American Idol – Charlotte

Well if I can say anything, it’s just that Charlotte, you were no Chicago. You weren’t the worst city they’ve ever been to (only because I can’t think of any particularly crappy audition episodes) but you certainly weren’t my favorite. The entire beginning of the episode (minus the face plant which I think every episode should begin with) was pretty boring. I don’t even think it really got good until post-argument.

Maybe I was distracted, maybe I was bored, maybe I was just over the build up the fight that was BARELY a fight at all. Simon had some entirely more dramatic exits than Nickis was. I thought I’d discuss the little tiff mid-episode, with a series of tweets that express my feelings…

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 9.04.45 PM

I think it’s pretty safe to see whose side I’m on. And that side, is the contestants, and by proxy, Nicki Minaj. Also it makes me like Nigel Lythgoe a little more. I think the people that suffer in these judges arguments are always the contestants. I felt bad for Summer, who gave a lovely performance (and I should note, she got yeses from everyone despite their argument about whether she should or shouldn’t be country), and Brandy Alexandria Hamilton (totally fine with her 3 names) who was like the child of divorced parents. It’s like your heart breaks (if you were to have any feelings towards Mariah/Randy/Nicki’s friendship) when she asks them not to fight anymore. Finally, I’ll just say that I have to side with anyone who’s arguing with that idiot, Randy Jackson. He deserves every once of criticism he gets.

And while I’m hailing praise on Nicki, can I jus say that I love her “nickinames”? Because I love them. I barely even wrote down “real” names of contestants. More than half the contestants whose names got written down, were the nickinames. Can I just use the term nickinames now, anyway? Some of my favorites: Gumby, Big Crazy Barb, Chicken Lady, Tom Cruise, Top Hat. She gives this show LIFE.

Ok now let’s talk about the contestants. I saw this tweet around when the show started and I really thought it just fit with my mindset of how they pick their “winning ticket” contestants:


And a wife that beats Stage 4 cancer? Yeah. I think that counts. The good thing was that nickinameless Brian Rittenberry was really good. I thought Let It Be was a great choice for him. I’m glad he made it though. Sob story or not, he’s one that I’m glad made it. And for a first of the night, I remembered him even at the end of the night! I’ll mention him later as one of my tops of the night. Actually, lets just go with tops of the night now, and I’ll talk about the okays later.

Next up on my favorites was Brandy Alexandria Hamilton. I love Etta James and her performance of All I Could Do was Cry was stellar. And ironic what with her comment to the judges not to fight because it makes us sad. Either way, great job Brandy! Me gusta.

A super favorite of the night was most DEFINITELY Miss Blondie, (real name, Ashley Smith). As soon as I saw her eating her sandwich I knew I’d at least like her attitude. Who doesn’t love a delicious sandwich? I wish she’d get rid of that bull ring but it was like I couldn’t even see it when she started singing Cowboy Cassanova. When I was writing this up this morning, she was the only person I remembered as far as song choice. Not to say I didn’t like others but she just stood out to me. Always a good thing! She was also my favorite as far as twitter comments go:


Ok now lets talk about Candace Glover. I did a search of my old blogs and I think the reason she didn’t make it in Vegas? She sang with Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre. I liked that in my critique of that group performance, I said they all sucked and none of them should make it through so it’s funny to me that not only did DeAndre and Jessica make it to 8th and 2nd respectively, but all the judges just luurrved Ms. Glover. Meh. I know I’m in the minority of not-like but I can’t deny she can sing. Blerg.

Candace did have a few people on her side. First, Jeremy Rosado:


Second, there was what Nicki Minaj had to say…

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 10.30.00

Obviously there were people who liked her more than I did.

Finally, in the list of people we had that I liked, there was DunDun… wait, that was Nicki’s nickname from baby girl London. What was that girls name… google please help me…Seretha Guinn. You’re always there for me google. Thanks, friend! So, Seretha. She reminded me of that girl from last season or possibly the season before whose boyfriend had the stroke. Similar story I suppose. I loved her song choice. I loved her daughter. There wasn’t much for me to not love about this lady.

And now we have the non-favorites, and some random thoughts (aren’t all my thoughts random though, for the most part?)

Jimmy Smith (God Bless the Broken Road) – He was good but I just wasn’t feeling him. He took weird breaths but other than that he was fine. Seriously though, cut your hair. Please. I don’t say that often but I’m saying it now.

Isabella Gonzalez (Nothing Can Change this Love) – Another early favorite I had (I’d call her Hollywood week material overall). She looked like a little like Selena Gomez to me, and Phoebe Cates to Mariah… lets compare…

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 10.29.08 PM

It could go either way. I have to say the picture just makes me think that Phoebe Cates could be the mother of Robin Scherbatsky. I did the math, she could’ve been. On the audition though, I was just glad Randy didn’t go grab another contestant only to have them not make it. Maybe if she doesn’t make it on Idol, she can be a Disney star!

Taisha Bethea (Folsom Prison Blues/You Oughta Know) I wanted to like this girl because I like her look and I love her attitude, but her voice didn’t really do anything for me. I don’t think this is the competition for her. I bet (as Keith surmised) she sounds better with a band. I’m glad she made it if for no other reason that to prove to stupid Randy that a girl without the typical “look” can still be a presence. I think this was where his comments were really starting to wear on Nicki. If you haven’t formed your opinion of Taisha yet, check out her band because I kind of dig ‘em. My vote, if it matters, stick with the band Taisha! You’re already better than Avril J

Janelle Arthur (Where the Blacktop Ends) She probably would’ve made my top group but I just heard so many country auditions that I liked. Enough for me to kind of forget Janelle. Had she gone before Brandy/Blondie, I might’ve put her in the top but going after didn’t help me remember her.

Rodney Barber aka The Voice of Charlotte (I’ll Be) This song was on the list of songs not to feature on Idol anymore, (check out the Michael Slezak article here) and for good reason. He didn’t impress me.

Frog Giggin’ girl, whose name and performance song I did not write down… well… this was all I wrote for her, I’ll leave it as is – That’s like, some Duck Dynasty shit right there. It pains me to say I actually know what “frog gigging” is because of that damn show. According to Mariah, “It’s very French dahling”. Her voice is good.

Now lets get to just some minor random follow-up points:

  1. Did someone sing Teach Me How to Dougie? It was no Fresh Prince.
  2. Favorite Nickiname? Probably DunDun? Or Juju for that guy that face-planted the wall.
  3. Randy, I know you aren’t going to stop with the catch phrases but please don’t let this years be “Let them eat cake” – do you even know what that comes from?
  4. Who was that wrestling headbanger guy? He seems like maybe he’s killed people before. He did sing my jam. I love A Whole New World.
  5. While I was looking up to try and find a clip of the guy that face-plants in the beginning of the episode, which I couldn’t find. But I did find this, and I’ve already watched it like, 5 times this morning… It’s not even from American Idol but I could watch it all day. I bet those dance judges see it all the time. Never gets old. It.Never.Gets.Old.

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