American Idol – Baton Rouge

Hey folks, sorry this is a bit late but our new dog Karl was getting his balls chopped off yesterday and with work/snow/traffic/being Friday, I slacked off. But, I’m here today.

I should also mention that I wasn’t taking the best notes because well, lets be honest, I’d had a drink or 3 before I even started watching Idol and some good friends/phamily (anytime I start things with ph is because they’re the fake version of things, like my little pal Aidan that I call my phnephew. He’s not my real nephew but I wish he was. And so his family is my phamily. They aren’t my real family but they might as well be. I love them like they are! I even got to go to one of their family reunions – mostly by being in the same city as them when they held it, but really I just like them to think I’m family. So deal with it Allens/Wilsons/O’Sheas/all your other last names) Anyway we had a great little group chat on facebook while we were all watching Idol. Maybe I should just post that little convo instead of a real post. Maybe one day. I don’t know if everyone would get our personal humor.

So, long tangents aside, let’s talk about Thursday night. I feel like no matter what Idol does with the time of their show I’m never happy. When it’s two hours there are always lulls but when it’s one, I feel like I’m always left wanting more. Maybe it’s better to be left wanting more, though. It certainly makes for shorter posts!

I did enjoy Baton Rouge. I love the attitude of the Louisiana lifestyle. They seem like so much fun! It’s definitely a place I’d like to visit. I hear New Orleans is a blast! I did notice there were a freaking LOT of country singers this time. Maybe it’s because they just did Charlotte and then went over to Baton Rouge so it was just a lot of “the South” all at once? I totally get it’s a more popular genre and I have a feeling that having Keith as a new judge has been bringing out a few more Country Crooners than usual. What I like is that I think Country music (and R&B) can really show who’s got the chops and who doesn’t. I just kind of wish that maybe Baton Rouge was next week and some northern city was available for Thursday night. It was a lot of country for one week.

Watching this episode, I didn’t really feel like anyone sold me on going well passed Hollywood week. Maybe one or two of them but not many more than that. As for any winners among the group, I just don’t know. Maybe the girl with the busted knee. She was certainly determined to be there.

So lets get to the contestants I really liked. Er, the contestant that I really liked. His name was Charlie Askew.

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 11.03.57 AM


Wrong indeed. How could this sweet adorable Charlie who’ll probably get eaten alive in Hollywood week have that kind of voice? Well he had the answer,


Sure everyone was screaming about how social awkward he was, and I can’t deny that, but when he started singing Nature Boy, I swooned, more with motherly love than any kind of “hubba hubba” swoon. That never bodes well for contestants because we have to remember teen girls (and people with minds like them) do the voting. I also really liked Mariah’s advice to him: “I think there’s an opportunity for you to really shake things up in this competition if you stay on the right track.” Please stay on the right track Charlie! Nickiname: Mystery Man

As for everyone else…

Miss Greater Baton Rouge (Megan Miller) (Somethings Got a Hold on Me): I like your determination. It’s a big part of the competition. You’ll need that. And thankfully this isn’t a dancing competition!

Maddie (Oh Darlin): Another Randy grab. I liked you because you mentioned Haley Reinhart as one of her inspirations. However, I was just completely obsessed with her grandmother. (check out the tweets at the bottom of the page). Talk about the embodiment of New Orleans!

Paul Jolley (I Won’t Let Go): I actually REALLY liked this guy. I can’t see him making it passed Hollywood but I really liked him.

Let me pause to mention Mushroom… I thought he was going to be another Blondie, but really he was just another one of the crazies. This is all I have for you…


The Singing Doctor (Whenever Wherever Whatever): Pretty good. Maybe stick to the more lucrative job of being a doctor though, something tells me you’ll make more money there, no? Have fun in Hollywood though.

Dustin Watts (Some Garth Brooks Song): Not bad. Not good enough for me to take note of what song you’re singing. He’s a firefighter though so you know he’s got the hunky thing going for him if nothing else.

Right around here I was having trouble remembering if there were any non Country singers (how could I forget Charlie!)… Which also made me think – If my friend Paula is watching this episode, I hope she’s not on the verge of slitting her wrists. A Country fan, she is not! I haven’t really seen any of the rockers she loves so much. Not recently anyway. I think they need some time in like, Seattle or like, some Mid-West area. I think that’s where the rockers come from.

But just when I thought Paula would be turning off her TV (minute :48), I realized that there was really only time for one more performer. And his name was Burnell. He sang I’m Here from the Color Purple, a movie I watched in college but barely remember. I didn’t remember any singing though. Luckily Wikipedia was able to inform me that it was in fact, turned into a musical. I really liked him though. He was probably my #2 next to Charlie. He seemed really sweet and genuine, yet powerful at the same time. I didn’t catch his sob story but it seemed to be Katrina related?

And with that I thought I’d just throw in some tweets, and another comment. The comment being, that I loved the montage during a little snippet of horrible singers, where they were showing scary things: Bad singers, Snakes, and Randy’s choice of shirts…

It’s bad when I think the guy is the one who looks horrible…



And now, for a little smattering of tweets I liked. Remember I was drinking so I wasn’t really looking for specific tweets, I seemed to just collect some randos so I thought I’d just put them all in one little image at the end this time.

Until we meet again fellow Idol watchers!


I threw that last one in for you, Paula! haha.



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