A Raven’s Super Bowl Party!

Hey folks!

Ok so there’s this thing coming up for Baltimore that people will NOT stop talking about… maybe you’ve heard of it?


I think we can all agree we at least have the hotter of the two brothers. I’m not bias at all, I swear (but for the record, our Governor is hotter too).

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 7.00.57 PM

I’m not a huge Ravens fan (Go Skins!) but given the choice of Harbaugh brothers (or Governors), I’m going with the local ones. I mean, I only know 2 people even affiliated with the city of San Francisco and I have Raven’s fan friends oozing out of my Facebook feed. I’m also employed by the City of Baltimore, so it only makes sense for me to root for this great city.

So, I can’t really offer any insight on the game, but what I can do, is offer some insight on what to make FOR the game! I love a party and I happen to be going to a couple (one that the I’m hosting on behalf of the floor I work on, and another at my friends house that is mostly just going to be a small group eating and yelling at the TV). I can’t wait! Eating is my favorite part of watching football. That and clutch field goals.

So let’s get to Baltimore Party Food! There are a few different ways you can go.

First there’s food from the home city, which would consist of a few of the following things –


1 – Rhebs Truffles 2 – Berger Cookies 3 – Utz Potato Chips
4 – Smith Island Cake 5 – Natty Boh and Blue Crabs 6 – Fishers Popcorn
7 – Matthews Pizza 8 – Crab Dip 9 – Dangerously Delicious Baltimore Bomb Pie

I realize most of those aren’t thing you make, but a lot of them are things you eat while watching football, so I think it counts. And if you’re ever in Baltimore City, please don’t leave without trying a Cheese Pizza from Matthews Pizza. It’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever put in your mouth. Or certainly one of them.

Now, for Party Numero Dos, you can go with “foods that are purple”. That’s the theme that I’m going with!

It’s harder than you’d think to find purple foods. (Foods that are black are even harder to find! However, I do see some Oreos in my future! But back to purple foods. When I googled I found this…


I’ll just throw it out there that I’ve never heard of “Purple Kohlrabi”, I don’t think I’ve ever seen purple carrots, peppers or asparagus, and I don’t think raisins or figs, are purple. That being said, I think I came up with some pretty good ideas that revolve around purple foods, and foods that I can make purple with the glory of food coloring!

So here are some options of things I could make (and for the record, I’ll definitely be making one or two of these):

blue cheese purple potatoes

Purple Potatoes with Sour Cream


Purple Deviled Eggs (you make them purple by soaking them in Ravenswood Merlot, or Beet juice, which I hear makes them tangy)


“Purple” cabbage sweet and sour coleslaw


Purple Potato Chips (with crab dip perhaps?)

Not too bad for a little list of ideas! And of course, we can’t forget about dessert! Lots of options there (thanks food coloring!)


And, in case you were wondering how to make some purple beer, here ya go… Courtesy of Baltimore’s own, McCormick!

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