs liked Randy Jackson?


Victoria Acosta – Mariachi – I don’t even want to mention that first song you sang (something by Fergie) because you were meant to sing that Mariachi music. Your voice was wonderful! And, you just seemed to enjoy singing the mariachi music more than you did that other song. Twitter agreed with me (as it usually does).


Now we’ve come to the point in the show with one of my first “super favorites” of the night. It wasn’t hard for me to say that Sanni M’maurura was definitely a favorite of the evening. And I agreed with all the points that people on twitter were bringing up.


They also brought up that he was very much like a young Justin Beiber (possibly more like LesbiansWhoLookLikeJustinBeiber). He even has a cover of him singing some Beiber on YouTube. My personal favorite on his YouTube channel, is his cover of Firework. Doesn’t hurt that this made me realize he can play the piano and we all know that’s a plus for me!

Let me go on a slightly minor tangent just to say that I feel like Idol has had a lot of what I’ll call “Gender Neutral” contestants this season.  It makes me happy to just hear a person sing and not even care if the person is male or female because their voice is THAT good. I’ve also realized I’m a terrible judge of male vs. female. How is my gaydar so good and yet my gender identification powers are so limited? It doesn’t make any sense.

Finally, there was Adam Sanders – In my write up while watching the show I actually thought they said his name was Adam Sandler and I was laughing really hard because this guy is like, the antithesis of Adam Sandler. Then I realized I’m an idiot and it was Sanders. Anyway, Adam sang I’d Rather Go Blind and it was stunning! All I wrote as far as his singing voice was “Wowza”. And I’d be remiss if I left out all the praise twitter heaped upon him. The last comment was my favorite.


Something tells me his shyness might not see him through passed Hollywood week. We’ll see though, it was a good performance this time, if nothing else.

And with that, the San Antonio hour of Idol was done and we were moving onto a ship! I hate episodes on ships, for the record. This one wasn’t much different.

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